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Acoustic Viscosity said:
I heard it was really good, but IMO the video makes the ride look slow over the tops of the hills. Hope it kicks ass all the same.

Are there any rides that look fast over the hills to you?

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^I'm not Matt, but what the heck - Avalanche...and God (for newbies, that's PNE's Coaster).

The POV looks about the same as Prowler IMO.

The POV starts at about :45

I thought it looked like it kept a pretty good pace through the ride in the POV. I suppose I will give my thumbs up or thumbs down after I ride it.

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I must be watching a different video, the entire thing looks insanely fast to me. Like the video is sped up.

I can assure you that the footage has not been altered. It's approximately 45-47 seconds from the top of the drop to the brakes. That was shot with only two people in the train.

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Yes Mr. Jive. I have seen many a POV and this one in particular (to my eyes) lacks a little punch, much like the end of the Ravine Flyer II POV which turned out to be exactly that way in reality.

I am looking forward to experiencing it for myself though.

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And the ride just started testing, it's not even close to breaking in yet. It looks great!

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Yeah, it was just an observation. I didn't mean to get anyone upset.

It looks better than KY Rumbler, Roar East, Roar West, Evil Knevil, Renegade, Lightning Racer, and the "new and improved" Hershey WIldcat. I hope it's better than OzCat and Thunderhead, maybe even Gwazi (my favorite GCI), but we shall see.

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IMO, Prowler is pretty darn good.

I think when the trees fill in (they have just started to grow leaves now), and the ride breaks in, it's going to be awesome. Combine that with night riding and August temps, and it should be tremendous.

The media day/pass preview was very, very well done. They had food and drink for all attendees, a dj keeping the energy flowing, and 'themed' the event around the big cat on the loose (complete with army men, an attacked person, and General Banks).

This is not meant to be a trip report by any means, just summing up things thus far.

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Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

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