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jive2 said:
No announcement today but they did confirm the name and they showed off the logo.

Someone ran home and made sure he was the first to have photos on all of the major forums on the net.

Interesting coming from the person who was so sure that they wouldn't announce anything today or give anything away.

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Lets get the fur flying and the engines cranking on the rumor mill.

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I would love to see a terrain coaster with the trees left around the ride. I think the trees add such a great feeling to the speed, as well as the look of, and on the ride. I think the Beast and Voyage do this well. I haven't been on Boulder Dash, but it looks like the same 'feel'.

By the name, "Prowler", it does tend to say that it's somewhat 'in hiding'. I guess I can hope....

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If you're thinking about where to do for Labor Day you should probably head over to WoF. You'll get to attend the announcement.¤t_root=149&story_id=221

They updated the blog and it includes the teaser vid that they showed off at Mayhem.

Brandon has updated the blog again. He added an image from what appears to be the ride animation.

Anyone going to the announcement Monday?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
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I hope the Prowler lurks in the shadows of the dense foliage. ;)

I'd like to see a curved underground tunnel like Zinger had. That was such a great finale to that fabulous coaster.

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We're watching the announcement so I figured that I would pass along some bits of info while we wait for the Prowler site to go live.

First drop – 85 feet
Length – 3074 feet
Speed – 51 mph
Elevation change – 102 feet (the ride ends 17 feet below the bottom of the first drop in a ravine).

It stays really close to the ground after the 2nd hill, which goes through the lift. I'm guessing that it never gets more than 20-25 feet off the dirt.

They are keeping as many trees as possible.

This doesn't look anything like anyother GCI out there. Pacing will probably be a winner. There aren't any high hills or turns for it to burn off speed.

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The Prowler site has been launched:

-Congo Falls - 90 rides (one day) -Murder of the Orient Express (1980-2003)
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Are the videos loading slowly for everyone else, or is it just my computer?

Yes, they are slow. Pause the video and let it load a bit.

-Congo Falls - 90 rides (one day) -Murder of the Orient Express (1980-2003)
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Or download the Quicktime version. Then it won't be streaming from the site, it will be on your computer.

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Do you think they will actually keep the trees?

I spoke with Brandon (WoF PR guy) and he reiterated the point about the trees. They are going to keep as many as they can but also get ride of dead and diseased trees.

The woods are pretty dense back there.

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I can't wait until Coaster Con next year. :) I was planning on going before we had any idea anything was being built. This is some pretty sweet icing on the cake.

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I must say I am very excited about this coaster. Completely different from what I had imagined when I heard it would be a GCI...

Josh M.

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Loving that ending stretch of airtime! :)


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Just looked at the pics linked above. What's the structure on the Prowler side of the RR tracks in the birds-eye/ shot? It's at the end of the midway extension that goes by the Enterprise or Round-up (don't remember which it is) and under the tracks. I'm guessing it's for their Halloween event. Was it something else in a previous life?

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