Were are "you" going this year

June: CLP
July: Wyanodot, CLP, Waldemere, Kennywood,
Idlewild, Hershey,

I would be interested in learning how you plan to get into Wyandot, let alone what you intend to do once you succeed.

This year I plan to go to Cedar Point for the first time, sometime in June or July, and Six Flags Mexico in May. In addition to that, probably BGE, Kennywood, and Knoebels.
I descended upon Uncle Bernie's Park in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday (I was here for a Funeral that I :( MISSED :( because I was following the Limo carrying the Deceased's Famaly and the @%#&!! Chauffer decided to go on a Toll Road. He went through the "Sunpass" Express Lane while I had to stop to pay the Toll! I tried to signal them to stop but they whizzed through and we Lost Them! After trying to contact them (We kept getting a "Give Password" prompt We tossed the towel and made our way to the Flea Market where Uncle Bernies is located and I "Bagged" their little "Credit" Coaster. Not the best way to get in a Coaster Credit but as they say "When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!

I'll descend upon Boomers Tonight (After the Obligitory visit to :) South Beach :) and ride the :) Dania Beach Hurricane :) (Floridas BEST Coaster!)

I plan to visit Sea World Later this year and add their New Coaster, At Xmastime I'll FINALLY get to Disney/MGM and add their Looper to my ever Growing List.

I Tentatively Plan to go to Silverwood this August (ACE is going to have a Gathering there on my Birthday Weekend so I'll make that a Gift from Me to Myself!


Opening weekend trip planned for BGE, and PKD. Of course visit all my local parks(Hershey, Dorney, SFA, Knoebels, and SF Gr8 Adv) opening weekends. I always seem to make at least one or 2 trips to CP a season. Have an Orlando trip planned for October to Disney, IOA, Universal, BGA, and Sea World.

Other parks that I'd like to visit this year, but don't have set plans are:

Holiday World
Indiana Beach
Beech Bend
Geauga Lake

I'll just see where my budget can take me. ;)

April 1-5 - Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, and we will of course be hitting Dollywood sometime during those days.

May 12 - CP's Opening Day

May 18-19 - Holiwood Nights

Memorial Day Weekend - ?? May cancel opening day at CP in place of going to Kennywood ??

June 15-16 - Coastermania @ CP and Coaster EXT @ GL

July 5-10 - We'll be hitting Great America for a day or two along with Chi-town.

September 29 - Fall Affair @ HW

Beastbuzz?? Don't know as of yet. The CP opening day weekend, and Kennywood are the only true question marks. We've already got our MAXX passes and also purchased SF passes, so their pretty much set in stone.

My plans for the summer:

and either Kennywood or KI



sometime over the summer

SFOG (of course)
maybe BGA

Busch Gardens Europe will be the biggie for me, probably Kennywood at least once same goes for Cedar Point. In september Universal for Halloween Horror Nights, Magic Kingdom & Busch Gardens Tampa for both of their halloween events as well.

"the only thing I know is that life is short and the only time you've got left is luck"
This year:

SFKK - a ton of times

May - Camden Park

June - HW, BB, IB, Fun Spot

July - SFGaM

Aug - KI

Coaster Maniac of Louisville
Anyone that can visit Holiday World AND Indiana Beach in the same month, has got my envy! ;)
This summer there are many plans but nothing set in stone. It will be my first summer working for "the man" full time. However, I am planning a trip to Kings Island on May 19th, Holiday World May 20th, Kennywood on May 23rd and a trip to Cedar Point on May 25th because my friend from Mexico is coming up for a week to visit. After memorial day, my full time job starts. From there on in, I will be making a couple of trips to Cedar Point, and a possible Six Flags Great America trip on July 14th. As I said before nothing is set in stone though.

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