Six Flags Guest "Code of Conduct"

I can't find the link to post as a news story but Six Flags has made some sort of announcement concerning a guest code of conduct.

It seems that everything that was mentioned such as dress code, line-jumping, behavior, etc. is already in the park policies section of the website and has been for some years.

Unless I'm missing something I didn't see anything new. All they were seemingly doing is presenting the rules they already rarely enforce in a different format and under a different name.

I'm sure it's done in the spirit of making the parks "Family Friendly" but just because there are rules doesn't mean they will be enforced.

Maybe someone can find the link to this release and post it.

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But will the parks enforece it. Most of those rules are already covered by each indavidual park, none of them are good at enforcing them for any stretch of time. I don't think making it a corporate policy is going to improve enforcement.
Exactly...I see nothing new in those rules. They've never enforced them to any significant degree before that I've personally seen, and I am not optimistic about that happening now.

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What are they going to do, refuse entry to these people until they get new shirts? Especially with the stereotypical SFGAdv or SFMM crowds, I'd looooooooooove to see that try to be enforced there...can you imagine how many people would be ticked trying to get into the park?

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There will be a story in the LA Times I think tomorrow.

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As much as I like this code of conduct, like others mentioned there is no way I see it being enforced.

People cursing may be ejected from the park? Never going to happen because there would probably be 100+ (most likely a lot more) people ejected from the parks each day.

I'd be happy if they just 100% enforced the behavior part of the code of conduct and the part about offensive clothing.

Enforcement is the key or it changes nothing.

In a chain where staffing cuts and stuff are the norm. Who's going to enforce it? GM's?


SFA is running at minimum staffing all around right now. Full time will walk right by a guest smoking in the park and not say anything. If the people who are suposedly running each park can't enforce the curent rules, what makes you think more rules will improve anything. *** Edited 10/19/2006 1:33:05 AM UTC by wheels00000***
This past season at SFA, I saw the no smoking policy ignored many times. I even saw people smoking under a sign about the no smoking policy. There was another incident when a guy lit up and a lady in line with her kids pointed out to him that it wasn't permitted, and he told he he could smoke where ever he da** well pleased. She called the attention of one park employee who stated that it "wasn't his job to enforce the smoking policy". After a few minutes, she finally got another park employee to come over, and he did in fact inform the man that he was in violation, but the guy told him to "go fu** himself". The employee just shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

On the other side of the coin, this past year at SFNE, I saw a park supervisor stop a shirtless man in the main park and informed him he must have a shirt on outside of the water park. The man said he wasn't going to wear a shirt since he was hot. The supervisor radioed for security, who gave the man one last chance to comply. When he refused, he was escorted out of the park.

I like the idea of a code of conduct, but if they enforce them or not will be another story. *** Edited 10/19/2006 1:36:10 AM UTC by Coaster_Lizard***

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What ride was that at.
It was at Renegade Rapids, near the top of the concrete ramp heading up to the loading station. *** Edited 10/19/2006 1:40:23 AM UTC by Coaster_Lizard***

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That would be Area One the worst in the park. *** Edited 10/19/2006 1:44:29 AM UTC by wheels00000***
Well, and it may have been you Wheels, I have heard the ride ops at WO and on JJ announce that there was "no smoking" in the station when you guys have to make your usually "don't sit on the rails, don't climb under the rails" I think they should just arm you guys with a laser beam and when someone violates the rules and you warn them once, you can just vaporize would save you so much trouble and make our visits a little

Serenity now......Insanity later!

No trust me I avoid Area 1 at all cost it was not me. Area 1 is not what it used to be, prime example thank there ops+sf enginering for getting seacoaster closed.

Can I please vaporize them just give me the laser. Calling security is no fun, unless they dispatch task force.

^CoasterDiscern, please stop. Your precious thread has allready been shut down and deemed off topic by the Board Ops. matt has a tradition of putting a rediculous quote in his sig, before your quote it was one from the guy claiming that parks making you wear shirts was akin to racism.

Bottom line: Read More Post Less.

As for others still reading this, sorry to go off topic, back on topic: I dont see SF inforcing this, the only parks that I have seen actually enforce them are the chains with parks in Florida (Disney, Universal, Busch) even CF can be lax from time to time. The best way to stop a smoker is to get the whole crowd to gang up on him, you would be suprised how often my dad was able to do this at SFGAm (mom is very allegic to smoke.)

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