What are they (HW/SS) up to now? (Timberliners on Voyage)

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I thought about this topic again today and it really is sad. I think even Holiday World is bummed out by the news considering how brief the blog post was and how little they have said on the topic.

I think part of what makes it hard is that there were so many "it's almost ready" moments over the past 4 years. I mean, the trains even gave some actual rides to a select few people.

I know it is selfish, but I wanted the world's best wooden coaster to have the best trains too. I don't hate the PTCs, but they are kinda...dated.

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To be fair though, isn't a wooden roller coaster as a whole kinda...dated?

I say this as someone who prefers tube amps over solid state and listens to music on vinyl, so it's no knock.

Parallel lines on a slow decline.

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Having spent time with some of the Gravity Group guys over the years, I can honestly say that they've elevated the technology exponentially. The way they approach construction and design, and of course the trains, is very different. The reason they could build a ride like The Voyage has a lot to do with this evolution of engineering.

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Engineers have evolved? Hmmm, perhaps they have. Homo pocket-protectorus has gone all but extinct, while a successor species, Geekus modernus has adapted to a changing technological habitat and is thriving.

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I saw this over on the holiblog...


I wonder what a date could possibly give away as far as what they might be adding next year.

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I bet the announcement will be made on October 14th...

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See and I thought that may be a possibility as well. But, this was posted on 8/31. So either it was a bit premature in saying next month, or the announcement will be in September.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
-Joseph Campbell

Can't tell you the exact date we're spilling the news, though, because that in and of itself would be a very strong hint.

Friday the 13th anyone?

Maybe they're gonna start performing gay zombie weddings.

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Yes, right after Rejoice! concludes over there in the Hoosier Celebration Theater.

I am actually happy the Timberliners didn't work out. I have ridden Voyage every year since it opened and can say without a doubt that it is still riding better then opening year even as of yesterday. For some reason that I don't know, they did have the last car off both trains. I don't know if the shorter trains combined with cooler weather and overnight rains made it faster, but holy cow it was booking (as was Raven). Voyage is still as smooth as it was all season. Any work on tracking done this off season should only improve the ride beyond how it was this whole season, which should make it awesome. Probably won't show that way in Mitch Hawkers Wood Poll, but that is another story. Even my fiance, who loves the front of Voyage because it is smoother, said it was running excellent.

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