Total coasters: 69

Rating (key) Roller coaster Amusement park
Adventure Express Kings Island
American Eagle Six Flags Great America
Backlot Stunt Coaster Kings Island
Bat, The Kings Island
Batman: The Ride Six Flags Great America
Beast, The Kings Island
Beaver Land Mine Ride Geauga Lake
Big Dipper Geauga Lake
Blue Streak Cedar Point
Boomerang Six Flags Darien Lake
Boomerang Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point
Corkscrew Cedar Point
Corkscrew Michigan's Adventure
Cornball Express Indiana Beach
Demon Six Flags Great America
Diamondback Kings Island
Disaster Transport Cedar Point
Dominator Geauga Lake
Double Loop Geauga Lake
Firehawk Kings Island
Flight of Fear Kings Island
Flying ACE Aerial Chase Kings Island
Galaxie Indiana Beach
Gemini Cedar Point
Giant Dipper Belmont Park
Great White SeaWorld San Antonio
Head Spin Geauga Lake
Hoosier Hurricane Indiana Beach
Invertigo Kings Island
Iron Dragon Cedar Point
Mad Mouse Michigan's Adventure
Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point
Mantis Cedar Point
Maverick Cedar Point
Mean Streak Cedar Point
Millennium Force Cedar Point
Mind Eraser Six Flags Darien Lake
Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster Six Flags Darien Lake
Poltergeist Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Predator Six Flags Darien Lake
Racer, The Kings Island
Raging Bull Six Flags Great America
Raging Wolf Bobs Geauga Lake
Raptor Cedar Point
Rattler, The Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Ravine Flyer II Waldameer Park
Ride of Steel Six Flags Darien Lake
Roadrunner Express Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Shivering Timbers Michigan's Adventure
Son of Beast Kings Island
Steel Eel SeaWorld San Antonio
Steel Hawg Indiana Beach
Superman Krypton Coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Great America
Thunderhawk Geauga Lake
Thunderhawk Michigan's Adventure
Tig'rr Indiana Beach
Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point
Villain, The Geauga Lake
Viper Six Flags Darien Lake
Viper Six Flags Great America
Vortex Kings Island
Whizzer Six Flags Great America
Wicked Twister Cedar Point
Wildcat Cedar Point
Wolverine Wildcat Michigan's Adventure
X-Flight Six Flags Great America
Zach's Zoomer Michigan's Adventure