The Legend gets "Two" Changes for 2002

This has been a remarkably tough secret to keep...but I just got the okay to release this, and it seems only right and fair to release it to the coaster enthusiasts first...since I imagine there'll be a bit of interest. :0)

Will Koch would like you all to know that he is making two changes to The Legend for the 2002 season:

   #1 The Legend will go to a two-train operation; and

   #2 Those trains will be ... PTCs!

The Legend station will be extended about 20-feet toward the lift hill and the queue gates will move in that direction. Just to give us more room between the brake run and the loading area.

We're working with CCI on this ... the investment is more than $400,000.

We're all walking around grinning like fools and CAN'T WAIT to try out our new toys in the spring! (And share them with our friends, of course.)

The PTCs will be the same basic set-up as The Raven's train. The transfer will be a spur located just before the lifthill.

Is Will a great guy, or what?

See you in '02!

Paula Werne
Director of Public Relations
Holiday World

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Woo Hoo!!!! 

Is it Stark Raven Mad time yet??? :)

Scott W. Short

Holiday World is the greatest!!  Can't wait to ride it with PTC's and shorter waiting times.  Now can we have a two train operation on the Howler next ;)??

Go Pack Go!

I am absolutely speechless.  Once again, Holiday World has proved that it's up there in a class all of its own.  Rock on, HW - see you at SRM!!!
PTCs! Yes!!!

What's a PTC?

Putting the Amusement back in the Park

LOL. Philadelphia Toboggan Company. I have to get my coaster on at Holiday World next year I think.
What Kind of trains did it have before?
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It has (will be "had" ;)) a Gerstlauer train.

It's allright but PTC's is the way to go! :)


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Will Johansson

It had Gerstlauer (sp?) trains with extra padding on the lap bars.  The lap bars are U shaped and come down on both sides of your legs and your legs bang into them a lot, especially on a coaster with many laterals like Legend. Most enthusiasts, self included, prefer the PTC trains with the normal ratcheting type lap bars.
Go Pack Go!
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*** This post was edited by inverted_one on 10/11/2001. ***

Paula, between you, the Kochs, Hammersly, etc. the park is already an absolute gem.  Hard to believe there's much room for improvement, but you guys continue to surprise us...HW is a "must-visit" park for anyone who hasn't been, and a "must-return" for those that have.  Two PTC trains on the Legend, now THAT is way above and beyond - three cheers for Three Flags Santa Claus!
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WOW, that's great news. I always thought Legend might be more to my liking if it had PTC's. The heavy lats combined with those lapbars made for a painful ride.

Way to go Holiday World! Now, if I could only figure a way to get to Southern Indiana next Summer...

"X" marks the spot in 2001!

Man, good old Holiday World does it again!
- Peabody
Wowee Zowee.  The best got better.  My favorite coaster gets my favorite trains. :)
Woohoo!  This is great news.  Personally I like Gersts, but they're a bit tough on the laterals-happy Legend, and two train operation is GREAT news.

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Thanks for posting, Paula! Wow, that's surprising. Obviously there's no reason you had to make those changes (I still think enthusiasts are crybabies about Gerstlauer trains and I don't have a problem with them). I guess Will really wants #1 and #2 next year, eh? :)

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin -
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Watch the grass grow!

Paula, you guys are unbelievable.  I will be back next year.
*gulp*  Two PTC's?  I'm *very* happy (and surprised as hell) to see this...  except that it kinda scares me that Will and Paula are reading my mind like this...
Great news...I hope to make it out to Holiday World for my first time this year. Now it's even more exciting!
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This is great as long as you still have the "bell"!

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