Six Flags is cleaning up

Looks like they're selling both Deja Vu coasters, Flashback, and a few others.

There are two types of people in the world. People who like coasters and idiots. (new forums have been added)

When looking at the shoot the chutes ride in the phot it looks a heck of a lot like SWF at SFA....if that ride gets yanked I wouldn't care thoug has I never bother riding it.
it's not SFA, it's Splashwater Falls at Six Flags Over Georgia in the picture, but I'm sure the one for sale is Great America's

They also have a picture of SFOT's Cliffhanger as one of the Freefalls for sale, but we know it's not that one they're selling. I would hate to see Magic Mountain's go, the Riddler wouldn't be right without it.

Six Flags really NEEDS to get rid of more flats....:(
I guess they don't think the Vu's or Flashback will sell with a set price so they just state "Make and offer".


My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

:sigh: More empty space after these coasters leave and most likely won't be replaced.


^SFMM would be stupid to NOT use the space from Flashback to expand it's already successful Hurricane Harbor.
Six Flags needs to look at the sad condition of many of it's parks. Great America has become weed infested/multiple resturants closed/Every Coaster is in need of a repaint. As for SplashWater Falls it probably is Great America's, that ride will not operate ever again. If sources are correct the former De Ja Vu site and Splashwater Falls site will be perfect for the expected B@M Dive Coaster for 2009. But honestly I wish they would build and Intamin Maverick type coaster. I'm so over B@M and their gentle coasters, Intamin is now the Steel Coaster Builder to beat. Hershey Park sure responded fast, and smart parks will built lower coast more thrilling Intamin Maverick type rides. Seeing how Cedar Fair is rumor to be building a Hyper Coaster at Kings Island in 2009, and who know what for Cedar Point. Add to that that both major highways to Great America will be under constuction for several years attendance will be lower then this season if Six Flags doesn't add something Major in 2009.

Ronald Witrzek
^I shake my head at every post you make. Unbelievable.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Like I've stated before, sure it kinda sucks that a bunch of rides are being removed, but I only see this as a positive thing. If you plan on changing your image an important factor is cleaning up the crap you got laying around. Once these rides are gone it will help Six Flags in trying to show a higher quality of product instead of trying to keep life where it shouldn't be kept. Granted removing the rides wont create the higher quality, it is just the first step in heading in that direction.

As for paint and such, thats a constant battle that any park has to face. Six Flags has improved on that over the years, and understands that the upkeep of stuff like that is important to keeping the parks quality up. Theres still plenty of room to improve here but I think that the company will continue to work in this area.

^I don't see a lot of junk rides in that list. I don't see a lot of broken down rides either. The only two are Deja Vu, and Sky Swatter. The bottom line I see is that the company wants to get rid of rides in each of there parks, and not get any new rides to replace them.

Sure, SFGAdv is getting the new Dark Knight coaster. However, look at the rides they have gotten rid, or are trying to get rid of. They include in that Intamain Generation Drop 1, Batman and Robin: The Chiller, and now thee Round-Up.

For SFMM, they are getting Thomas Town which might only be the train ride, and they got rid of Psyclone, working on Flashback takedown, Antique car ride is going, the Tilt-A-Whirl is trying to be sold, and the Freefall ride is for sale.

For SFNE, it's 5 flats.You can keep on going down the line with this. The obvious reason is that they don't want to pay those workers, and get parts for those rides. A park like SFMM needs flats, and they are taking them away. Why??

too bad, I really liked the Vu at SFMM, I thought it was a great addition - if a little tucked away in the back.
With DejaVu gone, they are more 'B&M Land' than ever.
I think it would have been better to get rid of Scream - that ride doesn't really add that much to the SFMM lineup.

I really hope they get X to finally fulfill all it's amazing promises...

airtime for everyone
^Vu at SFMM is staying. It's the Vu's at SFGAm and SFOG that are being sold.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I don't get a lot of the ride removals either. Isn't capacity still a problem at most parks? Chiller I can understand- it's been a headache since before it was opened. The Deja Vu coasters... pretty much the same thing. But a Round Up? Shoot-the-chutes? Why? They don't seem like problematic rides to me.
I don't get it as well... La Ronde is already down a ride this year, losing 2 more and now, it seems that due to the "awesome" labor relations between the union and management, a strike is looming next summer, which means no capital expansion at La Ronde. We lost a woodie in 1999 due to a strike and got the major expansion cancelled in 2004 due to the threat of a strike.
What woodie would that be?
Some rides may not seem that problematic, but they are more so then we think. I mean if you look at the selection of the rides being removed there are a lot of similar rides being removed at multiple parks.

The Chute the chutes, the rumors point to 3 being removed in the chain. The common theme is they are the 3 in the chain made by Hopkins. That to me says that brand of chute isn't up to par.

First generation Intamin Freefall rides, well if you havn't noticed, its not just the Six Flags chain trying to get rid of them. The industry seems to be done with this model of freefall.

All the coasters being removed Haven't had a great track record. Sure some may have been popular but in the end a lot were mechanical nightmares. That means a. expensive, and b. a large amount of guest complaints due to downtimes. Not to mention the capacity issues some of them had.

Other rides being removed just to show off that high of a quality. You hear Shapiro say it all the time he wants to strengthen the brand. In my mind he is putting his words to action. When you come to the theme park he doesn't want you to expect you'll be riding crappy carnival rides. He wants to start moving towards a higher quality of attraction to help improve the brand.

I understand that a lot of these parks need a nice collection of flat rides. I also understand that park capacities will be hurt by these removals. But I feel that this is a good move to make now to help improve the product in the future. I am hoping that they really can deliver on what they are trying to do and down the road we can look back at this moment and understand why it needed to happen. Rarely have we seen this company think about the long term, instead we usually just see them trying to effect the short term which has resulted in all kinds of bad. This is a positive thing.

In 1999, the city of Montreal (who owned and operated La Ronde back then) was supposed to build a Coasters Works! junior woodie. The design was finalised, only thing needed was to start construction. But, due to the strike and how ugly that turned out, the city of Montreal threw in the towel with La Ronde and put the park for sale. In the end, Six Flags and Parc Asterix were the 2 companies who were in the running. Six Flags was picked and decided to build a B&M inverted instead of the woodie.
Believe these facts Six Flags Doesn't care about Great America. If they did Hometown Square wouldn't be like the dark side of the moon. Landscaping would return it was gone all of 2007. People think Bulls Rails are Yellow because of how bleached out they are. Iron Wolf is a grease spotted dull shadow of itself. The Eagle should be painted black to hide the stains. The Park dosn't run Batman in the Rain because they are tired of replacing rust stained shirts. Stupidman Wimpy Flight looks like it's been hit by Acid Rain. Now rumor has it they may be removing Triple Play one of our best flat rides. $55 for Great America, then Cedar Point should charge $200 for the pefectly landscaped/family friendly/ride packed park. Weeds are not a part of the theme Marriott was going for. The best thing Six Flags could do is Sell Great America to A Company that cares. Open your eyes when you go to the park then you can Believe what is true not printed on a flyer.
All Six Flags has to do is sell 90% of each parks rides, plus replace performers with Big Screens as they plan and Payroll will be at nothing.

Ronald Witrzek

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