HyperSonic XLC... For Sale

thrillerman1 said:
Wow good call on PKD's behalf.

Good riddance,now if they'll just get rid of that piece of firewood next door while they're at it.

Man it makes me think to myself "we should've toughed it out back in august & remained in the queue during that breakdown." but at least I've already had a few rides on it in the past....this thing was just a one trick pony & out of the four launchers PKD has/had was my least favorite along with V:TBC so I won't exactly be sad to see it gone.

GL's SV would look quite nice on that spot don't ya think? Of course the thing needs a lot of work in order to return to operational condition but it would certainly be nice to have the return of a shuttle coaster in the park after two decades without KK.

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Sorry, BFSFA.....Steel Venom is going to Charlotte. That's not official (yet!), LOL, just makes the most sense... ;)
I think Hypersonic had the best launch out there. Waaay better than any of the Intamins I've been on. However, I won't be sorry to see it go. After The Hill, the ride was so awful that it just killed the fun-o-meter...and that's coming from a guy who generally likes his rides with a little bit of 'I own you roughness.'

Rich Genthner / PTC99
Venom to PKD?

LIM coaster #4. I'd hate to see their power bill after that...

He said Charlotte...as in Carowinds.

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For sale, not being scrapped.

It was sold a few weeks ago.

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TCKR said:
I think Hypersonic had the best launch out there.

Dodonpa was/is better. A faster top speed in the same amount of time. Having said that, in terms of ride experience, I personally think G-Force at Old Town is my favourite launch...

Peabody said:
He said Charlotte...as in Carowinds.

I was talking to BATWING FAN SFA.

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I'm in agreement with those who say "best launch in N. America". Of course, there's still one I haven't gotten...until SpringCon next year... ;)

The rest of the ride is, well....ummmm, it has a 90* drop... :)

Did this ride have a line all the time? If that's true, I wouldn't have taken that ride down. If it's not, and the ride stunk, I would say goodbye.
No arguing with anyone there about the launch being the only good thing on the ride....once you cleared that tower the rest was boring enough to lull one to sleep,now how anyone could sleep throug hthe rest of the ride was beyond me of course what with the extreme roughness over the entire circuit.

The ride had a long line,due to poor capacity & operations...not necessarily due to the quality of the ride experience.Anyone recall a couple years back when they weren't letting anyone else enter the queue until ALL of the riders ahead of them near the front of the line had already gotten on? they did that last season which really ticked us off to no end.

The Mole said:
but I think the S&S Thrust Air died an early death....

Spoken exactly like someone who has never been on PowderKeg

rollergator said:
Sorry, BFSFA.....Steel Venom is going to Charlotte. That's not official (yet!), LOL, just makes the most sense...

No, send it Kansas City! :)

It most likely wont even be sold for a while. *** Edited 12/16/2006 12:45:51 AM UTC by Coasterkid85***
Ilovthevu' asked what was so horrible about the ride that the park would remove and sell it. My question, in all seriousness, would be: Have you ridden it? PKD is my home park. When Hypersonic first opened, it had the most intense launch out there. It had some rather extreme airtime, was too short, but otherwise was ok. Well, somewhere along the line, maybe due to train redesign and/or lapbar redesign, the ride has become extremely unpleasant. While its launch is still intense, I want only to get off after that launch. Even the intensity of the launch, after Kingda Ka and TTD, is not something I find as enjoyable as I used to. I don't know if it's a comparison thing or if it's become more uncomfortable. Whatever, I'd decided last year that I really hoped the ride would be removed. In fact, I couldn't see CF continuing to operate it because it's so uncomfortable. While I think we have to take a "wait and see" attitude about CF and its operation of KD (so far, I'm not particularly impressed), a few decisions of late are, in my opinion, good ones, such as the reduced admission price and the sale of Hypersonic. I think Hypersonic was fit into the park nicely, and the queue was attractively landscaped. But the capacity issue and operations failures of the ride are problems. And the wretched way in which it bangs its riders around on the curve and the sudden stop just make the ride something I don't want to do again, and I can't imagine too many people will be sorry to see it go if it's replaced with something better. There's a difference between rides I don't like/enjoy, and rides I find painful and/or unpleasant. FoF was unpleasant before the over-the-shoulder restraints were removed. Now, except for the mid-course brake, it's fun. But I can't imagine a way to make Hypersonic fun....

[If it's sold] I for one won't miss the brakes that made me cover my ears while waiting in the queue. Damn those things were loud! Magnets are much quieter.

Coasterkid85 said:
It most likely even be sold for a while.

Dude....seriously. Typing in English would help us all.

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Yeah on the vidoes i have watched on youtube it doesnt look that bad but it seems at the end the track just seems to have a very unpleasant layout

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It's not so much that i cant spell, but i dont have to. Unlike most of you i have a life, and dont have time to spell every thing out right like you do. Sorry for leaving the house and spending time at party's. Coming back and trying to give my opinion,when all you guys do is shot me down.

Coasterkid, as much as I hate it when someone points out my typos (and I have quite a few, not because I "party" but because I cant spell) I thoughly endorse the policy of striving to gramatical perfectness and only tolerating the occasional slip up, because frankly web speak sucks. Written English has been around for hundreds of years, I think its proven itself useful. There is no need to retort with a post purposely riddled with errors. As for your orignal point, I agree with you unless S&S or the Japanese Park buy it back for parts.

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