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ColumbusCoaster said:
I just got my set in the mail a few days ago, and I must say, I'm impressed. The cards are high quality, and the selection of coasters is impressive: 75 coasters from 37 different parks, including several outside of the U.S. While it is disappointing that Six Flags, Paramount, and Busch didn't give their permission, the flip side is that some of the smaller parks, like Adventure City, Seabreeze, Enchanted Forest, and Wonderland, are represented. There are also cards for ACE, ECC, and NAPHA, as well as a "Coaster Legend" card featuring the Crystal Beach Cylcone.

I would highly recommend these cards to any enthusiast. The qualtiy is great, the price is low, and they're something different from the usual t-shirts and shot glasses. I, for one, hope that there is a second set.

The Buzzer formerly known as RagingBull.

If they make a 2nd set. I would love to see them put in coaster relic cards. Coaster relics can include stuff like train parts/wheels Wooden track splits, and/or Steel coaster track segments. All these things can be put onto a flat card. I would love to see them do this. The sports card companies have been doing it and the coaster relics shouldn't be very hard to come by to put on these cards. Parts that I mention get changed out alot. Why let them go to waste?

Chris Knight
Jeff, Did you forget to feed the Raptor again? That Raptor is not in a good mood. See and you know what I mean.

So I was packing up the house and came across my old card collection and found my roller coaster cards. I forgot how well these were done. My kids think these are great to look at. I actually checked out the card manufacturer website and it looks like they still have some sets available. Thought some of our buzzers that don't know about these might want to get a set before they are all gone.


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