Led Zeppelin – The Ride: Test run video

^OK ok ok...

Well, I always thought Van Halen was a great band, and was never into Aerosmith. Just opinion right right!?

Besides, The NY Dolls tear em both apart ;)

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Nah, you're right J7G3 - Van Halen > Aerosmith :)

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Yeah, but Menudo > everything else. Where's their coaster?
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The best I could do was this NY Times article from 1989 which references both Coasters and Menudo, Vater.

Ricky Martin will have to deal for now. :)

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And where's Wesley Willis' coaster? They could pipe in an altered version of his famous song which would go: "This coaster whoops Batman's a$$..."

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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LOL, CD....we ALL get to laugh at ourselves....ya just have to join in on the fun. You think I don't get a chuckle EVERY time I look in the mirror? ;)
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Wow, Gonch. I really wasn't expecting anyone to do a search, but thanks. :)

Nice one, Andy. That would certainly be more appropriate than using another one of his songs to reference this coaster. ;)

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J7G3 said:
This is all just opinion folks, Id take Ramones, X, original Misfits, Blondie, Damned or Plasmatics any day over all these big bands...)

Could you imagine "Where Eagles Dare: The Ride"? or the "Who Killed Marilyn?" haunted dark attraction? :-D

How about a Black Flag ride? Basically, you would launch forward into a brick wall with a likeness of Henry Rollins painted on it, then handed a towel to clean yourself up.


^Good ones Josh!

On the Black Flag ride, you only wear a pair of shorts.

Bullet: the ride; end's in a helix around the grassy knoll :)

Ramones - Rocket to Russia; you escape a group of evil Pinheads.

Blondie - Detroit 442; you blast around a Detroit 'back lot' and dodge flying objects a-la Iggy.

Black Sabbath; Shockwave has already been used... how about "Hole in the Sky" - an Intamin Shuttle loop!

Stooges: Raw Power - you get the shakes after being launced from 0-100 in 3 seconds, drug free of course.

Ok, I really need to go do something productive now. I'm such a geek.

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Lmao RG.

Now I understand why I can relate to the ride Face Off so Well. Why the hell hasn't anything happened yet. Sheeeeesh, so much for two lives. ;)

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^^ LOL at the shorts comment. The only stipulation is that they to be "Rollins style" which is to say either cutoffs or athletic shorts and halfway up your thigh.

You could also have the Glenn Danzig experience: "you must be this short to ride" :-D


^Aw come on now, don't pick on Little Napoleon :) He's the model of clean living, has the skin of a 7 year old, and put's on a damn good show.

There were some great songs put to coaster POV footage long time ago... Wild Rides.

One of my favorite is the Stones' "Paint it Black" on the Great American Scream Machine.

For some reason, I think I remember MTV using that video.

Also a great vid of Texas Cyclone with Hendrix's "Fire" song... great stuff!

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As you all know christmas is only a few days away and I really dont have the time for impressing others with my grammer skills (apparently I have none) right now. No offense or anything, but if your not satisfied with my post, I cant help you. I only have time for one post a day, and as cheesy as that is, its true.

OH. MY. GOD. CoasterDiscern is....Santa Claus! Who else but Santa would be so busy at Christmastime that he only had time to post once a day?

Tell me what you really didn't like about my post and I will further explain myself to help solve the issue.

Click here, see item #1.

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Will Robert Plant or Jimmy Page be at the grand opening? Love to meet them. I haven't been too keen on their post Zep work but whatever...legends still. Plant has been here recording with Allison Krause (ick), but I'd still be into meeting him. "Wayyyyy down inside...."

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I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
Well hell. It's ashame so many people diss Debbie Harry and Iggy... When I saw the new pic of Robert Plant, I had to take a triple take. Except for his hair, he looks like a different person.

Man I love the guy so much, but come on, we all get old. And all plump up or out.... Methadone... booze... Benzos... Horrible stuff bruthas!

I mean, at some point, we all get our '15 mins of fame'. or so be. I can sit here and diss spice girls and n'sync and back street boys... but what good would it do?

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You guys are just out to get me. I can tell by reading your post. I will give you a E for effort. ;) Wait, is that how I spell that word?

Now that I know you like to play of peoples emotions try this on for size. Just a random question. Do you consider yourself a good looking person or a very ugly person. What do you think?

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I'll pick c.) a very confused person.
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Yay, we got a winner, Matt.

a) is the very confused person me?
b) is the very confused person you?
0r c) is the very confused person someone else?

Careful that you don't spread some harmful humor though. You could really hurt somebody's emotions.

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