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When the B&M hyper coaster stuff started circulating I partially disregarded it if only because it's the sort of thing that KI fans have yearned for years. Wishful thinking, all that.

Anyway, this is what First Drop is reporting, I found the scan on another site and uploaded it on Imageshack so people could see.

It looks very legit to me, taking this out of wild rumor territory and into something pretty exciting, I think, especially given the terrain features.


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It's surely something KI (no longer P) really needs. Great location for it, maybe I will have to take more then one token trip to KI in upcoming years.

-Brent Kneebush

Geez, I've been waiting and asking for this at KI since I rode Raging Bull and Apollo back in '99. It looks like at the bottom of the first drop and after that turnaround that there's a missing section of track that could represent tunnels. Hmmm. :) Stoked!
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I also heard the lake that is pictured in the article towards the end of the ride is going to be used as some sort of splash down like Sheikra and Griffon. I think this is exactly what the park needs, it's a people-eater, it's comfy, and they are all out fun.

~Rob Willi

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Way too early, Plans change all the time. If next july ground is broken. Then I'll get my hopes up.

Chuck, who'd rather have flyers in a box but not complaining :)

I hope it's true...if so, I'll need to get back to PKI in 09....just hope it doesn't interact or take away from the woods around the Beast...can anyone guess based on the diagram how/if Beast would be affected?
You know if those little spaces in the layout are tunnels, those would either be incredibly small ones, or this ride will be incredibly massive (length, maybe height wise). If this is legit, this coaster will definately have to be taller than 218ft or have a drop that exceeds that height. This is exciting. I'll wait to see how much this rumor/news develops. *** Edited 11/18/2007 9:32:01 PM UTC by mudinthevayne***

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From the pic shown above by matt it looks like after the first drop it has a slight turn simular to Bohemoth's.

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I love how enthusiasts are always saying that it's something KI really needs, yet it has gotten along just fine without it for decades.

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^Its something the enthusiasts really need. :)
The enthusiast's in the area at least! If SFKK won't do it, Holiday World won't do it, we've gotta believe KI (who has all of the space, and no height restrictions) will be the one to step up. Heck knowing there's a steel hyper within an hour from my home would be amazing.

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Iron BeastHawk
The layout and article description don't make sense to me, depending on which direction tomb raider is facing in that image. The way I'm reading it, the image would need to be oriented with north being the top of the image in order for the location to make sense. i.e. the left side of the image is the entrance to Tomb Raider. In which case, the lift hill and first drop would be aimed at the Beast. It wouldn't be anywhere near the railroad bridge. Someone please refute me if you're reading it differently.

- DJ

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Could someone point out where the train bridge is on satellite image?
I believe the map is upsidedown. Or at least south is up if it is going into the woods next to Beast. I would have to google earth it to confirm.

I read something about this not too long ago at another site saying that the loading station would be next to the small pond west of IJ. That would leave me to think that the grey blob next to the station in the map is the pond.

I think it is something a park that size should have.

Off topic: Will KI stop playing "Danger Zone" at the Top Gun loading station now that it is a CF park?

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I'm sure the proportions are off... but Merry Christmas:

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If this is true I can't wait. What a great location.

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Quite heroic Konstantine, thanks muchly.

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