Were are "you" going this year

Jeff said:
Other than that, I don't have anything even remotely firm.
Did your other possible events go down the tubes?

So far I have the following planned & wished for:

  • Dollywood in April
  • Disney in May
  • Maybe a PA trip for Memorial Day weekend
  • Probably Holiday World, maybe for the Fall Affair
  • Probably Beech Bend as a nice day trip
  • Hopefully Cedar Point, maybe for BooBuzz
Dorney, Hershey, Great Adventure, Morey's Piers, Gillian's Wonderland Pier, Playland's Castaway Cove. Maybe a trip to Knoebels as well. Hopefully in 2008 I'll be able to get to some parks more than 2 - 2 1/2 hours away.
I'm planning for:

Six Flags over Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Seaworld San Antonio

Kemah Boardwalk

Cedar Point

Kings Island

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Six Flags St. Louis

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Well, this will probably be the first year in a very long time I visit Six Flags over Georgia just once. I'll be down in Florida for the summer, so I plan on going to USF/IOA as often as I can. At the end of the summer, I hope to get up to Cedar Point, and if I do, possible Holiday World and Kings Island. Busch Gardens Europe would be nice, but I just don't think I have the time.

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Knotts Berry Farm
Disney's California Adventure

Cedar Point

Six Flags Great America
Cedar Point
Geauga Lake

Cedar Point

Still to be Factored:
Holiday World
Kings Island
Six Flags Great Adventure

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- Florida: Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa area parks (just got back from this trip).
- Kemah Boardwalk and hopefully some other Texas parks, but Boardwalk Bullet is my top priority for this season.
- Busch Gardens Europe
- Holiday World for HoliWood Nights
- Knoebels for PPP (if not sooner)
- Valleyfair

Hopefully several others as well, but those are my musts for 2007.

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Besides that one home park, Kings Island, I plan to visit Cedar Point multiple times, as well as SFKK, Holiday World, and Geauga Lake at least once. And at least an outing at Stricker's Grove, of course.

In spring/early summer I'm hoping to do the Virginia/DC area with Six Flags America, Kings Dominion, and, if Griffon is open, Busch Gardens Europe. That trip I'm doing in part because I'd like to see a Nationals game at RFK Stadium.

I'd really like to add Kennywood and Conneaut Lake to the roster, too.

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I plan on Cedar Point (multiple times), Busch Gardens Europe, King's Island, Geauga Lake.

I'm hoping to get to Kennywood and HersheyPark as well, but we'll see what happens since I have a summer class to take.

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Yea, so my plans aren't as big as everyone elses... darn you college! lol I just plan on going to 3 parks:

Cedar Point



Hopefully I might slip up and go to another park... I could possibly be going to SFOT next week on opening day! Lets hope so.

I am going to Kemah to ride the Boardwalk Bullet. I am also going to Dollywood, Sea Wold San Antonio, HW, Cedar Point and GL. Hopefully can also get SFSA and SFOT.
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Oh yeah, I forgot about Dollywood. I have a season pass from my visit in December, so i better use it. :)

Other places I'd especially like to get to/back to this year would be:
Ghost Town in the Sky
Cedar Point (haven't been back since Dragster)
Kings Island
Conneaut Lake
Stricker's Grove
Dutch Wonderland
Lake Compounce

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Lots of Great Adventure "freebies" this year. I will probably make my first trip to Lake Compunce. I will try to hit DOrney, Rye, Knoebels and Splish Splash.

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With Renegade opening at ValleyFair, we thought it was a good year to buy season passes. MaxxPasses were only $10 more, so seemed like a great deal. We're planning on hitting the CedarFair parks during a 3-week road trip starting in mid-August to Labor day before the kids go back to school. Still plotting out the route but looks likes we'll go to MiA, Cedar Point, Geuga Lake, CW, Dorney, KD, Carowinds, KI, then back to MN. Hopefully squeeze in BGE when we're out that way. That's if the family can tolerate each other in the car for three weeks without turning it into another National Lampoon's family vacation. Then hopefully hit WoF in October for a Halloween weekend.
Kings Island: as much as possible since it's my home park.

Cedar Point: I'm planing on going for coaster mania and another time in early august. By the way, can anyone tell me how long it takes for a coaster buzz membership card to come? I only joined the club about a month ago so I'm not complaining, just curious.

I'd like to make it to Geauga lake when my family goes to Cleveland.

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1. Cedar Point Memorial day weekend

2. SFFT, Sea World San Antonio, and Schlitterbahn in June

3. Cedar Point in October

4. Holiday World???

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Thanks their hopman. It is a long journey, but would be well worth it I amagine. What is on my computer desk...........Oh my god, its a Talon.

Some of you guys have some serious dedication in your trip planning this year. I smell true coaster enthusiasts. Ride on!

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Wish I had time and money to do all that crap.
I'll have new "home" parks beginning March 26, after the move from so-cal to Florida. So they'll be plenty to get familiar with all summer long. However, I'm still going to the opening of Mystery Mine in April, Holiwood Nights in May, and Busch Gardens Europe in June.

It's going to be such a different feeling having so many great parks within driving (or a short flight) distance. So different than being stuck with SFMM. ;)

Well I Plan on going to:

Canada's Wonderland (Cedar Fair Maxx Pass) - 40 mins away depending on horrible T.O traffic.

Geauga Lake - 4.5 Hours away

Cedar Point - 5/6 Hours away

Darien Lake - 1.5 Hours away

La Ronde - 6.5/7 Hours away

Six Flags Great Adventure - 8/9 Hours away

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - 9 Hours away

Kings Island - 8 Hours away

Kings Dominion/BGE/Six Flags America - 9-11 Hours away

And thats about it, but in reality I might only hit up 4 of them depending on money and other things. Definately wanna use my Maxx pass at more then just CW tho, and now that i can't get a SF pass since darien isnt owned by sf anymore that just sucks but I could try to grab one at a park if Iamm actually going to come back to other SF parks.

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Robo, can't wait to see ya at PPP!

Bannister.......DAMN! I am so envious!

I have a LOT of plans, but these are set in stone......

Spring Fling at SFOG/Carowinds in late March.

Dollywood in late April, and a couple of more times during the year since I have a season pass. Yay!

CP's opening weekend, maybe Coastermania, and definitely a visit during October.

Holiwood Nights baby!

Stricker's on the 4th of July.

Carolina Crossroads at some point.

Camden Park (it's in my backyard.....sorta! Lots of Flyer practice!)

PPP, with a obligatory visit to Kennywood the Friday before.

OTHER plans (almost set in stone....)

Spring Con in NorCal

SDC and CC

King's Island at some point, probably several times.

The WI/IA/MN/ parks.


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