Roller Coaster Trading cards

I would but them. They seem neat. Does anyone know if these cards are recent and wold includ X-Flight, Deja Vu, X, etc...?
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I would buy them!!!  Of course, I collect all sorts of pointless crap :)
hmmm, i'd buy em.  as long as there not like $5 per pack.

janfrederick said:
"Actually, I just bought a poster of the Giant Dipper at Belmont park for only $3.00! It's a really cool picture too! I agree, more parks should offer posters."

And when were you at Belmont that you didn't let Dutchman and me know? And I always buy the first ride! Seriously, I'm glad to know the poster is back in stock as I have been wanting one.
Just looked at the website. I will be buying these -- I think they're really great! I have no more room on my wall for posters (we already have like 5 or 10 posters in storage) and I like the fact that these give the coaster stats with the pictures. Plus, I think they'll make GREAT stocking stuffers this Christmas!
Do they have info on the back? Yeah, these are pretty cool, where would they sell them?
I choose you Millennium Force!!!:) We don't need a repeat of that...
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Belmont Babe,

We were there last Saturday after our company picnic (I wrote a small trip report). I think we'll make it out for the final $.75 tuesday this coming Tuesday. I'll put it on the calendar if yer interested (sorry for the digression!).

Yeeee Haaawwww!

"Hey, I'll trade my SFMM and my KBF for your CP!"

"Fu** off kid!"

What would life be without roller coasters? A big ball of poo!!!

I did take a look at them at the sales tables at CoasterCon XXIV, they looked pretty good, why not have them for coasters, picture on one side, stats on the other.
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Digression: Yes, put your Belmont trip on the calendar -- we'll see you on the Dipper!

Real note:  I JUST BOUGHT A SET!!! Somebody has them on eBay at pre-sell for $15 a set.  Great pictures, too -- mae the rat ride (K'Wood Exterminator) look awesome! Check out item # 1180492690.  And happy bidding . . . 

I just bought # 1183206658. I can't wait to get them!
Hey thats really cool. I would buy them. I wish they could make more though.
After someone pointed this site & topic out to me, I had to reply to some of the wild speculation.  The Coaster Cards do have great specs on the backs.  They will be available as a full boxed set only - All 81 cards and a motion card of the Magnum XL-200 (way cool!) in a special box.  They're normal trading card size and full color front & back.  Look for them in some parks, order from the NostalgiCards website above or grab a pre-sell on eBay for the same price.  I co-designed the set with my brother.  I also have a list of ALL the coasters in it if you're interested.  Support this one and there may be more.
You'll definately be seeing some interest from me! While I agree that the best place for sales would be events and all, that's the same with any hobby that gets this specific (Star Trek, for example). I do hope there are more to come! I agree that the parks should offer more posters/pictures for sale, some really nice shots that the general public doesn't have the access to take. But trading cards are a good format, because it lets you have the good quality in a more compact size. Can't wait to order!

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My promo cards arrived today and they really look great!  In the box was a list of the parks who participated -- Cedar Fair and Universal, yes; Six Flags, Disney, and Paramount, no.  So no Beast or Deja Vu, I'm sorry to report.

Can you say "expansion set"?

Yeah, I noticed that too.  There is not a single card for any Paramount or Six Flags Park, both which have many rides that deserve to be in the set.  Yet, there are many smaller parks many of us have probably not even heard of.
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Thank's for the update Belmont Babe. I'm looking foward to these I cant wait to see the motion card.

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The cards are kind of a stupid idea, but I might a pack if they are cheap. I would love to see coaster posters like you guys mentioned earlier! That would be awsome! They should really start selling them in the gift and souveneir shops at the theme park!!! Right now I'm collecting coaster on-ride photos and shot glasses with coaster logos or pics or names. Posters would be great additions to my collection!
I would not mind having a can make place mats out of them:)

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