New Construction at HW?

Does anyone notice the new construction going on near the The Voyage at HW? I am not talking about the new Plymouth Rock Cafe, but rather construction taking place to the left of The Voyage almost behind Splashin' Safari. Another ride for the new Thanksgiving section? Anyone hear anything?
That doesn't seem to be a likely place to start expanding Thanksgiving. I assumed they would just keep building out towards the treeline.
It could be another waterpark expansion. It could use a few more dozen acres! :)
No, I didn't notice any construction going on over there.

I did notice the Legend lot was cleared about 5 times its original size.

Maybe their taking my Q and moving all the parking accross the street eventually and expanding the park up in the Raven lot.

This is in the future tho, not the next year or two.

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Coming soon to the Raven lot --- "Parking Lot Racer" ;)

AV Matt
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I still say that a Master Blaster would look great up on that hill next to Bahari River
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^Yep, or one of those giant, straight-down drop slides! :)

CRVader said:construction taking place to the left of The Voyage almost behind Splashin' Safari.

I have no idea what you're talking about.


There's no construction going on back there...where in (or outside of) the park were you?


Paula Werne
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CRVader has posted one message..... Begins to wonder if the word snookered applies to this thread.

A day at the park is what you make it!

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Vader joined today. And you have to remember Vader is on the Dark Side. Probably just trying to cause an uprising amongst the rebel alliance. :)

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Speakng of expansions, Paula, how is the new Thanksgiving section and the S.S. expansion doing for the park? How are guests liking it?

coasterguts said:
CRVader has posted one message..... Begins to wonder if the word snookered applies to this thread.

BeastTamer anyone?

In before close...

I was actually riding up the lift hill of The Voyage and looked to my left and noticed heavy machinery moving around. I also noticed heavy machinery to the north of the employee parking lot as well. It could be final landscaping work for The Voyage but I as I understand, there is an announcement going to be made in October.
Vader, you got officially owned by Raven Maven, lol.
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How do we know Paula wasn't teasing?

BeastTamer, lol.

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When has Paula ever teased? ;)
I don't think shes teasing.

They still didn't have Plymouth Rock cafe open yet and work was going on over in the Legend lot.

I could be wrong, maybe they are adding again.

Chuck, who was quite pleased with line lengths in the afternoon of one of their bussiest weekends July 3rd

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I thought that they were going to also put in a new tilt a whirl themed to turkies in the thanksgiving section.

That may be what that spot is next to gobbler getaway.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I just went to HW yesterday (again) and took another look... it appears they are clearing land near the Voyage's 2nd lift hill. It also appears that they are cutting down trees and we all know Mr. Koch does not cut trees down unless it is neccesary. Again, it could be post construction work from the Voyage (final landscaping perhaps) but no one has confirmed that. Any more thoughts??
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I have a thought: When did Voyage get a second lift hill? Last time I rode it the 173-foot tall first lift hill was more than adequate to get the trains back to the station. ;)

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