The BEST Log Ride Around!

Ok, this isn't just to start another "Best/Worst" thread, but I'd really like to know what park has it...

What park has the absolute best log ride around.
The factors to be considered are:
* Themeing
* Splash/wettness
* Drops/drop length
* Overall length, twists, turns, & tunnels

I have heard that the log ride at Waldameer Park in Erie, PA was one of the best... when I rode it, I thought it was really cool because of the mist tunnel. However, I still think that the Desperado Plunge at The Great Escape still rocks the world after over 20yrs with its themeing & final drop!
The final drop on the one at IOA could fling you from the log if you don't hold on. It is also super long. The BGW log ride is also pretty good.

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I liked the Logjammer at Kennywood.

But for themeing, etc, go on Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain is my favorite. Good themeing, and great last drop.
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I really like the one at IOA. It is a LOT of fun! Great themeing, too! *** This post was edited by Benjih1043 on 5/22/2001. ***
Big Timber Mountain at Knott's Berry Farm. It is a classic that I believe Disney stole from...
The Jurassic Park River Ride at IOA is superb -- the themeing can't be beat, the ride is long and the story surrounding it is well put together, and the final drop is perfectly positioned! Granted, if by log ride you mean 1-4/5 people in a boat (IE White Water Landing/Mill Race style at CP) then it doesn't count, it's got the high-capacity boats.

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Hello! JPRR isnt a Log ride!

My favourite would have to Dudley Do right at IOA followed by Splash Mt (WDW) then Timber Mt (KBF) then Splash Mt (DL). I also like Jetstream at SFMM but it has no themeing or anything special, I just remember meeting some good folks from Canada on there ...

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Splash Mountain at Disney World has the best theming by far and the drop is pretty cool too. If Jurassic Park River Ride was a Log ride I'd definetly say it has good theming and a awesome drop.
Dudley Doo Right and Jurassic Park at IOA.
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Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride! It has AWESOME theming, a "surprise" dip in the dark, constantly going in and out of the mountain, and you tend to get a good splashing, but never get soaked. Those who have been on it, I think would agree.

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"Hello! JPRR isnt a Log ride!

My favourite would have to Dudley Do right at IOA followed by Splash Mt (WDW) then Timber Mt (KBF) then Splash Mt (DL). I also like Jetstream at SFMM but it has no themeing or anything special, I just remember meeting some good folks from Canada on there ...

Umm I believe thats Arrowhead Splashdown now geesh I hate that name.
Duddley Do Right is the top log flume. Great themeing and a final drop unapproached by any other.

An excellent flume seldom mentioned is the on at Holiday World. No themeing except the beautiful woods and the deer grazing under the coasters, but unusual in that most of the ride is before the lift.
For me, (along with Soggy and Dweaver,) it's easily the Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride. I got on it expecting a short lame traditional log flume, and came out amazed! Better theming than even Splash Mountain I think. One of my pet peeves with log flumes is scraping the bottom of the flume, and this is the ONLY ONE I've ridden that doesn't.

I really can't say enough about this ride, but I love the drop underground, and the atmosphere on-ride is tremendous. Really a must-ride if you're at the park.

P.S. I think Disney got the whole idea of theming from Knotts, they just gave it a name! Wasn't Ghost Town the first attempt at theming in the world?

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Splash Moutain, especially if you just want to cool off, not get drenched.

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dudley doo right
it's strangely like my favorite ride at IOA. there's nothing magnificent about it, third drop is cool, and it's just fun to ride. splash mountain goes way too slowly for my liking, and i swear some scenes in SM are pornographic, but that's just me..
Splash Mountain in FL. Dudley do Right's is VERY close, but it's lacking that special something that Splash Mountain seemed to have. Maybe Disney's magic touch? Don't know, recently they haven't seemed to be able to get a hold of that touch....IOA stole it maybe?

I would have to give this one to Splash mountain. It is amazing. it has THREE drops with one being in the dark. The themeing and storyline are also fantastic. My second would have to be the desporado plunge at the great escape. The drop seems out of control and it has some decent themeing.

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BGW's Le Scoot! It has a great first drop, plus Alpengeist flying by makes it even better!

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I think that people who have been on it would agree that the best is the timber mountain log ride is the best. people talk about classic coasters and how important they are. This ride is a true classic. The theming is great. The ride is smooth. The drop is great. even the climbs are interesting.

i think that one aspect of this ride being great is the fantastic upkeep over 30 years. The Farm really knows how to treat their rides. Monty is another example of excellent caring making a ride 10 times better then any of its kind.

I would like to say thank you to the Knott family for this and hope cedar fair keeps it up.

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