Renegade opening??

I will be visiting Valleyfair! this summer and have to possible dates of going. Seeing as I am from SC and probably won't make it back very soon, I would rather wait until it is open to go. The earlier date works better into my schedule, but I am willing to wait for a better chance of riding. I have checked the forums and the Valleyfair! website, but I didn't find any information of the expected opening date of Renegade. Does anyone know any information? I will call the park tomorrow, but I thought I would check here first. Thanks
It's testing as we speak, so it should be ready for opening day.
That's true. It made its first successful run today just before 5:00 local time and has since made 15 successful runs and had its first riders.
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Yes, there is a God!!!

I just realized tonight that I have not seen or heard a single ValleyFair ad on TV or radio yet this year. Normally they would be running ads by this time - usually with the local news. I just thought that was odd given the investment they have made in this new coaster. Maybe they just wanted to get video of people riding Renegade to use in their ads.

There are a couple of job ads running.
New testing pics up.
Does anyone know why they don't have water dummies in the front or back rows, and why they don't have the banister up yet?

There are no water dummies in the first and last rows so people can ride.

They probably don't have the banister on yet because it isn't necessary to run the train. Plus it is way cool riding in the front seat without it! :)

There's no doubt by looking at that picture that wooden coasters are great looking rides.
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Hoping for video soon, I bet anything this thing will be screaming around the track once it breaks in.
We'll post anything we can (e.g. photos and video) on the intern site as we get it, so keep checking back.

And coasterpunk was right; you'll see the banisters on the trains soon enough.

Coasterpunk usually IS right about GCII-related issues. Being, well--you know--a GCII employee and all... :)

But we haven't heard from him or anyone about the park's decision for Saturday yet.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Just got an e-mail from VallyerFair's Fun Times mass e-mail listing. It was a reminder of VF's opening on Saturday. Renegade's announcement figured prominently in the e-mail. Although they didn't promise it would be ready on Saturday, at this point I would be amazed if it wasn't. It would be bad publicity for the park. I'm still surprised about the lack of park ads on the local media.
Well, they are certainly going to put the new ride in the Fun Times email and unless there was already a major issue that was keeping the ride closed till Memorial Day they are not going to say the ride would be closed...however I do think it will be open. Woodies don't need that much testing if everything goes fine.

SupermanFan1 is a GCII intern, right? In the 3rd post of this thread, were you saying "that's true" to just it is testing now or to both that it is testing and that it will be open?

I was saying that it's true that it's testing now. As you could probably expect, no park nor manufacturer will ever guarantee the date of opening of a new ride to the public because of all the variables involved. I would imagine that the goal has always been to have it for opening (it's pretty typical). Continuous/successful testing is always a good sign for new rides.

So, in general, I know no more than anyone else that is following its construction.

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Here is a brief video of it testing. You cant really see much, but at least it is proof of it testing.


what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Yeah. A couple cool new additions to the park this year are. . .
Onride Videos on Corkscrew

Finally underage drinking. In a safe and cool way. Thank you VF!

Just saw a cool Renegade commercial on Fox after Seinfeld. Some Cowboy, think Clint Eastwood, talking about the side-winding outlaw that he has be chasing.
Someone is reporting on another board that Renegade will be open this weekend per a phone conversation with the park. I am going to the park tonight to process my pass so I will try to confirm this then.
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WOOO-HOOO!!! 3 more days. Too bad the "Renegade" won't be able to ride off on a Maverick.
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Who needs a Maverick if you got a Renegade? Oh right, the fanboys. ;) Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

We have Mothers Day, the fishing opener, and 30% chance of rain both days to keep the crowds down. If Renegade is open, it will be ERT all weekend long. :)

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