Shirtless at Amusement Parks Forbidden??

I've ridden Raptor without shoes. I was wearing my Birkenstocks to the park, and I just took them off, and slipped them through the seatbelt, so there was no way they'd come off. It was either that, or they would definitely fly off. Usually I wear Teva's when I go to a park, so I can get that great barefoot feeling when I'm on an invert, without fear of losing my shoes, and I also can wear them on wet rides and not worry about soggy shoes all day.

the only reason that shirts must be worn on several attractions and areas of the park are for health reasons. Would you want to sit on the same seat as a person who just left their sweat there?
Well, I don't suppose it would be any different than sitting down on a public commode. :(
I think a lot of the reason guys take off their shirts in public is simply to show off their bodies - presuming they have one to show off! It is a macho, male-ego thing. They are wanting to expose as much of themselves to the public as is permitted by common morals. I think it is some sort of way of exuding their sexuality.
BTW - I am a guy, and no - I don't take off my shirt in public. It wouldn't be a pretty sight ;)
You are allowed to take off your shoes on Raptor and Power Tower at Cedar Point. It feels good on PT!
I was at BGW and my sandal strap ripped, so when I went to ride Alpie the ride op just told me to sit on my sandals. It was fine. They made people sit on their sandals if the did not have a heel strap. It makes sense.
I'm afraid sitting on sandals is one rule I can't agree with. Mostly because if I had to sit on my sandals to ride Alpengeist it would elevate me enough that I wouldn't be able to get the shoulder bar to latch properly.

That said, I frequently ride Raptor barefoot. The biggest hazard to that is losing my seat to someone else while I'm busily dropping my shoes in the bin.

And before someone asks...No, I wouldn't have any trouble at all walking down a steel-grate staircase in bare feet.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
Oh, ouch... I've tried that, I have to limp all the way out to the Midway. :) You're also allowed to ride Wave Swinger without shoes, I believe.

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Shirt and shoes are required at all times at WOF, the only exception to the rule is Monsoon, which allows OOF guests to ride as well. They are allowed to go in swimming attire, WOF guests are not.


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I've found that the best way to keep cool in 90 to 100 degree weather is to wear velcro strap on sandals a very light colored t-shirt made of cotton and swimming trunks. I make it a point to keep the shirt wet until about sunset. then I let it dry for the ride home. When a nice breeze hits you with your shirt wet It really cool you down! And the shirt will stay wet longer than bare skin.

with the above wardrobe, I can go anywhere at PKI without having to worry about changing, and I can use the cheaper lockers at the front gate because I don't need to change cloths and store anything when I hit Water Works later on in the day.

It is also a good idea to put your money in a zip-lock bag.

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Once at cedar point I seen this one girl , she had an extremely large bust, IN just a life jacket and nothing else. Not that I was a pervert and mentioning she had a large bust it is just a lot showed and I mean a lot. I thought it was very rude considering the fact it is a family park and there was a whole bunch of young ones not to mention I am only 14 years old myself. As for the shirt question, I think it is right that people have to wear shirts. Come on it is a family place.
No little kid should be exposed to anything like and expecially at a family attraction.

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At SFSTL women are allowed to wear their bikini tops out of the water park into the park but men have to have a shirt on at all times when they are in the theme park. I think its kinda crazy but that just their policy.
How about this situation:

Sometimes on the water rides such as Snake River Falls & Thunder Canyon at Cedar Point, one isn't suspecting how wet you actually get on that ride. They are tricked by their friend to go on it... not knowing how soaked they will actually get.

They get off the ride, and find themselves completely drenched... the weather is rather windy, and an overcast. They are freezing now because of their wet shirt. Their other DRY shirt is in the car... located all the way down the park into the front parking lot!
It's a loooooooong walk, and they are coooold!

Why can't they get the right to walk to their car from the area of Snake River Falls without their shirt? They aren't going on any rides, not waiting on any other lines... they just wanna stroll down the midway to the parking lot to get a dry shirt on... and if they keep the current one on while it's soaked...
Mr. Freeze will mysteriously turn them into an ice block.

I ask you...
Since it may be a bad thing to have some 350lb Homer Simpson-esque type character standing in line with his Robin Williams hairy chest staring you in the face while waiting for a coaster...

Is it so wrong for a guy or girl w/bikini top... to take off their drenched shirts, and walk back to their car to get a fresh one???

REMEMBER... They were tricked on thinking these rides would just get them a little wet, so they didn't plan on needing to bring a dry shirt into the park and store it in a locker!!!

It's honestly not unsanitary in that situation, and for the most part... the park is usually crowded enough not to be offensive to anyone for the guy with the six-pack, girl with the perfect figure, or guy who had a few too many chili-dogs or girl who had a few too many bon bons!
(c'mon, you see the same... if not worse... in water parks all the time!!!)

Dawg Byte said:
"(c'mon, you see the same... if not worse... in water parks all the time!!!)"

And that is one of the reasons I never visit the water parks....

I am as much (likely more) of an exhibitionist as the next person. But still PUT ON A SHIRT!
--who cant be persuaded on this one...
Nobody, well, almost nobody, wants to see saggy old man-boobs while they are eating a funnel cake!

Keep the shirts on!
Why ride the water rides if there are coasters?

Looking for ideas...
Because it's really really hot out?

I agree with Brad. and if you people are complaining of it being so hot why not head over to Soak City? Come on thats what its there for..those extremely warm days when you just need to cool off. And if CP aloud their guests to go topless throughout the park then there would be a bunch of fat girls hanging out of string bikini tops that are eight sizes too small which is incredibly disgusting. Its a family park not a swimsuit show. you wanna see girls in suits go to soak city..its even cheaper then CP

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Wow! There are some weird posts in here.... "Man Boobs" "National Hoochies of America"...hmmmmmmmm

Drachen Fire, Will it be swimming with the fishies?
Over at Knott's, they have an area on Supreme Scream were you can put your shoes. I also don't remember there being a rule there or at Disney Land that says you have to where a shirt in fact I see guys without shirts and girls with bikini tops on all the time. No one seems to have a problem with it.
Alright Racerbret! :) Score one... I personally don't find a problem with it.

I guess it's society...
So many people get disgusted and offended at the human body when it's not in perfect condition, or when it's flaunted around.

Maybe it's how you all were raised in this American Society where it's all just a thing of ashamed to be exposed.

Seriously, however...
How many out-of-shape men or women are going to go walking around the park w/out their shirts on (in case of girls... binini tops on)?? You really think they want to expose their tractor-tire gut? Their inconsistant hairy chests? Their rolls of fat? Not really... they'll keep it hidden under a shirt... sometimes even in the water-park area of a park (believe me, I've seen it & I don't blame them!)...

90% (or a good majority) of the people who would go shirtless around the park are at least not an eye-sore... and as long as they aren't standing in line next to you on a 3-hr long coaster-line in 95 degree heat with the humidity at 80%... I still feel it's ok, and glad some parks don't have such rule (see previous posts)... but kind of baffled why others do... even though ALL parks are supposed to be a "family friendly" environment!!!

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