Were are "you" going this year

Spring Fling in March - SFOG

Dollywood in April

Coastercon in June

And of course lots of visits to my homepark SFOG

Just two places this year sadly.... Blackpool Pleasure Beach in June, Port Aventura in Spain. Might be able to squeeze in a trip to Alton Towers at some point with any luck.

Sounds somewhat lucklustre compared to last year's list: Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach (hmm, i notice a pattern there), Thorpe Park, all 4 Disney Parks in FL, both Universal parks in FL, BGT (sorry, BGA as it's now known), SWF, DCO and purely for credits (and i needed a mid-winter coaster fix, albeit a lame one), Adventure Island here in the UK.

Jeff said:
Clearly I'm not fit to run this site.

Actually Jeff, you're not allowed to go anywhere because you must monitor/maintain this site 24/7! ;)

Anyway, I've got Vegas in June and most likely WDW in September. After that, it's all a crapshoot. I'll get up to Hershey and their new waterpark-ette sometime over the summer but not sure when. I'm actually considering *not* renewing the SF passes because I just dont think we'll be doing a lot of park-ing. But hell, it's only March (and the madness has begun) and everything's subject to change.

lata, jeremy
--who'd like to find time for revisits to KW, LC @ SFNE

Doing the local tour this year. SFMM, Knott's for the new coaster and/or Haunt, Universal because it's there, and DL for Nemo: The Line. Actually looking forward to seeing how Nemo turns out, but some of the predictions of the line issues with the ride have me a little hesistant to attempt to see it during it's first few opening months. Maybe head up to SFDK to see how that turned out as well.
I'll consider it a pretty good year if I make it to Carowinds and SFOG, hopefully a few times. I already have a season pass for Carowinds and I'm thinking about getting one for SFOG.

If I'm REALLY lucky, I might make it to Kennywood. I'm thinking about "borrowing" my cousin's kid just so I have somebody to go with! :) If I go with him, it'll be the first time I've driven to Kennywood. I'm really nervous about getting there and back-- West Mifflin is really confusing to me.

It stinks to be (almost) broke. Somebody mentioned gas prices in another thread-- if they stay where they are (or heaven forbid, go up even more) just paying for the gas to go to the park is going to be rough. I live about 2-3 hours (or more) from any park, and none of the vehicles at my disposal get real good mileage, and I sure can't afford a new car right now. :P I'm hoping I'll get some more hours at work this summer, but if I get *too* many, then I won't have the time to go anywhere! :)

Anybody want to carpool? :)


Cats, books, and roller coasters-- three of the best G-rated, calorie-free pleasures in life!

Richard Bannister said:
This is what my plans currently look like. Everything is subject to change

24/03 - Adventure Island
13/04 - Oakwood Theme Park
26/05 - Toshimaen, Seibuen Yuenchi, Chiba Zoo
27/05 - Fuji-Q Highland, Tokyo Summerland
28/05 - Mt Ikoma Skyland, Washuzan Highland, Kurashiki Tivoli
29/05 - Adventure World, Porto Europa, Universal Studios Japan
30/05 - Nagashima Spa Land, Monkey Park, Suzuka Circuit
31/05 - Lina World
01/06 - Mitsui Greenland, Asahiyama Zoo, Santa Present Park
02/06 - Teine Olympia, Maruyama KidLand
03/06 - Rusutsu Resort
12/07 - Linnanmaki
13/07 - Lauri's Park
14/07 - Power Park
15/07 - Sarkanniemi
16/07 - Grona Lund, Parken Zoo
17/07 - Tusenfryd
18/07 - Liseberg
19/07 - Farup Sommerland
20/07 - Djurs Sommerland, Tivoli Friheden, Bakken
21/07 - BonBon Land
22/07 - Tivoli Gardens
28/07 - Waarbeek, Movie Park Germany, Toverland, Tilburg Fair
29/07 - De Valkenier, Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, Drievliet
10/08 - Lakeside Amusement Park
11/08 - Elitch Gardens
12/08 - Lagoon Amusement Park
13/08 - Drive Day: Yellowstone National Park
14/08 - Silverwood
15/08 - Calaway Park, Galaxyland Amusement Park
16/08 - Galaxyland Amusement Park
17/08 - Playland Vancouver, Fun Forest Amusement Park
18/08 - Enchanted Village

I would post my trip plans for 2007 but I don't want to embarrass Richard ;)

1. Valleyfair! - Home park...RENEGADE, baby!

2. Mt. Olympus/ Timber Falls (I still don't have my Avalanch credit if you can believe that!)

- Bypassing SFGam this year. Done to death and nothing new.

3. Indiana Beach

4. "Parafair/Cedarmount" Kings Island

5. Stricker's Grove


7. Beech Bend

8. Holiday World

9. Valleyfair! - Home park...RENEGADE, baby!


Thanks for another great season, VF!

Spoiler - Martin is going to about twice as many parks as I am, though he's still not going to Japan this year!

Frankly, I'll be lucky if I make it to Canobie Lake,

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

I have quite a year planned out. First I'll be heading to my home park SFGAdv to get my season pass and some rides on KK, El Toro and Nitro that I have been waiting way too long to ride again.Then the summer is as follows

Six Flags St Louis for the new Tony Hawk ride, Batman even though I have one at home and hopefully finally get my credit on Chiller's sister Mr. Freeze then...

Silver Dollar City to hit up Wildfire and Powder Keg and to be honest after riding Blazing Fury I'll throw in Fire In The Hole then.....

Celebration City to finally hit Ozark Wildcat and my first Windstorm model then...

Beech Bend for Kentucky Rumbler then...

Kentucky Adventure Park for my first Alpine Slide then on to....

Kings Island for Firehawk,Italian Job, FOF, Delerium,DZ, SOB, Beast,ah hell pretty much everything then....

Knoebels for Flying Turns and another ride on Phoenix because I didn't care for it in 2002 then finally Steel Pier and some coasters in Ocean City to wrap up my year.

We are not finalized yet, but...

Already been to:
The Park @ MOA

Planning to visit:
Worlds of Fun
Oceans of Fun
Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags Great America
Silver Dollar City
Celebration City
White Water
Wild West World
Holiday World
Geauga Lake (CoasterXT)
Cedar Point (Coaster Mania)
Valleyfair! (Coaster Craze)
Kings Island
Kings Dominion
Busch Gardens Europe
Hershey Park
Six Flags Great Adventure
Dorney Park
Beech Bend
Canada's Wonderland

we might add some more, but are unsure right now. *** Edited 3/2/2007 12:43:25 AM UTC by Swoosh***

My season starts the first week of April. I'll be out in Las Vegas and still have to get in Speed and Canyon Blaster.

In May, I'll definitely be going to Kings Island since it's my home park and I want to get on Firehawk. Also be taking a long weekend out to go to Hershey Park. At the end of the month hittin' up Indiana Beach and Six Flags Great America.

In June, taking a day trip to Beech Bend to try out the Kentucky Rumbler (I hear it's amazing!) Planning to get to Cedar Point as well to add Maverick.

July, I'll be in upstate New York for a family reunion. On the way back we're gonna make a pit stop at Six Flags Darien Lake (really wanna get a ride on Superman)

August or September, these are crazy months for me with teaching starting back up but I've never been to Kennywood and have been wanting to go for a long time. Will definitely try to get there to round out the season.

Of course, all of this is time and monetary substance permitting!

Can't wait for the '07 season to start!!

Well let's see;

To start with, I'm heading out to Beech Bend(1) for Rumblefest April 21st, and doing an add on day at that famous park right up the road. Yep, you guessed it, DOLLYWOOD!(2)

I'm hoping to get up to Knoebels(3), for opening day, but it's looking like a family function will keep me from attending, but I will get there this season, Oh yes I will.

Memorial Day weekend will have me doing WNYCC's event at Dutch Wonderland(4), and Hersheypark(5).

Then it's looking kind of bare until July. I'll just borrow Rchard Bannisters schedule since I'm doing the same trip;

12/07 - Linnanmaki(6)
13/07 - Lauri's Park(7)
14/07 - Power Park(8)
15/07 - Sarkanniemi(9)
16/07 - Grona Lund(10), Parken Zoo(11)
17/07 - Tusenfryd(12)
18/07 - Liseberg(13)
19/07 - Farup Sommerland(14)
20/07 - Djurs Sommerland(15), Tivoli Friheden(16), Bakken(17)
21/07 - BonBon Land(18)
22/07 - Tivoli Gardens(19)

Hope you don't mind Richard.

I'm planning on hitting a couple of UK parks before the Scandi Trip too. Most notably;

Camelot(20) , and Blackpool(21)

Great Yarmouth PB(22) ,Joyland(23), & Pleasurewood Hills(24)

Alton Towers(25)


Adventure Island(27)

Maybe Paulton's, or Toverland, if I can figure out how to fit them in.

Labor Day is still up in the air, maybe Kennywood, with a sidetrip to Valleyfair. We'll see.

BTW, not a single SF park in the mix. How will I ever survive.

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^ Man I'm getting jealous from some of you nerds. Ride a coaster or two for me will ya. My back would break if I ride that many coasters in a season. Cool!

*** Edited 3/2/2007 4:10:06 AM UTC by CoasterDiscern*** *** Edited 3/2/2007 4:11:02 AM UTC by CoasterDiscern***

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
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^Painkillers are your best friend, and the occasional chiropractor. ;)


Richard Bannister said:
Spoiler - Martin is going to about twice as many parks as I am, though he's still not going to Japan this year!

Gorky Park here I come :)

June: CLP
July: Wyanodot, CLP, Waldemere, Kennywood,
Idlewild, Hershey,

FAll: CP

Possibly Dollywood if we go to the Smokies.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Well I call my trip the 30th Birthday Special

May - Six Flags St Louis to get my SP processed.

June - Coney Island, SFNE, SFGAd (El Toro and KK since it was closed last time I was there), Rye Playland, couple other smaller parks

Oct - Las Vegas, SFMM, and maybe Disney (never been to Cali's version)

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

Well, This year I know for sure I will be hitting up Carowinds, Kings Dominon, Family Kingdom (since they tore down my myrtle beach one day get away....) Ghost Town In The Sky with the family, Hopefully if my friend is up to it, Cedar Point, and Kings Island.
Knoebels, Knoebels, Knoebels, Hershey, Knoebels, Hershey, Knoebels, Knoebels, Hershey, Dutch Wonderland, the whole western PA swing this year (DelGrossosLakemontIdlewildKenneywoodConneautWaldameer),

Dorney, Hershey, Knoebels, Knoebels (PPP), Hershey (In the dark), Dorney (Halloweekend).

... not necessarily in that order.

You people plan???

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