Shirtless at Amusement Parks Forbidden??

Ok, this may sound a little dumb, but this really annoyed me last year when I visited Cedar Point.

Last year at Cedar Point (which was my first time), in the area where Snake River Falls & Thunder Canyon is, you are allowed to not only walk around shirtless, but go on the ride that way. That's great, especially on hot days.

But... as soon as you get to a certain area in the park... there are clearly posted signs that says "Shirts MUST be worn beyond this point!". This kind of bedazzled me, because for the other parks I have visited for instance (Great Escape & Six Flags Darien Lake to name a couple)... there is no such rule, and you can walk the entire park without a shirt on!!

I ask... is this a dumb rule for Cedar Point?
Do other parks enforce such a rule?

I do NOT like it because if my shirt is completely soaked... I would like to wait in line for a coaster, or walk around the park without my shirt on and let it dry-off a little.

I noticed that everyone at Cedar Point was obeying the rules at that. I was tempted to go past the signs, but saw noone else doing it.
What is wrong with this picture??

On 100 degree days waiting in line for coasters for HOURS... can't we cool off a little without shirts??

At SFDL, we sure can! There's absolutely no rules about that. Their only rule is that you HAVE to wear a shirt on ALL rides, including the Grizzly Run (compared to CP's Thunder Canyon where it doesn't matter).

Why does Cedar Point have such a rule??
Not to start an argument, Dawg Byte, but would it be fair for you to be shirtless while the ladies cannot if their shirts are soaked as well? Yes, I know that there are a lot of girls that will wear bikini tops, but I'll point out that that is not considered appropriate for Cedar Point, as a family park, either. It all depends on the employees around as to whether the rules will be enforced or not (same as with the no smoking in the queues), but quite frankly, lots of people get sick of seeing people walking around without shirts and so forth - you're not in your own backyard or hanging around the pool, you're in a public place. My suggestion: if you're worried about your shirt getting soaked, don't wear it on the water rides and dry yourself off (more or less) before putting it back on, or bring a second shirt.

No offense, just my two cents. :)

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I can't speak for CP. But at King's Island, I think the rule is that shoes and shirts are required in the whole park, except Water Works.
I know it seems silly to require male guests to wear shirts in an open air public place, but it is probably for the same reason it is required in malls and restaurants, etc....It is just a matter of public decency.
Six Flags America has the same rule. Women can't wear bathing suit tops on the rides either. When I was there 2 years ago people were trying to ignore the rule and it seemed to be a MAJOR source of conflict within the park between the guests and the ride ops.
I'm not exactly sure why the rule exists. Especially when you consider that they have a water park inside the amusement park!
I would think that if you wanted to keep cool a wet shirt would help a lot, wouldn't it? And it will certainly dry off faster if it's on your back.

I've never noticed any shirt rules, mainly because I've never been soaked so bad I needed to take mine off (I don't ride those Snake River Falls type soakers). I would assume the rules are to keep the family park atmosphere wherever possible, and if that's the case I agree with them. Sure, SF may not have such rules, but I've noticed a large difference in the atmosphere of SF and CP. The Point must be doing something right...
I think it's ok around the water rides and such to go without a shirt, but some of the people that you see at that park without a shirt on... can we say "Man Boobs?"

I don't want to be standing in line for and hour and a half next to the sweaty 400 pound man who can't seem to wash every where in the shower, and therefore smells like dead hobos and fish. It's not the nicest thing to look at either.

I think it's basicly what people can accept in society. If we were over in Europe, the women would go topless also (well in some of the countries). Now, to get over to Europe...:).
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Men stink, and frankly there are way too many park guests that I find outright disgusting without shirts. I don't want to look at that for an hour or two in line.

The odd thing is that the rule is enforced as a double standard. Bikini tops aren't allowed either, but you won't see them bothering the hoochies. I'm not complaining. ;)

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Provided you are wearing a tee shirt or other sensibly light shirt, there is no cooling advantage to taking it off. I've worked in severe heat, and we wore white tee shirts to keep cool by improving evaporation and protect us from the sun, not bare chests. When I raced bicycles in summer heat the cooling advantage of a shirt was obvious. When you are swimming, going shirtless has obvious advantages. Otherwise, people that want to walk around parks shirtless aren't doing it to stay cool. They are doing it because they think it looks cool.

Crystal Kat said:
Not to start an argument, Dawg Byte, but would it be fair for you to be shirtless while the ladies cannot if their shirts are soaked as well?

He He He .... In Ontario Canada, girls are free to take off their tops!! It's not illegal!
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Right on JF...we all know that's what it comes down to -- people just wanting to be seen as "cool."
This topic boils down to one thing. Name one amusement park(in the ride area), that allows anyone to be shirtless. Dont count waterparks. I am talking about ride areas. I guarantee you wont find one.

What you are dealing with here is health dept. regulations and insurance companies requirements. You (the park)abide by their rules or they can shut you down. Period.
For Lagoon Park in Utah, the Davis County Board of Health requires shirts, pants, and shoes to be worn at Lagoon. It also prohibits Food and Drink to be taken into the Restrooms. For the most part, I think it is a decency issue and common sense to require shirts, shoes, and pants inside of an Amusement Park. Not everone wants to see half naked people while waiting in line for a ride in the hot sun.
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Really? Who are they?
i'm one.
Shirt & shoes are required in all Six Flags Parks. They don't even let you take your shoes off on the rapids!

At parks in the UK, when the sun comes out (which it occasionally does), some people take their shirts off, and it seems to be allowed. They're usually overweight, have peeling skin from sunburn, and it's not a pretty sight.

Of course, if I was to take my shirt off, things would be different...

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Paramount has a similar rule. Shirts and shoes are required at ALL times, except on Drop Zone if your wearing flip flop shoes that could fall off. It's just nasty and unsanitary IMO. I mean no disrespect Dawg Byte.

CrystalKat said:
"Not to start an argument, Dawg Byte, but would it be fair for you to be shirtless while the ladies cannot if their shirts are soaked as well?

MMMMMMmmmmmmm, girls in wet tshirts. </homervoice>

Oh, I'm sorry, what was the question again? ;)

Personally I agree with the comments that going around shirtless doesn't help any in most situations. You're just increasing your exposure to sun, increasing the risk of skin problems later.

People do it because they think it looks cool, they want to show off something (like a tattoo), or because they honestly believe it feels better. None of which is true or good (People who go around shirtless to show off their tattoos, are just causing them to fade ;) )
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Whenever I see a dude with out a shirt, my first reaction is HEY!!! Where yo' shirt at?!?!? I absoultely cant stand seeing mugs walking around with no shirt. At beaches and water parks its acceptable but anywhere else, PUT ON A SHIRT!

As for Jeff's reference to the FHAs (Future Hooches of America). I did see one time a ride op craking down on bikinis, though it was bikini bottoms mostly. It was on SFA's Mind Eraser (SLC). The ops was like, you need to have on real shorts/pants/skirts, and "If I see cheeks, you aint riding"....Well I found it funny anyway.

--who also isnt too keen on dudes in khakis and 'Wife beaters'....
Ok, here's another bone to throw at you

At Six Flags Darien Lake... on the Vekoma Mind Eraser... you are allowed to take off your shoes & socks or sandles and ride the suspended coaster with your bare feet dangling below.

At Cedar Point on the Raptor, I saw noone taking off their sandles to ride the ride with their bare feet dangling below.
There are no posted signs saying you cannot... but is this just some unwritten rule??

Do other parks enforce shoes on that ride, or allow you to ride w/out sandles or shoes??

I ain't saying Darien Lake is unsanitary, however... EVERY OTHER ride you must have a shirt and shoes on, including their Grizzly Run & their log ride!! But I guess if your feet don't touch the cars on the ride... it don't matter.

Also... although it seems like a run-away against me on this shirtless deal. I still have to say... at Both Six Flags Darien Lake & The Great Escape, I have seen uncountable guys w/out shirts & girls with bikini tops on walking the midways and general rides.

Maybe it's because they both have no clearly defined water area (the log ride & river raft ride are pretty much seperated a long distance from each other and the water park at both parks!).

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