Petition seeks to prevent Trump from speaking in The Hall of Presidents at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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A recent a petition has surfaced from Matthew Rogers of Brooklyn, New York, requesting that the robotic Donald Trump not open his robotic mouth at the Hall of Presidents attraction at Magic Kingdom. The attraction is currently closed for refurbishment, presumably to add the 45th president.

Read more from Orlando Weekly.

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And when it boils down to it, infidelity is not b the same as sexual assault. Period.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I thought George W did a pretty excellent job, except how he wrecked the economy, which lead to a difficult first four years in Obama's Presidency.

As far as Trump is concerned, I don't believe everything he has done has been wrong or inherently evil. But it's my opinion only and I respect everyone's opinions here.

I am surprised that there is even a political discussion going on here at Coasterbuzz. I get enough of that on Facebook and pretty much everywhere else.

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I think it speaks to the scope of what we are witnessing that this particular discussion seems to be coming up in a lot of niche sites.

And that's the issue.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I don't think Trump is inherently evil. I think he's inept. His performance so far as President is certainly consistent with his extensive experience in unsuccessfully running businesses.

One of the things I enjoy about Coasterbuzz is how conversations can range far off the original topic into interesting discussions.

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And a discussion that is, so far, a lot better than most that you find on Facebook.

Germanator2112 said:

Us republicans didn't rally the streets , cry and whine, or say Obama wasn't our president.

How long did we have to hear questions about where Obama was born, including from the guy that's currently president? Not the same as rioting or protesting in the streets, but on the same end of the hyperbolic scale in my opinion. I didn't vote for the guy either time, but I'm fast to admit that the birther faction of the Republican party was out to lunch.

Polictial beliefs aside, the bottom line on Trump is his horrible, hateful, racist, bigoted, sexist behavior. . If any of us acted like him on our job, we would be fired. But for some reason, his supporters are willing to accept his behavior.

This man has targeted minorities and religions with hate speech, allowed minorities to be physically assaulted at his rallies, made fun of the disabled, and totally lied repeatedly (fact checking will confirm this). He claimed he was going to "clean up" corruption, but instead he is putting totally unqualified individuals in positions based on favors instead of qualifications. If that ins't the definition of corruption, what is?

People are protesting him as a horrible human being. I do question those that are willing to accept his behavior and their own level of human decency. It's is unfortunate that people are now willing to accept their own desired version of the truth instead of doing research and trying finding the real truth.

If one is truly a decent person with compassion for others (including a true person of religion), his behavior is 100% unacceptable.

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Germanator2112 said:

Us republicans didn't rally the streets , cry and whine, or say Obama wasn't our president. Not trying to start an argument, just sharing my thoughts.

Obama always conducted himself as a professional person and prime example the way a leader should act in public.

People are protesting Trump and refusing to respect him because of the way he acts and the hateful things he says and does.

People can say "he won," but the truth is the majority of Americans voted against him and do not want him. He only won because of strategic location of voters.

Our system is flawed. That should be protested as well. If one wants a job these days, they tend to leave these rural areas and go to a metro area. Metro states are growing in population while these rural states are declining. Yet the electoral college remains the same and gives more power to these (unfortunately uninformed, hateful) voters.

I have a million different points I could expand on, but I'll try to limit it to a few:

1) As Jeff said, it is not about accepting Trump's win. It is about NOT accepting fascism. The man has already done so many things that display blatant disregard to democracy and to our Constitution, and so many are turning a blind eye. The pattern of fascist-like behavior is blatant. Scapegoat, turn the media into an unreliable lying machine, make the people more sick, more poor, and you've got perfect conditions for a dictator.

2) In response to Pete's comment about staying married to a serial adulterer (Bill and Hillary Clinton), Clinton himself was also accused of rape and assault. Yes, Hillary stayed with him, but we have no idea what went on in the privacy of their home. Did he seek counseling? Did they? Did they stay together for Chelsea? Who knows? My point is that while I wish Hillary would have left him, I don't fault her for staying. I'd never want to believe my husband did those things. I don't fault Melania for staying with her husband either.

HOWEVER, if what Bill Clinton did was so offensive and horrible, why would anyone want to put a man just as bad or worse in charge of the country? A man who was accused of raping and beating a 13-year-old CHILD and threatening to kill her and her family if she ever spoke up? A man who had at least 11 accusers of sexual assault, and one whose wife said he at one time raped her (before she was silenced)?

3) A wait and see attitude may have been ok at one time. Before the orange a-hole picked his cabinet, I was at least slightly calmer because I thought, "he's got tons of experienced people guiding him. He's just a figurehead. We'll probably be ok". Then he picked white supremacists and billionaires with huge conflicts of interest, and I started to realize we definitely couldn't "wait and see". He is, unfortunately, just as bad as we thought, and voices need to be heard to get him to resign or be impeached. Even if I was able to "wait and see" up to this point, I couldn't do it anymore. A religious zealot and a billionaire rape apologist in charge of our education of our children? That's just one example!

People are legit terrified. If your skin is a different color than white, you're in danger. If you're a woman, you're in danger. If you're a different religion than Christian, you're in danger. And this goes against the very foundation of everything this country stands for.

4) The "women's" march wasn't just about women. It was about equality. It was about equal pay for equal work. No discrimination. No hate. Standing up and letting your voice be heard. Letting people know things are NOT ok. I am fortunate to be white. I know I have privilege where others don't, but the fact that this is even still an issue says we need to keep standing up. The fact that I also know I am not in charge of my own body as a woman shows me we still need to stand up. And the fact that religion still is a deciding factor in what I do with my body and who people love shows me we still need to stand up. Until these things get fixed, we're not truly the land of the free.

Ok, starting to rant. Yay coasters!

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Bunky 666,

You made excellent points. Thank you.

Oh right, because intent is never implied, and this discussion is totally constrained to two dozen posts on CoasterBuzz. No wider context here, move along, right?

To the extent directed at me, you are still reading that which isn't there. Issue with implying intent is you may well be wrong.

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I've said this a million times on Facebook, but there is a VERY important distinction between policies we don't like and actions which are unconstitutional. I could maybe hear a case for "get over it" being directed towards the first, but it makes no sense to level that response against the second. There is also a third question of how effectively policies are rolled out and implemented.

As someone on the left, I think we do ourselves a huge disservice by allowing these three questions to get confused.

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How many people are able to discern question 1 and question 2? Take the immigration order. I am an attorney and I don't know whether part or all of it is unconstitutional. How about everyone else who isn't an expert on constitutional law?

Search on the internet or watch TV and you will find a whole lot of people who appear to be constitutional experts saying its clearly one way or the other. How can it be both? Ultimately I think the vast majority of those people are just pushing what is question 1 into the question 2 box.

As part of that online search I found this discussion between two people who appear to be actual constitutional experts (as opposed to folks who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night) who disagree on the constitutionality of the order:

Ultimately the US Supreme Court will likely decide. Even in situations where experts agree there isn't an issue, cases are still brought in the political environment. Those typically don't make it to the Supreme Court though.

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Wow, and I thought Jeff was the smart one. What Jeff meant was, don't fight about what could happen to our parks. Discuss what might happen. And Jeff ain't no authority. He's just the centerfold of a random forum which apparently draws the attention of the people on an island visible from a half mile away

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GoBucks89 said:
I am an attorney and I don't know whether part or all of it is unconstitutional. How about everyone else who isn't an expert on constitutional law?

Including Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, the two men with no legal experience, no experience in governance, who are not having all these executive orders vetted by lawyers and not reaching out to affected agencies and departments for input, who are writing all these EOs.

I expect that if you asked the Orange One, he'd explain that he's the President and that makes them constitutional (he's really really smart, which according to him is proved by his having an uncle that taught at MIT).

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Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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Let's just all pause and reflect and remember where we were when the Bowling Green Massacre occurred.

Never, ever forget.

The level of dumb is staggering in this administration.

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There is an absolute *ton* of dumb...but I can't help but think there are a lot of "trial balloons" sent up to gauge reaction.

Also have to believe much of the fear is stirred up to minimize the blow-back from the loss of civil rights...

In any case, none of those are good options for "We The People..."

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Germanator2112 said:

Us republicans didn't rally the streets , cry and whine, or say Obama wasn't our president.

I'll just say "I disagree WHOLE-HEARTEDLY" and leave this here as a reference to what really happened...this joker "preached the gospel" in my hometown.

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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Thabto said:

Just when I thought this was a place where I can get away from political discussions...

sorry, stakes are too high. Go watch puppy videos.

Petitions these days are worthless, and usually silly. I would want the petition to ask that Trump's robot speak the words he said to Billy Bush.

Germanator2112 said:

Us republicans didn't rally the streets , cry and whine, or say Obama wasn't our president. Not trying to start an argument, just sharing my thoughts.

You are either being willfully duplicitous or you are completely ignorant of the last 8 years. For Christ's sake, you people dressed up in Revolutionary war LARP costumes, proclaiming yourselves to be tea-baggers. You questioned the man's birth certificate, called him a secret kenyan muslim socialist homosexual antichrist. (I'm sure I missed some others, but that should suffice).

In fact the popular vote loser was one the loudest of the fringe who peddled the fake birth certificate bull crap.

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