Led Zeppelin – The Ride: Test run video

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If they put in ANY attraction with Cream, I'll be riding it over and over...

Baker, Bruce and Clapton - the real BBC. :)

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This is my own opinion, but I cant figure out why a bunch of guys who are really good at playing music and entertaining have a ride named after them. I understand having a ride named after an instrument, or say a particular piece of rock and roll history that is historical in some way.

I guess what I am trying to say is, why is the ride named led zepplin the ride and not AC DC, rolling stones, beatles or Elvis Presley? What makes led zepplin so special that they have a B&M roller coaster named after them?

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Huh? Almost every attraction at Hard Rock Park is named after a band or a song.
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^ Led zepplin is the only band name I see up there. My music knowledge is very limited, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, the direction I am coming from is alot different to for me. Being from Canada, the only thing I know of led zepplin is they were and probably are still a very successful and famous band who have had an awsome career. And this is all heard from the radio at my work because my co-worker loves are local rock station. I have never seen a single bill-board, tv advertisement, clothing line, sponsership, charity, nothing, absolutley nothing. I have never even heard of them coming into the country fo the matter. I'm not so sure sure if I even like their music, let alone if their decent people. Now were you come form could be completely different, that, I'm not sure of either. So for me to see a brand new B&M ride that is named after "ONE SINGLE BAND" is a little disturbing to me. Disturbing as in uncomforatble and not to be confused.

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You wacky Cannucks! ;)

Are you also disturbed by a wooden coaster named after Evel Kneivel? A spinning coaster named after Tony Hawk? How about a dozens of coasters named after fictional characters such as Batman and Spiderman? Or Greek and Roman gods such as Hercules and Apollo?

As for LedZep, you might want to bone-up on them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Led_Zeppelin I would suspect the reason you've not heard of them visiting your area is that they haven't toured since before you were born, lol.


PS - do you know how to spell Canada?


^^Well they have a new record out and are gonna tour :) How bout that! (well its just 'Zeppelin' - they ain't all there).
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I hear John Bonham will be there in spirit :)
^Will they play 'Hard Rock Park'?

Regarding calling the ride "Led Zeppelin," in my opinion it's the same caliber name as "Batman," etc...

But playing only one song over and over, I hope that doesn't last long...

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CoasterDiscern said:What makes led zepplin so special that they have a B&M roller coaster named after them?

Since *you* brought it up, thought I'd mention that Aerosmith got a Vekoma...

Something about that just tickles me... ;)

Well, heck, as far as overrated overbloated 'POP' bands go, Aerosmith would be my pick (pun, yes).

I mean, how about Van Halen? I mean, if ur gonna go big ego arena rock, do it right!

(This is all just opinion folks, Id take Ramones, X, original Misfits, Blondie, Damned or Plasmatics any day over all these big bands...)

Crap, whabout the Who!!!!???

I really thing the Van Halen classics stand up better compared to the screamin Aerosmith... And I've heard that ride really isn't all that good...

LOL @ the idea of a Plasmatics coaster! This would have to be a stand-up coaster with the cars themed as trucks and it would crash into a prison wall at the end. (Needless to say that the OTSR will be fake boobs).

The IDEA of a Rock themed park allows for so many great rides - even for someone like me who is not into rock at all. But the final, corporate, void-of-any-originality-playing-to-the-lowest-common-denominator, reality, makes it so unappealing and sad.

Mamoosh said:
I hear John Bonham will be there in spirit

Did he tell you that? ;)

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Re: Plasmatics - they played UF's "Halloween Ball" in 1983. Wendy O. came out *dressed* in her typically revealing fashion...and the Plasmatics were promptly informed they could never play at UF again.

U2 played here too, at a small eatery/bar here on campus. They can come back anytime, LOL.

RHCP played at the Reitz Union Ballroom...they can't come back.

ANY of these bands would be good at HRP.... :)

^Plasmatics and Wendy O., now that was REAL rock n roll!

The Plasmatics Stunt Coaster :) It's a VERY wild ride. You shoot through a wall of shaving cream, dodge bullets, abusive cops, and a reform school warden. At the end of the ride, you can pay extra to get a sledge hammer to destroy your coaster vehicle :)

Then you have to leave the park, and never come back again ;)

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I dunno, the over-the-top, overbloated, larger than life persona of some of those 'pop' bands seems to fit the over-the-top, overbloated, larger than life persona of the roller coaster itself.

Coasters ain't punk. :)

Not punk huh? Ever been on a Miler wild mouse?
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I thought Williams use a chainsaw on stage?

Oh, and Hayden Panettiere is slated to play WoW in the film biopic.

^Wow! And she'll probably make more money in that role than Wendy O. made in her whole career!

Just like Krysten Dunst playing Debbie Harry...

Wendy used lots of 'weapons' on stage. Explosives, everything.

So many rock bands are big after they're long gone. I think rock n roll is just so homogenous, corporate and plain boring now, so we always turn to the old stuff...

Kinda like coasters!!!

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J7G3 said:
Not punk huh? Ever been on a Miler wild mouse?

I had to look it up to see what one was, but yes I have.

Coasters ain't punk. :)

^Ok ok ok... well not much in this world is PUNK anymore...

If there was to be a punk themed coaster, it would have to be the Miler wild mouse. I only rode the one at Wonderland in TX, but man, what a little wicked bugger of a ride!

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