Timberliner Testing resumes on the Voyage

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Paula just posted this

Timberliner testing resumed today. I'll try to track down an update tomorrow.

I wonder if the second train is on property?

It seemed like they were close to having the state out to inspect the one TL train. I am hopeful that they will have them both running before the end of the season.

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Awesome :) I look forward to riding Voyage at Fall Affair. Regardless of which train is running. Though I must say, the TL's would be a sweet bonus.

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As into Timberliner updates I was, since Will Koch died, my anticipation has taken a back burner. It's strange...

I am glad to hear the project is moving forward again, I'd like to get back this year to try the TLs out!


When I took the wife and kids down last month, I asked a ride-op at Voyage about the 2nd train. He said it was in maintenance since there was already 3 trains on ride (2 PTCs and the 1st TL train in transfer).

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I always thought the Voyage ran three trains...?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

They are going to two trains with the TL's... Sadly!

With the PTC's, loading was slow and stacking was the norm. With the TL trains though, loading should be much faster without seatbelts and such. Would make for efficient 3-train OP I would think. But I trust that they know what they are doing :)


Until this year the Voyage did indeed run three trains. My understanding is that the Timberliners should be faster to load and unload (no seat belts, improved lap bar), and therefore Holiday World feels that two Timberliners will meet or exceed the capacity of three PTCs.

I've also heard that the three trains were overkill for this coaster from the start (I don't know how credible that is though).

Yet another possibility: Holiday World only wanted to invest in 2 for now, leaving the option to add a third if the ride's popularity / operations justify it. They have a "track record" of adding trains to their coasters years after they've opened.

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CoasterDemon said:
As into Timberliner updates I was, since Will Koch died, my anticipation has taken a back burner. It's strange...

Yeah, I completely agree. It seems a bit cheesy, but my excitement wasn't about the trains, so much as it was about Will's excitement.

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^ Cheers guys, such a friendly bunch.

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Will was incredibly excited about anything new at the park. Any fancy new technology or idea that could improve just about anything got him excited. The Timberliners were no exception.

His description of the motor tech on Wildebeest as being like "magic" was dripping with excitement, too. It's pretty obvious he was geeking out about it and the Timberliner trains something hardcore.

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I suspect Will made a great customer too (unless you were Sandor). Selling your product to an enthusiastic engineer would be a good time.

I'm crossing my fingers that these are ready in time for Fall Affair. It's not even that I look forward to riding them as much as I'm excited for Mike and the other guys at TGG. I've known them for a long time, since the CCI days, and I've hoped for nothing but success since the day they started their own company.

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That makes at least two of us, Jeff. I mean, the Voyage runs like a champ with the PTCs because the Gravity Group knows how to design around the limitations of the PTC trains and because Holiday World knows how to maintain wood coasters to perform. But I have been following (from a considerable distance) the development of the Timberliner chassis for a lot longer than I care to admit, and I am really excited about what is clearly the biggest advancement in traditional wood coaster technology in probably 60 years or more. I think those trains could be a real game changer, not just through their adoption, but because they represent a change in the thinking about how wood coasters work.

But the only way they can have any impact at all is if they start not only running, but carrying passengers, and for that reason I really hope they can get the new trains into "revenue service" this season. For Holiday World it really makes no difference whether the Timberliners run this season or not, but for Gravitykraft it could be tremendously important.

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RideMan said:
the biggest advancement in traditional wood coaster technology in probably 60 years or more.

I realize this was probably a random number. But, what would you say the last big advancement in wood coasters was? Upstops?

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upstops are closer to 100 years old not 60. I am not sure what advance he is talking about but if it is the correct age of 60 years old it isn't upstops.

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Forgive my ignorance, but from a design point of view - in terms of what this rolling stock can do - how much of a development are they say from, Millennium Flyers?

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For one thing, I don't think MF'rs steer.

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I don't know for certain but I don't think Voyage ran three trains since its first or second year and at that. Only on Saturdays. Dispatch times should be cut but IDK with HW taking personal items to lockers like they do.. Still it should be just a check N go unlike double checks, Helping people get their belt out from underneath them ect..

TGG has five coasters going in next year. All but one are to get Timberliners. The other ix the Zippin Pippin clone using the old Thunder Eagle trains.

Mike says providing the states don't object the timerliners can fit smaller riders where I think most PTC's require 48in height requirement.

How "forgiving" are timberliner trains when it comes to guest size? Will they be as accomodating as PTC's or will there be more of a risk that "larger" guests will be turned away?

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I too wish Will could have been here to see them run. Yet I know he will be watching.... I suspect they want to get them running this year but will it be in beta or for real. They might to want to still do lots of testing and evaluating during this low pressure time. That way they get all the inspection and testing work done and can open with them next year for the public.

Speaking from experience with the orange Gravitykraft IAAPA car, I can assure you that Timberliners are very accomodating- I'd be willing to put money on them being more so than PTCs. But, then again, it appears that the restraints have changed quite a bit from that prototype...

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