HyperSonic XLC... For Sale

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Impulse-ive said:
"Immediate availability" ... I always thought this thing looked like it could be picked up and moved out of the park over the course of a weekend ...

... sort of sad to see it go, although in 4 visits to PKI in the last couple of years, only been open twice. Great launch, awful remainder of the ride ... typical S&S garbage. But, it'll make a nice attraction for a smaller park looking for some big time thrills ... although I'm not sure how many of those are around and looking stateside?

Dude, the thing is BOLTED TOGETHER, it's like a carnival ride!. I've heard rumors of the removal since the first season, including the all-too-famous "it's tearing itself appart", but wow, this is amazing.

I think with some major TLC the coaster can be brought back, but I think the S&S Thrust Air died an early death.... *** Edited 12/15/2006 3:07:08 AM UTC by The Mole***

Can anyone explain what was so horrible about this ride that the park would want to sell it? This is amazing how many rides these parks are moving, or selling.
It wasn't terrible...in fact, it was great when I rode it, but granted that was opening day. THe airtime did border on painful it was so intense and the rest was bumpy. Killer launch, though!

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coasterfreak_au said:
It seems that HyperSonic XLC is on it's way out at PKD...

IMO, it's about frickin' time. For me, that coaster didn't live up to the hype at all. Second worst coaster I rode there, right behind Hurler.

IMO I think it won't be long before you can add B&R Chiller it is a maintenance nightmare for the last 5yrs and how long do you think M Shapiro is going to keep spending money on that piece of crap. If any ride has more downtime than it is open why keep it?
as for a coaster like SFNO (ALthough Jinxed) Moving a coaster like that for say 2-3 million and giving it to a park like say, SFNE or great escape is a good move. SFNO is never gonna operate again under SF management and they are removing what rides they can that they OWN.

Zonga was never gonna run in the states again anyway. It hasn't for the most part of six years.

Hypersonic? Im guessing it's a maintenece nightmare with high operating cost. I wouldn't be surprised if Stan didn't buy it back and put it in his Utah park.

SOB, They were either gonna fix it with a viable chance of it remaining for a few years or scrap it. Either one is gonna cost a bundle.

The first gen freefalls? My guess is Intamin is no longer supplying parts and yeah, Age plays a factor.

For what it's worth, Hypersonic's still on the PKD site. Compare that to XFlight which is not on the GL site anymore.

Just sayin' is all.

As much as I hate to say it Aj, I agree with ya ... I'm surprised it stayed up for this year! Add in all of the well-publicised (sp?) problems that really make people leary of riding (i.e. - cars shearing off the wheel bases, stuck high off the ground, etc) and I think Chiller's days are numbered.

Yea Mole, that whole bolted thing was what I was referring to ... for what was supposed to be a permanent installation, the thing looked like something PKD saw travelling down I-95 and said "hey, put that here!".

Anyone else notice that in the condition report, it also states that the mechanicals of the ride are only in "fair" condition? That's some serious deterioration in just what, 6 years?

As for Coasterkid ...
First off what the hell is a "hippacrite"? That's not even CLOSE, let alone does that term fit with how you're attacking me. You need a dictionary on top of what Peabody said because when you throw around big misspelled words, you should at least have some idea what they mean. And no, PKD is not my home park, I really enjoy the park, but it's not my home park, and even if it was, what does that have to do with anything? You completely failed to address the point I made out of your first ridiculous, senseless, logic-void post that there's no way Hypersonic, currently a Cedar Fair property, would go to any Cedar Fair park (which MiA is) if it's on a rides sale website. For sale means Cedar Fair wants money for it, not to move it. They have say over sale or move of the ride, not PKD, so it's pretty obvious that the ride is NOT going to MiA. In fact, who said ANYTHING was going to MiA next year, and what difference does it make if you know now or you find out when you hit the gates in May? Are you going to be able to ride it any sooner if you know? Do you have the super-secret passwords to get into the park and ride things before they're built?

If I stay on your case and think I'm a big boy telling you to shut up, will it make you go back to whatever hole you crawled out of? (Methinks if I keep pushing you, it just might ... it's worked before ... )

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Not to bust your nuts Brett, but the mechanical was listed as good, and the electrical was fair. Still sounds pretty bad for only being 6 years old.
Ah my bad, should probably look at the site before I reference it :) The effect is the same though ... consider me busted ;)

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)

Ajrides said:If any ride has more downtime than it is open why keep it?

Though you were referring to Chiller (I thought Robin was pretty good) surprised you didn't mention Kingda Ka or even TTD for that matter even though TTD seemed to run pretty decent this past summer compared to the last couple of seasons.

X Factor

How much longer until "X" bites the dust? ;)
I know a lot of us hold some of these rides dear, but lets be honest here, were any of the really that good. Having been on most of them with the exception of SFNO B:TR, this group is not anything special. Yeah Hypersonic is an S&S air, but it was not exactly smooth. S:TE, yeah its 415ft tall but it launches like a minivan. SOB, X-Flight, Python, ect... Not exactly sreaming quality in my book.

Now relax, I like these rides, but from Cedar Fair / Six Flags perspective, If you can unload some maintaince and PR nightmares and get some change in return, sounds like good business. They will make a great addition somewhere at some small park...

But definitly not MiA

pkd has too many launch coasters, and flight of fear and volcano are much better in terms of length/novelty effect. They will replace it with a much better coaster with a traditional lift system.
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If Stan can buy it for less than it could cost to build a new one I think he might just take it off their hands.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The Mole said:

but I think the S&S Thrust Air died an early death....

Thanks in part to the introduction of the Intamin Rocket Coaster. :)

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Vincent Greene said:
Compare that to XFlight which is not on the GL site anymore.

Are you sure of that? The ride structure and track appeared to be 100% intact less than 2 weeks ago.

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Ok as for Chiller I could see it leaving soon and a nice twisted, fun Spinning Mouse landing right where it is. Theme it to a Batman Villan and "wham bam thank you ma'am." Take the stunt show arena and turn it into a Hall of Justice. Put in a few S&S towers or a Screamin' Swing, themed to some other hero or villan where Freefall was. And rename the area Gotham City?

Watch the tram car please....
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^^ I think VG was referring to the GL web site, not physical site...

Sure enough, it's "gone-zo"...

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pkidelirium said:
-Hypersonic XL
-Superman: The Escape
-Six Flags' 1st gen freefall towers
For sale, not being scrapped.

Being moved to another CF park, not leaving.

Loop being removed to change/get new trains that don't destroy the rest of the ride.

-Batman: The Ride (SFNO)
Probably not gone for good.

-Wyandot Lake
Being improved and reopened by the Columbus Zoo in 2008.

Coney Island being updated, not the end of it as amusement.

What exactly is your point?
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