2 Men banned from BGE

Apparently college guys were thrown out of BGE and banned for at least a year after they tampered with Griffon's restraints. The apparent tampering caused the restraints not to open once the train came back into the station. It has only happened twice for the coaster and both times it involved these two. They of course claim innocence.

There is a full story here: http://www.wavy.com/global/story.asp?s=7043397


Uh, how can you tamper with a B&M OTSR?
My take: two park dorks who did this. The odds are heavily for Busch on this one. Their rides are fine.

The guys look like idiots, and are probably in love with each other.

How can you tamper? Probably they kept trying to drop something behind the mechanism to prevent the harnesses from opening automatically upon completion of the cycle. If their is a station video, this would back it up.

Reguardless, these clowns are bad news, and will bring bad luck to the ride. Busch is better without them.

They are lucky Busch Gardens hasn't pressed vandalism charges. IDIOTS!
The fact they went to the news with it trying to get some compensation I'm sure. Good job to BGE for standing up to them.
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Oh man, seriously, the way they shot that video and acted on camera is a dead giveaway.

Add it to the growing list,The Idiocracy of America

What I found to be the funniest part is that they said that his legs were turning purple and that the restraints were cutting off circulation.

I don't think I've ever had a restraint placed on so tight that it caused my limbs to turn purple, even when I was stapled.


So what if they are in love with each other, Johnson? That wouldn't have anything to do with them being idiots.

I'm sure Busch looked into the various reasons and causes for the malfunction. Those 2 guys are lucky that they didn't get sued for slander and arrested for tampering with a safety device on an amusement ride. Maybe there wasn't enough hard evidence against them.

Basic friendship never would cause this current scenario. If Busch follows through, they may end up bringing charges down on those 2 guys. Ride tampering is a big issue, and BE takes even less crap than us.

Oh, yea, they are also undefeated in court in cases like this. They have the scratch to pay top lawyers, and they have the staff to follow through an investgation.

If this escalates, these 'idiots' will end up with more than season pass suspension.

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Agent Johnson said:
Basic friendship never would cause this current scenario.

Lol, what? How did their friendship or romantic status or lack there of come into this again?

Also, lololololol at anything bringing "bad luck" to a ride.

Did these guys honestly think they could win a publicity battle with BGE?

A day at the park is what you make it!

Better stuck down then coming up during the ride...

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So the effects of being stuck in an OTSR are numbness in the legs, extremities turning colors, and having a stupid grin on your face the whole time while your friend films you.

I like the weak defense offered by the friend-- the only 2 times the restraint has been stuck has been while this Sassone guy was on the ride is proof that the ride is unsafe. Could you imagine that being used as a criminal defense? "Your honor, the fact that two people were shot while my client was pointing a gun at them clearly shows that there's a problem with that gun."

I hope not only are these two banned from BGE, but that their pictures are sent to other parks as well. Don't know if anyone else could keep them from entering the park. But these two seem stupid enough to try this somewhere else.
"Look, my poor friend was stuck inside restraints 37 times in 20 different parks. There's obviously a problem with every ride in America." Wonder how many comments this video has gotten on youtube?

I hope they are criminally charged with reckless endangerment. Tampering with a ride, even if you perceive it to be temporary, endangers every single passenger who rides after. So dangerous in fact, I'd like to see a judge issue a industry wide restraining order on these 2. And hopefully it will deter other idiots who watch this video from attempting something like this themselves. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen and the copycats will likely end up causing injury or death.
Maybe they can become featured editors on amusementsafety.org.
The lack of a lawyer says to me that there's something not right here. How could two young males who don't work at the park know anything about how B&M restraints work? This implies that one or the other man studied this somewhere. And what idiot tampers with his restraint on a Dive Coaster? This also implies to me that someone knew what they were doing.

What Busch isn't saying is kind of worriesome as well. If you've got someone strapped into a seat, you've got the perfect scenario to gain evidence. Okay, so maybe the first time you think it's just a fluke and you let the guy go.

But if I were BGE, I would've have locked down the area after the second time. For them not to have some kind of conclusive answer as to what the guy/s used to jam the restraint seems disengenuous, and maybe purposely so. Like "Hey, we know he/they used a screwdriver, but we don't want to the public getting any more ideas."

Being that Busch is private property, don't they also have the right to search and seizure without a lawyer, or couldn't they have called in the local police to do so? *** Edited 9/10/2007 2:59:35 AM UTC by Intamin Fan***

IF, I guess you'd have to assume that at the time it happened, the park didn't know it was the same two clowns involved in both episodes. They probably didn't know until someone tipped them off about the video on youtube.
Perhaps they know exactly what caused it but do not want to release it to the public and get a bunch of copycats on their hands (some of whom will trip the device of a stranger and have them get the heat as a "joke")

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Agent Johnson said:
Maybe they can become featured editors on amusementsafety.org.

LOL...nice Agent Johnson...we should have a pool as to when there 'guest commentary' will appear on that site....

What the he** is wrong with the world today? What would be the mathematical chance that it was a coincidence...how many zeros are in THAT number?

Personally, I would enjoy seeing BGE going after these guys for vandalism.

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RatherGoodBear, was it that someone tipped them off, or is someone assigned to look for material? This brings up an excellent topic which I've wanted to start for sometime...

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