The Legend gets "Two" Changes for 2002

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Ride the Impssible. STAND UP WOODIE!!! watch it fly past ur regular sitdowns. itll blow you away.
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Time to start plotting for a May 31,2002 vacation.

Has there ever been more response in such a short time on this site?


so does any body have any pictures
Ride the Impssible. STAND UP WOODIE!!! watch it fly past ur regular sitdowns. itll blow you away.

Ghostrider is the only CCI I've had a chance to ride and was wondering if anyone knew what type of trains IT had, so I can make an educated guestimate of the changes.

Ghostrider has PTCs.  You will find that most wooden coasters use PTCs.  The Gerstlauer line is new and CCI has used it on many of their new coasters.  Perhaps this will make CCI and Gerstlauer aware of the condition of their trains since a park is spending the time and money to literally trash them after 1 year (on a ride of high caliber also).
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How many people atended (sp) last years srm?
That's awesome.  I can't wait to experience my favorite woodie with all new trains.  WOW!!!!

Its so beautiful just to HEAR all these wonderful things about Holiday World.... the way the park is run, the things they do to make customer satisfaction #1... its beautiful!

I will definitely make the best effort to make it out there next year for my first time :). I commend thee!

Alan Jacyszyn
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Raven Maven said:
"#1 The Legend will go to a two-train operation; and

   #2 Those trains will be ... PTCs!"

So The Legend has only ran on a one-train operation since it opened in 2000?

And what are PTCs?

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Paula, just curious,

what would happen with Holiday World if SF decided to actually open up Old Indiana?

PTCs are the ones used on Mean Streak and Blue Streak, Right? They look more natural than the other ones, sort of like NAD trains.

I didn't think my #1 woodie could get any better! I am at a complete loss for words!! Thank you so much for the 2 train operation. I KNEW it would happen someday! :) And since I have a lapbar, how about a Gerstlauer car to go with it? :)

StealthmF5m3: yes it has only run one train so far. And PTC (as stated earlier in this topic) is Philadelphia Toboggan Company.....their wooden coaster trains are the most common found in parks.
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Nice! A perfect addition to an already perfect park!

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bigkirby, i would see them closing SFKK down before they open the Old Indiana Fun Park.  And i doubt they would do that, the Old Indiana Fun Park was closed by the state and is only a Roller Coaster Storage yeard now.
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Holiday World Rocks!!! Gerstlaeur U-bars were bad news. PTC are the best! Great going there at HW for all your guests and customers. You know how to be the best.
How many trains does Raven run?
Wonderful news! This may be what I'm looking forward to the most in 2002!

So many coasters - so little time.

Raven-Phile said:
"I'm thinking i'll have to change my name to Legend-Phile :-\"

OHH NO YOU DONT! *You* are a Raven-Phile true and true. Why else would you (and your fellow avarian Greg) drag me 'repeatedly' away from that siren-like song of "HOOOOOOOLLLL, Dont Look Back..."
If anyone is going to be Legend-Phile it shall be I.
--who admittedly *does* remember Josh saying he'd likely take The Legend w/ PTCs over Raven

I still would prefer riding Raven, so I want all you Legend-Philes waiting over in that line at SRM...and NONE of you PA people are allowed to bring any of that NASTY Moxie stuff w/you...I can STILL after-taste it!
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RideMan, LMAO...Good meeting you, phinally, at PPP.  Paula, glad to hear Nick wasn't seriously injured when Ed pulled the bell down on him...
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What does everyone think about what happen last year at SRM in the Rain. Legend came flying into the station at ungodly speeds. I imagine that in rainy conditions 1 train would suffice. Come to think of it does the park ever really need to run 2 trains besides during ERT sessions? I have never been to the park during the summer. How long do the lines get for the Legend on a busy Saturday?

I don't know what the longest lines are at Holiday World.  The day I visited, the Saturday before Father's Day, I waited about 45 minutes for most of the afternoon for the Legend and Raven.  Not obscene, but not the walk-ons I had heard about either.  However, it's amazing how much better waiting in line is when you have a free Pepsi in hand and the queue is spotless.

I most definitely enjoyed my visit to Holiday World, and I will do my best to get back next year.  I never knew how good wooden coasters could be.


--Who, incidentally, did prefer the Raven to the Legend, mostly because of the airtime on the infamous "fifth hill"

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