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Sure Great America has a hyper coaster but it's the tamest out there. Apollos Chariot built the same year always bets Bull in votes. Did Six Flags build another cookie cutter version of Bull much like all the Batmans? NO, every other version they built is more intense then Bull. Bull is a wonderful ride for everyone, now the park needs it's thrill factor back. I would never change anything about Viper it's our happy accident, one of the best Six Flags in house coasters ever. Superman while built for Georgia's topography boring on our former parking lot. Most guests agree the pretzel is it's only saving grace. By the way I know several people who work for Six Flags and are worried about staff cuts. Yes the waterpark needs expansion and in 2009 it will get not only get expanded but a seperate gate. Now I don't care if you believe me or not talk, to me in 2009. We will see who is closer being correct. By the way except for the weekends Hurricane Harbor was not packed and most days closed early. But you probably think I'm making that up, au contrare.

Ronald Witrzek
Uhhhh, they ALWAYS close early?

May have something to do with weather getting colder once the sun goes down and all.

Just an observation...


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Sure Great America has a hyper coaster but it's the tamest out there.

Haven't ridden Niquil at SFGAdv, eh? ;-)

2 of the rides from SFNE are sold Catapult and Kontiki and a sale is pending on Fantasy Fling at Gradv according to that website.
When I talked about H.H. closing early I was talking about 5:00 or 6:00 and in July/August the sun goes down at 8:45 in Illinois. It all had to do with lack of general park attendence. No I haven't riden Nitro but what is that saying about B@M Hypers? Intamin Hypers or Gigas sure pack much more of a punch. Great America could benefit from a great Intamin creation I've said that several times. Keep in mind the core base Great America has to draw from, well over 20 Million people living within an hour drive. Sandusky certainly has no population to compare. Yet, we know why people migrate to Cedar Point Coasters Bigger and Badder then the surronding parks. They know who they draw and year after year reinvent their park, kudos to them. A Mouse in a Box that's the best Shapiro has to offer 20 Million potential visiters? I wonder if anyone living never Cedar Point would waste their time coming to Great America. Now I'm not bashing the park just pointing out fact what does it offer in comparison to C.P.? In closing this I still firmly hold out hope that either Six Flas sells or reinvents Great America what's wrong with 2 world class parks in the Midwest?

Ronald Witrzek
Well, I agree with CoastaPlaya about the run-ons (see above); it is a pain without understanding commas, semi-colons and such. But my question is...

If SF Great America is going to bring a whole new light and have a better collection of coasters than, say, Cedar Point, then a new, different style of coaster needs to be developed.

When one is, Great America may want to look at it, since the park already has many "firsts." B&M's Iron Wolf was the company's first coaster, and it was also a pioneer for stand-ups like it. Oh, and Batman: The Ride was the first of its kind, achieving landmark status from ACE in June 2005.

Some of these "firsts" may not be the tallest or fastest of their kind, but they still are the originators. Take Raging Bull, the first hypercoaster of its kind, for example, in comparison to Apollo's Chariot in Busch Gardens, VA. They are different rides and track layouts. The difference, which makes Apollo have AN edge, not THE edge, is the scenery and hills. Raging Bull gives riders a great view of the park, the highway and Hurricane Harbor all in one. Apollo's Chariot runs through forestry and such, which may take riders into their own world and away from the rest of the park. Great America already has a coaster in the trees; it's called Whizzer.

But Raging Bull is no kid sister to Apollo's Chariot. They both came out around the same time, have a comparable first drop and are some of the parks' biggest draws.

Maybe Great America needs the "Mouse in a Box" to ensure that the park doesn't fall into hokey territory with recycled rides and coasters that other parks have worn out of popularity long before.

Great America has been a staple for the Midwest because of its variety of their coaster collection, not for holding the record for biggest and best coasters forever. (I still see no reason the legendary Shock Wave needed to be replaced, though I agree Superman: Ultimate Flight's pretzel loop is a staple or the ride, as well as the entire park, along with Raging Bull's drop.)

If I lived near Cedar Point and wouldn't have to take off work, pay for a hotel, pay for tickets (is one day enough?) and still spend more money, of course that would be the place to be. But being that I live in Chicagoland, work full-time, don't know anyone in Ohio and am not extremely wealthy enough to vacation there for that sole purpose, I am content with my season pass to Great America. And I live an hour away.

How many people have the necessary means to shun Six Flags Great America just to visit another park with no other intentions?

Would we in Chicagoland accept coasters like X or Top Thrill Dragster? Of course we would! But we'd rather be known for being innovators, not followers.

DV was innovative.
I will never argue that in the past Great America was none for innovation. However since Vu and now with it leaving the innovation train has stopped. A Mouse in a Box will not cut it. Six Flags can color it whatever they want but a Vu or Maverick it will never be. Here is my idea for Six Flags innovating Great America back to it's prime. Reopen all the closed shops and resturants. How about some landscaping and a paint job. Then once that is completed, go out and build the next innovative coaster Great America once prided itself with. Is that really asking so much for loyal season pass holders and average one visit guests? The loss of Shockwave/Tidal Wave/Z-Force/De Ja Vu can never be pelatable until then.
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Would you please take the moment to type things out in sentences in other than run on sentences ok thanks I appreciate that it's hard to tell what you're saying when you just keep going it must be because you grew up texting ok thanks one more thing please stop arguing thanks

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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I, dont' understand what, is wrong with--Ronman's? punctuation;
Some of you guys could learn a thing or two about not feeding a troll.
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Would you like a sammich? ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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I just had one. Turkey.
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The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

In the world of retail which I work in, it's Christmas 2007. In our offices we are ordering next summers line of products. Every business must think ahead. I view my summer fun spots that way also. I keep up on every trade The White Sox make. I want them back in the World Series. I have a tentative 2008 vacation planned out. I have purchased a 2008 season pass for what I consider their best deal. .99 cent refills will save me money. How will I feel the first time I see Vu's empty spot? Will live shows be repalced by large screens? That's what seems to be the feeling as of now. Will Darknight triump,or tank? When the park closes for a season we miss it. We wonder what 2008 truly will bring. Is it wrong to talk about next year already? We know we are getting a larger version of Johnny Rockets. We sure need one, maybe this one will offer malts. Kenny Chesney put's it best Don't Blink, next year will be here faster then you think.
I keep seeing this 'we' all the time. Who is the owner here? Its a great thing to be a fan, to love a park, but to demand policy or ride line-up change, and unless you own at least 4% of the stock, there is no 'we'.

The Deja-Vu's were removed to make room at the parks. SF California will be staying. The European model in operation is running fine. The one that was sold will have a great home.

FYI, Great Adventure is the company cash-cow, and policy setter. SF Chicago is a huge player in the company, but they will always be #2.

You can't say SFGAm will always be #2. That would imply that it has never been and will never be #1. For years SFGAm has been the #1 money maker in the chain, and sure that can change from time to time, but you can't make that much of a blanket statment.

As for policies, each park tries out different things. They see what works and what doesn't and end it or expand it. Thats the advantage of having a family of parks, you can be testing things out all the time. I wouldn't give SFGAd the title of setting all the policies, as it is shared throughout the chain.

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How do you *know* Great America was #1 for years? I would be more apt to believe AJ as he is from the industry.
^^Who says that SFGAm is making a lot of money. When you are building very expensive rides every year, and admission being so darn cheap, how do you know what SFGAm is making compared to SFStL? Sure SFGAm might be having more people, but what about the 25 million dollar waterpark they put in. SFStL didn't spend that money (They have a much smaller waterpark.), and thus maybe they have making more profit than people think they are. Just because the attendance is not up there doesn't necessarily mean, they aren't profitable.

For estimates, SFGAm is 2.7 million in attendance, and I'm going to guess that SFStL is 1.5 million. Let's say that more people go 5 times to SFGAm on there season pass, and SFStL, they only go 2 times. If that was the case, it's almost like they aren't getting much money from those people with the season pass, and SFStL could be making more money. Those people with season passes DON'T have to spend any extra money on the park. The season pass inflates attendance.

If St Louis was so profitable why did Six Flags want Great America, until they bought it? Great America is the reason I stopped going to St. Louis. Just by the number of rides in a park to park comparison, it's about 2/1 Great America. But let's hope St. Louis does well with the new woodie. Harold hudson former CEO of Six Flags many times while talking with me ranked proitable parks in this order. Great America, Great Adventure, Six Flags Over Texas, and so on. For years great America paid many of the other parks bills. Who sats season pass holders don't spend money? Every visit to the park i eat there. With new merchandise always arriving I own alot of tees and pullovers. Thats not including magnet, mugs, key chains, etc. By the way the we I refer to are the group of people who go to the park with. Screamscape today alone makes DarkNight's theming seem interesting.

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