Japanese B&M inverter makes its way to Jazzland

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Amusement Today reports that Gambit, a Batman mirrored clone from Thrill Valley Amusement Park in Japan, was purchased by Six Flags and is now arriving at Jazzland, which is being managed by Six Flags.

Read more (while it is still posted) at Amusement Today in the "extra" section.

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This is great news...except for the peeps in Japan. No B&M deserves to be SBNO. Jazzland may just be worth the trip next year.

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and now there are three (namtaB)s in the SF B&M lineup. :) SFStL, La Ronda and now Jazzland.


Bravo to Six Flags. Giving a struggling park a coaster and saving a B&M at the same time. I give them a little more respect.

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That is nice for people near Jazzland. I too have a little more respect for SF now.

Somehow I doubt that they put a lot of thought into "saving a B&M" and "giving a struggling park a great coaster". Probably thought more along the lines of "oo! cheap to buy, will attract lots of people to drive up income!" But then again I'm not the biggest fan of Six Flags as a company ;)

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It is great they are moving the B & M as well as several flat rides. I only wish my park had purchased the B & M as we sadly still don't have one.

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Very nice PittDesigner, at least someone was thinking. Thats more than likely exactly what they thought. Cheap, good company, good ride and a new park.
I wish Jazzland would have gotten a NEW B&M and new rides instead of used ones, but I guess I shouldn't be complainig since I'll finally have a B&M by my house.

That news sounds better than a SLC that Jazzland has had planned for the last 2 years.

Jwbeck3 - You win! I was wondering how long it would take for someone to complain about it.

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darn, I was hoping The Great Escape would get it. O'well.

Is it true its always happy hour here? If it is I'd like to stay a while....

What is the diffrence of a used and new ride? You wont be able to tell... I cant tell flashback @ SFNE is a used ride...

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Well, a moved, used ride can only be as good as it was designed. Flashback @ sfmm is an example of this. Gambit is probably smooth so it will be smooth, it won't feel like other used rides.

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Prediction time:

In 2003, Jazzland will become Six Flags Jazzland, Six Flags New Orleans, or Six Flags Louisiana [I prefer the first option]. Since SF has already petitioned the city for the name change, this is almost certain.

A new section of the park will open, Gotham City, containing Batman The Ride and at least two new Gotham-themed flats.

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Yeah that definitely sounds like SF, PittDesigner.

Six Flags, the only chain of parks that can manage to have stacking with a one train operation.

Damn, why couldnt they give it to the great ecpape. They have owned the park for a few years now, and still have given it $h*t. This would have been a great attendance booster there, and a great ride to start there expnasion.
This was a smart choice for Six Flags, it doesn't require a huge capital investment, it gives the park something new and exciting, and it should improve the ticket sales for next season which is exactly what ALL parks want to do! I mean, far be it for Six Flags to make a "business decision". Who cares if it's used or not. It's something new for the locals, and gives enthusiasts yet another credit at Jazzland, even if it is a Batman clone. It's a proven design that is still thrilling. I think locals near New Orleans are going to love this ride.
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My question is this: whatever happened to the Vekoma SLC that was built for Jazzland and never arrived?

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