Six Flags Magic Mountain to reclaim coaster crown in 2010

The article title is slightly misleading, considering the "crown" will be shared with Cedar Point. AGAIN. ;)

Anyone remotely surprised?

Just curious as to how "family friendly" Shapiro means. Wasn't Terminator Salvation: The Ride described as "family friendly" before it was announced?

I was actually hoping for a Splash-Battle type ride for next the Buccaneer Battle at Great America. Oh well, maybe it'll be something they'll consider in the future.

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They're buying Beech Bend's Pinfari... ;)

Seriously though, it does sound like a kiddie/family coaster....maybe a simple Rollerskater (SFKK still has theirs....for now, LOL).

Yes, TS: TR was described as a family coaster many times before it opened and that description turned to be grossly inaccurate, thank goodness. I have been wondering for a long time, since I saw this on RCDB, if this will be a kiddie coaster for the new Wiggle's World which will be opening soon. I find it somewhat difficult to believe that SFMM will get another "full size" coaster next year considering what has been added (spent) recently, but I will be very happy if I am wrong.

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IIRC at the same time Mark Shapiro stated that Magic Mountain would be getting Terminator, he also mentioned the kiddie coaster for 2010. I believe it was at his Keynote speech at ACE's 2008 Coaster Con in Georgia. Now he's saying Kiddie attraction. That could still mean coaster. Though we know how these things go. Don't count your credits before they're ridden.

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Addict - that listing has been on rcdb for about two years, ever since Shapiro mentioned plans for a 2010 coaster at an ACE event.

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Whoopiddy doo!

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And I will still go to Knoebels! LOL When mega parks add customer service, clean facilities, and reliable operations then it should be news worthy!

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That's pretty good considering you live in Cali. HW is a 7 hour drive and Knoebels is a 5 hour drive. I only go once a year to each.

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mamoosh that sounds like a great park record to me great wooden coasters and free soda I still want to get to Knoebels

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thanks zeus i like stuff too and britney spears roxors.

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Mamoosh said:
Trips to Cedar Point since 2001 - 1
Trips to SFMM since 2001 - 2
Trips to Knoebels since 2001 - 8
Trips to Holiday World since 2001 - 11

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Can't wait to get back to SFMM. Skipped Knoebels when we visited Dorney and Hershey last year. CP and HW are roughly the same distance from me.

Fun is in the eye of the beholder. ;) :)

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I ADORED SFMM when I went there in August. There is nothing bad I can say about the experience. Ok well food prices but its an amusement park so no surprise.

I loved X2, Goliath, Riddlers Revenge, Tatsu and Terminator Salvation. The park was clean, all the rides were up and running (and the ones that weren't were by day's end) the employees were all friendly.

I could easily move to California and not miss CP as long as I had SFMM! :)

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I am going to go out on a limb and guess that less than 1% of the people that go to amusement parks know or care about this "title".

Moosh, did you ever make a trip to the Mountain this summer like you said you would? I haven't seen that trip report pop up around here yet. :)

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I had a crazy/busy work schedule this summer and never got around to visiting. I didn't take a single day off and weekends were spent around the house catching up on what didn't get done during the week. In fact yesterday I found out I have 22 vacation days remaining to take this year! Out of the 25 I earned I took three, for my HoliWood Night trip.

I still have every intention of going and still hope to get there after Fright Fest.

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Maybe Knoebels sold them the remains of the High Speed.

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LuvRaptor said:

I could easily move to California and not miss CP as long as I had SFMM! :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 2130 :)

I assume you'd be taking Raptor with you, though, right? ;)

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^She will just have to deal with Batman and like it. :)

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