Holiday World event 2012: Does this work?

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Wow I just rolled out of my chair reading this. How is it that I never discovered this.

Notice the nice tidbit at the bottom.

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Wow. If I could +100 a post, ^that would be it. That is both super cool and the little dig at the bottom made me laugh out loud (for reals, yo).

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I believe that comes courtesy of Andy Hoffman.

We enthusiasts have insiders everywhere. :)

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That's pretty awesome.


Bringing this back up because I convinced my girl friend to come to the event. This will be her first coaster event ever (she only started liking coasters this year).

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The registration link is up on the club page. Get 'em while they're hot!

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Go figure, I get enough tickets to come to this event and others and I can't use my tickets I got for free/won for this event (good only for May through Sept.). Did sell the four tickets I didn't need for enough to pay for my girlfriends part of this event. Will be registering at the end of the month. She loved Voyage in the back seat, can't wait for her to ride it at night.

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You folks are most welcome. I was serious about the gravy buffet, we really don't have one. (Or free pancakes. Or Maverick.)

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