Shirtless at Amusement Parks Forbidden??

1. I find it very disturbing that there is a site called

b. at SFGAm you gotta have everything on at all times. except shoes. they encourage you to take them off on the inverts which makes sense. but GAm is so strict that I'm afraid to wear a wrestling shirt that has the "a word" on it. I like this rule though. though I'd like to see a beautiful half naked woman, the truth is that they are the exception. and you would still have to put up with the half naked men which isn't good whether or not he's good-looking.

I find it funny, though, that SFGAm pays so much attention to things like that while they can't even train their employees to spot someone trying to make the restraints not so restraining. on several occasions I've put down the restraints on Giant Drop, Viper, and American Eagle just enough to lock. If I wanted to, I could have transformed Viper and AE into stand ups many times over.

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I'm all for the rule to wear shirts on rides. While we were at SFWOA, we were in line for S:UE and some little dude and his buddy were shirtless behind us. The littlest dude had these horrible nasty sores and stuff on his back. After I got off the ride, I stayed around to make sure the ride ops made him put his shirt on before he got on or I really was gonna throw a major fit. There's a limit to what people can tolerate and that was just plain ole' sick. Ever since then I am totally PRO-SHIRT for everyone at parks.
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I dunno about anyone else, but if I get soaked on a water ride on a hot day I would rather be in a sopping wet shirt than not. It keeps you cool longer. :)
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Even after my post with VERIFIABLE PROOF that there are no "health codes" on being shirtless or barefoot, you still want to post there there are such rules. Did you look at either website?

Up until recently, I ran a club here. I have the book from the Health Dept they give us when we attend their classes. It has every code in this book, so that you are aware of all of them. I have the book open here. It says things like "Hair must be restrained", "Beards & Moustaches must be neatly trimmed", "Employees must have good hygiene & wash hands". Nothing about being barefoot or shirtless in a customer area of a food service, or a bar/club.

Would you like me to email this to you?

If you think about it, people wear flip flops all the time. Shows the whole foot. That is fine. But if you take your foot out of your flip flop while standing (Or even holding them)how will this affect the food service in any way, shape or form? With every single step your foot would lift up, exposing the bottom of your foot. Also, the bottom of your toes and the side of your foot are exposed. What is the difference? The Health Dept sees no difference, which is why no US state has a "health code" on it.

If you can't look at either , or and you want proof on your own, just call or write your local Health Dept like I did. Then if a park tries to quote "health codes", you can set them straight.
Taking your shoes off on rides? On inverters a necessity, granted, the rules. But off for wet rides? What are you wussie? You go on a wet get wet!!! It's obvious that you are...going to get wet!!! If you don't want to get wet...don't ride. Is this logic beyond some people?
The European way to do it...
1) Get wet
2) Ride as many other rides as possible to dry off
3) Let it rain on you, then wetness not an issue.
If you wanna keep your shirts dry, buy a poncho and look stoopid!
My theory, if you get wet having been on a wet ride, it's your own fault.

And as for shirts on rides, yes they should be worn. Can you imagine some peron haveing a spot on theri back pop on the ride and be spread over the seat, ICK!!!
Also, if you cut yourself then it'd be open to infection (anypart of your body). REmember you aren't only risking yourself but anyone else who comes into contact with your blood.
If you walk round barefoot, you are ricking standing on (or in) something nasty and then you'll probably press for legal proceedings against the park.
They don't want that!

It's simple, abide by the rules, have a nice day.
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All I am saying is this: Go to your local Theme Park, Restaraunt, or deli: barefoot, with no shirt on and see what happens.

You will not be served and you will be asked to leave, or at least return in proper dress. I have been a restaurateur for 15 years, and this practice is nothing new.
Isnt the old saying No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service. I would say this has to replie to parks as well.
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Its a dress code not a Health code. Its a lot healthier to keep your shoes on.
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Xen: For the comment of shoes on water rides... it's not really a matter of getting wet or not. I would like to get wet as much as the next guy. That's why they have them. That's why we ride them....


When shoes get wet and soaked... they get totally wet and soaked! I don't want to walk around in sloshy sneakers the rest of the day and deal with the horrid odor the next morning. I'd like to take them off to go barefoot on the water ride (since water sometimes coats the bottom of the raft and is constantly draining, flowing... etc, it's pretty sanitary).

If I am forced to wear my sneakers on the ride with no other change of shoes, then I wind up getting off the ride where they are like leaving footsteps to my every next move, weighing as much as a lead pipe, and making squishy sounds... not to mention that your feet are soaked for the rest of the day, but the rest of you eventually dries off!!!

Water rides should allow "no shoes" on the rides, as well as all inverted type rides (including free fall, yo yo swings, and inverted coasters)... it sometimes makes sense.

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If you want to dry off you and your shirt, go to a park with a flying coaster! It'll have you completely dry in 10 sec.

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GandC said:
"Hersheypark allows guys to go around shirtless / girls to go around in bikini tops. They can go anywhere in the park they want to.


Ok you being an employee i guess should know that hershey has signs in there parking lot strikley prohibiting people from walking around in bikinis/shirtless. the only area in hershey you could be shirtless or in a bikini is in the water ride area. I like this sign i like these rules. I cant stand fat/skinny/short/tall/red/green people who dress inapproiatly in public it makes me sick to my stomach. Girls in bikinies (i dont care how much they weight) walking around a park is just nastey, like jeff said hoocie's. do it just to get attention. and the same for guys. Then it all rolls down to ethics. If i had a son or daughter i dont want them getting the idea its ok for them to walk around in there underwear in public because they see so many people doing it in amusment not water parks.
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I really don't see a problem with going shirtless. I don't like to see "man boobs," but it's really no different than seeing a fat man at a football game or a concert going shirtless.

As well as parks are the social places and families visits those places, so most of the governaments do not allow the visitors with out the shirts. Now its upto the circumstances arround the world whether the governament and parking management allows the visitors with out shirts or not

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Now, what about going to an interview at Microsoft shirtless?

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