Roller Coaster Trading cards

Has anyone one seen these cards yet, they show diffrent coaster's from all over, some really cool pics check out link's below.

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ok i enjoy coasters and all, but this is just dumb. Some people are way too obsessed about them. Its good to enjoy them, but trading cards? What does it take to satisfy some people?

Hey, those actually seem pretty cool! I want to know where I could get a set!

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It's about time some manufacturers are realizing there's a market for this type of thing. There's tons of coaster/park related merchandise that'd sell like mad if someone would just produce it.

Trading cards seem like a good start.

"I'll trade you my Thunderbolt and my Mean Streak for your Kraken" :)
I like coasters but I won't be buying those pointless things...

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I just wish more parks would sell posters. It's such an obvious piece of merchandise for them to sell, and yet you never see 'em.

As for the trading cards, they're really only something that would go over well at a coaster event or something like that. People love roller coasters, but a relatively tiny number of people love them as much as we do.

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I think they're stupid, but for some reason, I think I'd still buy a pack or two.
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Wow, I'm surprised by the lack off interest from buzzers.

I really would have thought more people would buy something like this.

What is it that turns you guys off? Is it the fact that's it's just a little trading card?

Lynch mentions posters and I agree there too. I think coaster posters would sell like mad, but other than size what really is the difference between the posters and the cards?

I guess you could hang the poster, but in the end it's still just a picture.

At any rate the negative response I'm seeing here surprises me...

sam_i_am said:
"ok i enjoy coasters and all, but this is just dumb. Some people are way too obsessed about them. Its good to enjoy them, but trading cards? What does it take to satisfy some people?"

The case you haven't noticed, this site is a majority of Hardcore Coaster Enthusiasts

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this is actually really cool. how it gives stats and some great photos. Even though I don't really like trading cards that much. I may try and get all the cards and see what coasters they show and some of the pics. Just for fun what else is better than having fun.

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I think that this is a really cool idea. But I don't see myself wasting my money on them when I can get good coaster pictures on the internet.

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The coaster cards are good and all. But do you get gum with them? Its all about the gum baby. :)
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Actually, I just bought a poster of the Giant Dipper at Belmont park for only $3.00! It's a really cool picture too! I agree, more parks should offer posters.
Yeeee Haaawwww!
Hey Those are cool! I have thought about this idea before, that it would be cool to have roller coaster cards, hey Maybe they wil even sell buy the deck or booster pack, that would be cool.
Call me a loser, but I'd actually buy those. LOTS of them. I guess this goes back to my obsession with basketball cards when I was a "young'un". I just don't know how big of a market there would be for these things, but I personally think they look cool. 
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Just sent off for my free sample! ;)
Yeeee Haaawwww!
I will tommarrow ! I cant wait to get them!!
If I saw posters of coasters at more parks or stores I would buy them, Cards I would also buy but I wouldn't be trading them or anything like you would do with baseball or basketball cards.

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I wouldn't trade them, but I'd want to buy add to the coaster memorabilia I already have.

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I agree with Lord Gonchar. Those are cool collectbiles. You never know as popular as trading cards are they might actually be worth some good money. I think I am going to get a set for sure. I also agree with Lynch parks should sell some posters. I know Hersheypark(my home park) used to have them, but then once they opened the on ride photos they disappeared.

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