Shirtless at Amusement Parks Forbidden??

Actually a LOT of people who you'd think would want to hide their "shape" a bit, don't. Which in a way is good for them -- they've gotten past the negative self-image thing. BUT, that doesn't mean they need to go showing it.

Is that a fair attitude by the rest of us? Maybe not, BUT honestly I don't wanna see man-boobs either...

--Greg, who has a decent body (although he needs to work in the abs a bit more), but isn't out flaunting it. My bod's for "special viewings only" ;)

Taken from an employee handbook: The rules that shirt and shoes must be worn at all times are mandates from the health department, they are not negotiable. Rides that require shirt and/or shoes will require the guest has them or they will not be permitted to ride.
But never says anything about the Midway!
Are you an exihbitionist or what?! LOL!


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Check the signs at the ticket booths and at the entrance.
Yeah I never see them bother the girls. But there are plenty of guys who need to keep their shirts on.

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I dont know about the rest off you people but if its a hot summer day and your going to go on you favorite coaster and some big sweaty guy sat in the same seat you were going to sit after him wouldnt you think that was kinda gross? I think it should be allowed just in some parts then it makes more sense.

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Actually, it is NOT against any "health codes" to walk around barefoot around anywhere. People that quote health or insurance regulations say that because someone else started the rumor.

I can show you two websites where there is written proof that you can print out.


I am almost positive the same is said about shirtless is anyone wants to go to a library & look up health codes.
I think its better if you have a shirt if your fat or something. Its more appropriate

pedol said:
"Actually, it is NOT against any "health codes" to walk around barefoot around anywhere. People that quote health or insurance regulations say that because someone else started the rumor.

I can show you two websites where there is written proof that you can print out.


I am almost positive the same is said about shirtless is anyone wants to go to a library & look up health codes."

Actually, I believe it has to do with the fact that there is food service in the park. It is illegal to be without shoes or shirt anywhere food is prepared, stored or served to the public. For obvious reasons. *** This post was edited by Xtreme Fan on 8/1/2001. ***
I'm not so sure that it is a regulation around food either. Really, when you think about it, shoes aren't any cleaner then bare feet. Maybe even dirtier.

Shirts should always be worn if for no other reason then sun protection. I cring when I see some people who are completely beet red.

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At SFStL you are not supposed to go shirtless, and if you do, they will make you put your shirt back on.
You know what's worse than shirtless sweaty people? Dudes in "Wife beaters!" What is up with that? I counted at least 40 guys in "Wife beaters" this weekend at SFNE. Shirtless is one thing but in what is really underwear...stereotyped underwear no less? Oh yeah while we are targeting fat people we should also start making ugly people wear masks or bags. Perhaps Six Flags could start giving complimentary Batman Foam Cowls to all ugly guests as they enter the park?

Hersheypark allows guys to go around shirtless / girls to go around in bikini tops. They can go anywhere in the park they want to. BUT...they must be wearing shirts on every ride, except for the water rides. Shoes must be worn on every ride. Here's what we (as employees) usually run into.

Guy goes on Tidal Force -- get's soaked.
Guy takes off shirt
Guy gets in line for Wildcat
Guy waits in line w/o a shirt on
Guy gets up to station, we tell him he needs a shirt, he puts hit wet shirt on and rides.

I still stand by my original statement that it's perfectly fine to walk around the entire park (not just designated areas such as Cedar Point) without a shirt.

Not to show off your 6-pack, pectorals, or anything... but just as a means to cool off. I have had many experiences where I got completely drenched on a river rapids ride (namely, Grizzly Run at SFDL), and because my shirt was completely soaked... I was cold, so I took it off to ream it out and then walked back to my car to put it away and get a dry on.

It's no problem at SFDL to walk around the park shirtless... and because of reasons such as mentioned, it should be allowed in just the general midways of the park (I can definately understand the sanitary-ness of food areas and the rides themselves).

At Cedar Point, if I wanted to do the same thing, I would be able to take off my shirt, ream it out... walk about 100 feet, be forced to put it back on all damp and COLD, walk out to the parking lot, then change into a dry shirt!!

I just don't see the problem, and well... although it is a real eye-sore, it's discrimination against the obese if that's your justification.

Also, I DO find it a LOT less likely that a fat dude will walk w/out his shirt on except in just the waterpark itself.

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Valleyfair you are required to were shirts all the time exept water park if you dont follow the rules there you may get kicked out, I work in the security department at Valleyfair as an officer.

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Ya know, Dawg Byte, I gotta ask: Does SFDL have ANY rules? I mean, I like the park and all, but c'mon. The wife and I joked our last visit that SFDL actually stands for "Smoke Fiends, Drunken Lushes". To wit: We were in line for S:ROS when a train was stuck on the brake run for about 15 minutes - and nearly a dozen passengers whipped out cigarettes and started smoking! On the train! One woman actually bummed a smoke from one of the guests in line (they had to throw the pack a good fifteen feet - and she made an excellent one-handed catch).

We also saw many guests walking around openly drinking from beer BOTTLES - a few of which ended up smashed on the ground. And, yes, LOTS of semi-nudity (and a couple of thongs, believe it or not - luckily not on guys. Although, given it's Darien Lake, I would not be surprised ...).

Now, don't get me wrong - I know Buffaloites (Buffalonians?) love to party - I've also been to my fair share of Bills games, oh my - and that's what you can expect at Darien Lake, so I'm not complaining - it's just that using SFDL as an example in this thread might not make the most sense ... *** This post was edited by spewey on 8/1/2001. ***

I quote elane from seinfeld:
"Naked is not a good look for a man"

Good luck in philly j.r.

Dawg Byte said:
"Ok, here's another bone to throw at you

At Cedar Point on the Raptor, I saw noone taking off their sandles to ride the ride with their bare feet dangling below.
There are no posted signs saying you cannot... but is this just some unwritten rule??

Do other parks enforce shoes on that ride, or allow you to ride w/out sandles or shoes??

I ain't saying Darien Lake is unsanitary, however... EVERY OTHER ride you must have a shirt and shoes on, including their Grizzly Run & their log ride!! But I guess if your feet don't touch the cars on the ride... it don't matter.

Also... although it seems like a run-away against me on this shirtless deal. I still have to say... at Both Six Flags Darien Lake & The Great Escape, I have seen uncountable guys w/out shirts & girls with bikini tops on walking the midways and general rides.

Maybe it's because they both have no clearly defined water area (the log ride & river raft ride are pretty much seperated a long distance from each other and the water park at both parks!)."

Everytime I go to CP & ride Raptor and i have shoes on that can fall off i run them over to the box & go bare foot...never had a op say anything to me either

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I love the phrase man-boobs! it makes me laugh whenever I hear it. :) That's when they need the "bro"...some of you Seinfield buffs may know what I'm talking about.

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