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I go mine yesterday too. :)
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Yep.  Some people will be bummed by the absence of some of their favorite coasters in this card set.  I'm in Atlanta where one of the largest Six Flags parks is.  We made every attempt to get them involved.  Never got a single response to all of our attempts by letter, phone and email - maybe a set 2...  Nonetheless there are still a lot of great shots in this card set.  Put them in 9 pocket pages and you've got an instant, awsome collection of coaster images and details.  These are shots that the park's publicity departments thought were some of their best.  Latest word is they should have been shipped out yesterday.  With the delays in air travel which included the shipping companies, it'll likely be Monday so if you've pre-ordered them, it won't be long.
i just sealed the envelope, will mail tomorrow, i hope security doesn't tear it apart at the post office because with the SASE it is rather thick

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Has anyone noticed the coaster cards you can get at all the SF parks? They cost  $1.00 each and have some interesting stats as well as a good photo on each card.They also come with a little card holder as well.You can find them at the entrance  to most of the parks coasters through a small vending machine.I purchased one so far for wild one when I went to SFA yesterday.I hope I can get the entire set before the end of the season. 
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The cards are really cool. I especially like the picture of the Texas Tornado. A couple interesting items were the ACE and ECC cards, and the card for Perilous Plunge! I kinda wish they had one for Cornball, but then again, CCI was more than adequately represented.
Yeeee Haaawwww!

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BATWING FAN SFA. I got my son one for every coaster at SFA last sunday when we were there. He loves them. They are pretty cool. The only bad thing about them was when we time punched them it said AUG 16 instead of SEPT 16. Why are they a month behind? Oh well can't have everything.
I got mine the other day and I love them. I did wonder why Six Flags coasters weren't in there. I guess they didn't give permission to do them. Oh well, I still love them the way they are. Thanx NostalgiCards!

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Catherine said:
I would buy them!!!  Of course, I collect all sorts of pointless crap

that sounds like me :)
"You say you'll pay me $10,000 to go a week without going to coasterbuzz?!?!?! Not on your life!!!"

i got my free samples yesterday-will order 81-card box set soon
"You say you'll pay me $10,000 to go a week without going to coasterbuzz?!?!?! Not on your life!!!"
I just got my set in the mail a few days ago, and I must say, I'm impressed.  The cards are high quality, and the selection of coasters is impressive: 75 coasters from 37 different parks, including several outside of the U.S.  While it is disappointing that Six Flags, Paramount, and Busch didn't give their permission, the flip side is that some of the smaller parks, like Adventure City, Seabreeze, Enchanted Forest, and Wonderland, are represented.  There are also cards for ACE, ECC, and NAPHA, as well as a "Coaster Legend" card featuring the Crystal Beach Cylcone.

I would highly recommend these cards to any enthusiast.  The qualtiy is great, the price is low, and they're something different from the usual t-shirts and shot glasses.  I, for one, hope that there is a second set.

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All I need is just 2 more cards from SFA(Roar and Joker's Jinx)and then I'll have the complete set.At least until next season (if SFA gets a new coaster that is)
I got my set of Nostalgic Cards at Dorney Park 10-06-01(see trip report.) It was the first time I seen a place that sold them. My son wanted them really bad, so I couldn't say no. I also like the ones available at Six Flags America. What other Six Flags parks have them? They are a good souvenir.
*checks the website, starts drooling* 

I Think It's A Good Idea


Can someone give me a list of all the coasters in the set?
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I just loves those new Roller Coasters tradeing cards.They are very neat and it gives you the facts on that coaster. It is worth it it's only cost $1.00 not to bad of a price for coaster trading cards. I guess that ever one has their own way of collecting stuff like coaster trading cards,baseball trading cards,hockey,basketball cards.


hey MambaTim, I found that checklist that you wanted over a month ago. heh.

There you go, your probably found it on your own anyway, but if not there it is.

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sam_i_am said:
ok i enjoy coasters and all, but this is just dumb. Some people are way too obsessed about them. Its good to enjoy them, but trading cards? What does it take to satisfy some people?

Apparently, coaster cards.
They look cool...I may have to buy me a set.


Just wanted to put my 2- cents in and say that my Coaster Cards just came in and I LOVE them.  For everyone that says they're stupid, it's just what happens when you are a Roller Coaster Nut and collector.  The pack says Inaugural 2001 Issue - I hpe that means there will be more coming out!   I got them off of eBay. 

(For anyone offended by the term Roller Coaster Nut - Hey, I'm proud to be one!)         

How much do you wanna bet that a Drachen Fire card would become the most sought after card ever issued? Tell Busch, Paramount, & Six Flags they're all idiots!

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