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OK folks... here it is. It's Friday night, and I decided that I'd put it out instead of trying to get it perfect.

You'll undoubtedly find some stuff that "ain't right," and I'm working through that list of issues now. Let's just pretend that this weekend is one big beta test, and the site will be for real on Monday. :)

Thank you for your support all of these years. I hope you enjoy the fifth iteration of The Buzz.

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Cool! Um...what's the Scoring Game?

Edit: Never mind, I found it.

I'm liking the new version so far. Does the font look odd to you though? It doesn't look very clean to me; a little pixelated or something. Looks ok when I zoom the page...

Edit #2: The font everywhere except in the actual forum posts, that is...

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I like it. Looks like it was a lot of work. Nice job!!

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Happy to see the changes live!

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I can't help but notice the lack of a "+1 for Gonch" button on every post.

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I thought my computer was acting up on me tonight.Then I realized, New Version of PBuzz! :-) I'll peruse it more tomorrow when I'm not dunk.

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I like. It's clean and bright, lots of white space making it easy on the eyes. Thank you

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Very "clean" feeling. Nice work. Why don't I have more +1's? Can I +1 myself? What if no one is looking?


I was wondering why I couldn't get on last night after I finished putting together my IKEA furniture.

Very nice design, and Safari now shows the formatting options!

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I am having a hard time getting used to the clean and brightness of it all. It seems like the posts are floating around with nothing to hold them up. That is my only small complaint though. The new features are awesome!

The Scoring Game is going to be very very fun. You don't know how many times I have wanted to "Like" someones post, instead of posting a "me too" reply.

I remember hearing you say that you were working on new CoasterBuzz features a long, long time ago, Jeff. It must feel awesome for you to finally get it all online. Thanks for keeping it interesting! :)

EDITED TO ADD - It would be easier on the eyes if the posts were contained inside boxes like before, in my opinion.That's the only constructive criticism I can add though.

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"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

I agree with the floating around comment. Apparently LK and myself are the official old fuddy duddies of CBuzz.

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As someone who has let entire weeks go by without noticing he has a new private message, I love that the PM indicator is now in stark contrast to the background color. :)

I haven't looked on my computer yet, but it is UGLY on my iPad. Ugly, but should be real easy to fix.

The problem is that there is NO left margin. Everything is crammed up against the left side of the screen which makes it all very difficult to read. I mean, this text box I am typing in doesn't even have a visible border on its left-hand side. The top banner looks good, the right-hand side looks fine, there is space at the's just the page body that has what looks to be about a -10 pixel left margin. It makes it look like everything is cut off on the left.

Apart from that, I like the new look!

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I like the new look. I also love the fact that @Jeff scores over 36,000 higher than anyone else!

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Yeah, that's because of the bazillion news items I've "submitted" in the past. I didn't have the right data in place to track photo contributions, so I think I'm going to up that point value going forward.

A more meaningful (if any of it can really be called that!) number is a weekly leaderboard, kinda like the top 100 coasters. I'll probably work on that next.

In the mean time, if you have great, high resolution photos, please contribute! I'll boost that to 25 points per accepted photo, starting right now.

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I like the fresh, clean, crisp, and simple look. Most importantly, I like that the General Buzz Forum topics were brought back to the homepage.

Keep up the good work!

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Kind slow and buggy o iOS devices. Looks nice though.

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Yeah, it's pretty gnarly looking on the iPad, and when I go to reply, there's no box to input text. Dave/Clint - are you guys having that issue, too?

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I'm having the same issue with no text box coming up when trying to post a reply in Safari on the iPad.

Love the new look in general though.

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You can change your forum settings, for the time being, to force the plain text box if you're trying to post from the iPad.

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