New Construction at HW?

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...and so it begins ;)
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Mmmmm . . gravy contract . . second contract for ladles... :)

Rich Genthner / PTC99
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We never did get our stew ;)


Rob Ascough said:
Hey, Beast has feelings, ya know!

This is very true. And with respect to The Beast's feelings, I will go out there and say that, even with at least two noticeably abominable sets of trim brakes, I found it to be the most enjoyable coaster I rode at PKI last Sunday.

And, as a postscript, with respect to The Voyage's feelings, it blows almost every other roller coaster, period, out of the water. I was a little worried about anticipointment, but I heard the hype, and I am now a believer. :)

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Stew and gravy coming in 2007:

lets see, It's been awhile since the consultant contract with TGG was made.

They are pulling a IB and building two woodies in two years.

They are adding a third action river.

oh boy, what fun we'll have for the next nine months.


This is actually all a bit insane. In late winter/early spring sometime, I was having a conversation at work with a co-worker who also works at Holiday World in the summer. The rumor I got from him then (which of course I never believe until I see it from Paula, read it in the local paper, or see it in the holi-blog) was that the new Thanksgiving section was perceived by Will as the future geographical "center" of the park. Meaning I assume/guess that in the long range plans, eventually the park would kind of wrap around the Thanksgiving section. I still don't belive this rumor, but Holiday World sure does seem to be agressive as of lately.

It's been pretty well know that Will doesn't like to do the HUGE projects every year, or even every two years. Rather the years in between smaller projects have been done. Things like moving/adding a flat ride, adding the smoking areas, more trash receptacles, and general things to make the park more family friendly. So it's hard for me to believe Holiday World would be up to anything too large anytime in the next year or two.

Then comes this rumor of construction/clearing going on near the 2nd drop on the Voyage. My first thought is just finalization of the Voyage construction like someone mentioned above. Case closed...or so I thought.

Now, Paula starts teasing everyone again by stating that Will has signed one new contract and will be signing a secound one soon. Now this just confuses me even more. I can't see Paula dropping hints like this ALREADY if this was a small project...of course again I could be wrong. However, I do remember some talk on the Holiblog some time ago about either moving or replacing the tilt-a-whirl to the Thanksgiving section and/or a possible new flat all together. Are these not possibilities still? Wouldn't this also require a contract of some sort?

I'm still thinking this is a smaller project, maybe a flat or two expansion in Thanksgiving. But Paula dropping hints like that just makes you wonder. I can't believe that here it is a year later and we are ALREADY and AGAIN into a guessing game of whats coming next at HW. If any park knows how to get the enthusist crowd talking about their park with little to go on its definatly HW. It just amazes me what they have done in the recent such short time at that. For those of you who had visited HW prior to the Raven or even Splashin' Safari, you surely know what I mean.

BTW Paula, if your reading this.... It's roughly mid-season. Do you know how close the park is to attaining that 1 million visitors goal for this season yet? Or is that info available only on a need to know basis?

John - Who is confused and just rambling on at this point.

P.S. Has any one else seen clues or gets the feeling that maybe in the not so distant future HW may build their own Hotel?

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HoliJohn said: The rumor I got from him then (which of course I never believe until I see it from Paula, read it in the local paper, or see it in the holi-blog) was that the new Thanksgiving section was perceived by Will as the future geographical "center" of the park.

That's not a rumor, but a direct quote from Will that appeared, if memory serves, in an Associated Press article back in the spring.

We have about 90 undeveloped acres to the north.


Paula Werne
Holiday World

rollergator said:
^ That's WHY I mentioned Beast, moosh... ;)

BeastTamer, perhaps? I only go by memory, never learned how to search... :)

Cookie for Gator ;)


Raven Maven said:
Actually, Will did sign a contract just yesterday. A second contract is in the works.


I'll guess Sellner is one of them, for the turkey-themed Tilt-a-Whirl that was mentioned last year. The other I'll say is ProSlide, because something new has been added to Splashin' Safari several years in a row and the last three slides of all been from ProSlide. Looking at their catalog, a bowl or rocket would make a nice addition.

- Aaron K

One of the mega-bowls with special effects like they built at Noah's Ark would fit nicely in that huge island in the middle of the bahari river. The slide portion would just need to start uphill from it.

Of course, what would really rock is more river - specifically, a terrain inspired ridesportation system that pulls you up the hill on a conveyor belt, and lets you go down a whitewater "lite" type course back down to the main bahari river. They built something like that in the Dells this year, at the Wilderness.

Personally, I think HW's next coaster should be some sort of family coaster, like a wild mouse, or a powderkeg-esque mine train. Or maybe even an Aquatrax. Even though I hope it will be something that will top voyage. :)

Yeah and that whitewater ride is significantly out of HW's price range and most parks range for that matter.

It's a hundred million dollar outfit.

As for a mouse? I suppose TGG could come up with a wooden mouse :) Or sometype of Lost coaster ride with a bit better capacity.


Speaking a Tilt-A-Whirls, does any company still make the classic tilts that you still see at alot of local fairs and that HW had up until last year. You could get these things to spin your butt off. But any tilt that I have been on that has been built in the last 10-15 years are lame. What's the difference and why can't you find a new tilt-a-whirl that can do what a tilt is supposed to do?

Life is an amusment park -and I can't get off of the damn spinning teacups!
The Wilderness definitely didn't open any hundred million dollar attraction, so you're obviously thinking of something else. Holiday World should have no trouble affording anything a hotel/resort could afford.

That said, I think Splashin' Safari is in desperate need of some simple body slides and/or speed slides. A shoot-the-chutes could be nice too.


Holiday World or Knoebels should snatch up the Arrow Mad Mouse from the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. That is all.

I don't think we'll see a new coaster at HW for at least a few years, but having said that, I hope their next one is not another woodie. They already have an unbelievable trio of wood, why not add a steel one for something different? I still think a Gerstlauer bobsled coaster like this one would be a great addition to the Christmas area.

- Aaron K

Whats better than three great woodies?

Four good woodies!

Mamoosh said:
Stew and gravy coming

Of course, we'll pay for the gravy in one lump sum.


Paula Werne
Holiday World

I still think that "Thanksgiving dinner on a stick" would be fantastic, but maybe that's bad timing with the overweight coaster enthusiast thread we have going on. :)

Why was the Plymouth Rock Cafe delayed until '07?


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