New Construction at HW?

All sorts of construction delays began following Hurricane Katrina (it's a wonder any of us got anything new open this year!). We tossed a coin and opted to get the rides open and put the food service on the back burner.

Once we got far enough into the season, it didn't make sense to worry about getting a new restaurant open.


Paula Werne
Holiday World

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invy said:

rollergator said:BeastTamer, perhaps? I only go by memory, never learned how to search...
Cookie for Gator

I don't need the cookie, you just gave me my reward....awesome! :)

P.S. Paula, putting the restaurant on the back burner, that's pretty punny right there... :)

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Did everyone miss the lump pun, too?

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^ No, not everyone....but I read Paula's posts carefully, to iimprove my own punmanship... ;)

Raven Maven said:

Mamoosh said:
Stew and gravy coming

Of course, we'll pay for the gravy in one lump sum.


Launched S&S is my guess :)

I understand the Turkey, ham and Gravy in a Thanksgiving section.

How about a ribeye and baked potato? and some Shrimp of a couple sorts :)

Build a whip!

Please do not get out of your doom-buggy!
Im not sure but I think Lesourdsvilles Whip is still available. Only needs a new motor or the motor it has to be turned to full speed.


Kraven the Raven said:
Speaking a Tilt-A-Whirls, does any company still make the classic tilts that you still see at alot of local fairs and that HW had up until last year. You could get these things to spin your butt off. But any tilt that I have been on that has been built in the last 10-15 years are lame. What's the difference and why can't you find a new tilt-a-whirl that can do what a tilt is supposed to do?

The best Tilt-A -Whirls were the old carnival types with a gas tractor engine. The operator could "crack the throttle" every now and then and really increase the amount of spin. You just don't get that with the newer generation electric motor driven units.

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I can't see HW getting a huge steel coaster that might damage the family image. It wouldn't feel right to be launched at great speeds at Holiday World. (Okay, I would really like it if they got one but that's beside the point.............)
Mabey they could get the first wooden double lopper:)
That too would be disrespectful. ;)
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Perhaps they could build a multi level slide structure with several different types of slides shooting off of it. Another great addition would be a chairlift to take you back to the entrance, because from Thanksgiving it's all uphill to Christmas! ;)

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DantheCoasterman said:
It wouldn't feel right to be launched at great speeds at Holiday World.

Back when HW started clearing land for the Voyage I mentioned that I would love to see an S&S coaster, similar to Powderkeg, built at HW. I still think it would be a great addition to the park.

Powderkeg appears to be a reliable coaster that shouldn't scare away the family riders any more than Voyage does. It doesn't have to be the most intense launch, but I can see a place for it.

While I agree that I don't ever see a hyper, rocket, large invert, etc... being built at HW, there are some steel coasters that could add quite a lot to HW's collection.

While I don't see a coaster coming in the next few years, I would love to see a custom spinning coaster or the previously mentioned bobsled type coaster show up in the southern Indiana corn fields.

Yeah is Good!
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Custom Maure Sohne spinner...that's where I'd like to see them go next. But Will & Co have yet to take a wrong step and I'm sure whatever they come up with will be great! ;)
I've yet to ride any of the spinners that deviate from the traditional mouse layout. Having one as close as HW would be bliss as I can't imigine me not loving it.

Beefing up the water park and/or adding some flats should be what we see over the next couple of years. I'm not going to complain about that! :)

Yeah is Good!
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^ I thought for a bit about P-Keg, thinking it would be a great addition for HW. Then I went to rcdb and got a look-see at the pricetag on that thing....yikes! I thought it might be a cost savings over an Intamin/B&M-type ride, but not really, so...

The spinning non-mouse coasters do indeed ROCK! Also seem to be fairly trouble-free in operation from what I've seen...

They call it a $10 million dollar project.

How much, if any, of that is the dismantling of Buzzsaw Falls? The offset station/launch area had to cost a little bit also. I'm just wondering what the actual cost of the coaster was?

Yeah is Good!
^The dismantling of BuzzSaw Falls, all of thematic elements, and the new shopping in the area are all thrown into that project. They also had to do some work on American Plunge during that project and the cost of that was thrown into that number considering the proximity of the two rides to each other. One might say that they had to do the work on AP for PK. :)

Well I was at the park over the weekend and didn't notice any of this so called construction... however I wasn't really "looking" for it because I forgot about it since I was having too much fun :)

I think something should go in the middle of Bahari river for sure... just seems so open and barron, begging for something; but alas, there is only so much room. I was thinking something along the lines of a jungle jets play area just sitting there, but who knows, maybe they could throw something else in there? :)

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