Lost Dark Rides

Which dark ride(s) would you like to see recreated?

I have 3..

Fun House at Conneaut Lake Park,Haunted House at West View,Ghost Ship at Kennywood.

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Earthquake and Pirate Ride from Cedar Point
Anything from Hunt's Pier in Wildwood. Keystone Kops, Jungleland, Wacky Shack, Pirate Ship SKUA and Golden Nugget all had darkride aspects. Heck, even the train had a haunted tunnel under the Flyer!
Yogi's Cave @ KD (not really a ride, but was cool back in the day--I think it might still be open in some form, but undoubtedly much less cool)
Pirate/Earthquake rides @ CP
Mr. Toad @ MK *** Edited 8/10/2006 6:27:16 PM UTC by brunus76***

millrace said:
Earthquake and Pirate Ride from Cedar Point

I forgot about those two,both were outstanding.

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How about the original Coney Spookorama, before it was severely shortened? I hear that was one of- if not THE- longest darkrides in existence!
That would be a good one too.It just won a award this year.

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Knott's Beary Tales :)
How about recreating Kennywood's Old Mill into something other than Garfield?

millrace said:
How about recreating Kennywood's Old Mill into something other than Garfield?


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Like... an Old Mill?
Journey to the Center of the Earth @ Dorney

Lost River @ Hershey.

... if dark boat rides count.

I wish I remember more about JTTCOFE. All I can recall is the final splashdown.
PKI usede to have a Dark Ride where you sall all of the Janna-Barbera Cartoon Charactures. I believe the building used to look like a Giant TV Set. In the 1980s the ride was re-themed with Smurfs, then in the 1990sn it was themed to something else.
Is this different from the current Scooby Doo darkride?
How about Idora's Lost River?


KWs LeCachot. A true classic. Also some old style darkrides such as KWs Laff in the Dark or West View's Ride 'n' Laff.

How about Palasades Park's Tunnel of Love as well? It once has an Arabian theme.

Hershey Park once had a Lost River ride themed similarly to the one at Idora.

Arthur Bahl

It won't be long before I'll be nostalgic for Erieview's darkride :(
Yeah, that's a crime. Hopefully a park needing a darkride (there are many) will pick that thing up at auction, or the owners will decide to keep it around as a stand-alone attraction.

Kennywood's le Cachot seems to be a very highly-regarded darkride. Wish I once had the chance to ride it.

Here's a fun site about Dorney for those who like dark rides, and those who miss the old time charm it had. I don't remember a number of those attractions.


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