Holiday World announces The Voyage

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Holiday World will open The Voyage in 2006, a new wood coaster from The Gravity Group. The ride will be 6,442 feet long, three drops of 100 feet or more, two 90-degree banked turns, a top speed of 67 mph, three trains, 8 tunnel moments and a triple down element.

Read the press release from Holiday World.

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Hypeing up the announcement of the decade so far?

I think not :)

ttdragster105 said:

About the 3D thing, a lot of you are making it seem like 3D Studio Max is an advanced roller coaster animation program. It is a 3D modeling and animation program that could be used for just about any 3D animation out there... (snip)

It's been said before, this particular animation was done using the NoLimits simulation. There was no 3D Studio Max involved.

On the other hand, 3D animators like BadNitrus could take animations to the next level because he does it in his free time and not under a company's watch.

LOL! Free time! Now that's a good one. :)

J "what free time?" C.

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Yeah, just like I run my sites in my "free time." If it's on the Internet, it doesn't take any work at all!
A million thanks to Holiday World.

This ride has the potential to be the best roller coaster ever built on the planet. Ever.

I can't wait.

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Apparently this announcement made CP Chris speechless!

Hey, he's only 2-and-a-half. I'm impressed he figured out how to create an account and submit a post! ;)

Guess I should comment on the announcement since I haven't yet...probably because I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor. I'm always one to look down on anyone judging a coaster before riding it, but I sincerely can't help it with this one; after viewing the on-ride, my gut keeps telling me I just may have a new #1 next year.

Keeping expectations as low as possible, but still...that's tough to do at this point. :)

I read a report shortly before riding Hades, saying it had B&M smoothness. I found that sorta hard to believe until I rode it.

I find that hard to believe after riding it. :)

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ttdragster105: first p0sT!!!!11111
i might have to buy a season pass for this one...

I may live in NY, but... WOW. just... WOW.

-- alan jacyszyn

WOW!!!!!! That is going to be one hell of a great ride. I can't wait!
Holiday World is always right on target with their decisions so I can't see how people can grip about lack of adult rides or how you can question the layout of Voyage or whatever. Damn, people enjoy what they do for us as I said before. The stats. about their growth says it all. If you what rides visit a certain park in N.J and ride their many ride and don't forget about their Green giant that has not been operating for how many days now. Same holds true for the park in southern Ohio that still doesn't have it's new coaster and all the special effects working consistently. As for me I'll stick with Holiday World and their few, but top quality rides. Don't get me started when it comes to customer service.

Ok, I vented so I'll shut up now.


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Now now, don't let it get under your skin! ;)

Hey, anyone here have the same problem I do? I've been so excited, I've been telling people around the office about it. The only problem is, I can't say something like, "They are building a 450' phalus in New Jersey that you can ride on for half price with a can of Coke." They must think I'm crazy. All I can say is that they are building one hell of a ride in Indiana.

This doesn't mean that folks won't understand when they stumble off next year. It's just that you have to sell it with sight and sound...not words. Heck, I myself didn't REALLY get the picture until I saw the video.

Sorry, just rambling.

Well, as if it wasn't already said, "Oh MY GOD!". I longed for a wooden coaster like this to be created and am so glad it findly came true. Congradulations to Holiday World big time for this addition! Why can't the New York City area get a coaster like this. Oh wait, Six Flags Great Advneture just might be getting an awesome woodie next year. Fingers cross.
The reason Hades was so smooth and I was amazed at the smoothness of Hades (It was even smoother than Legend when I rode it back in 2000) is that TGG has somehow changed the construction of the track since they were with CCI. A close friend of mine call TGG just shortly after I told him about The Voyage and the guy @ TGG told him that they assemble the track a little bit diffterently so that is why it is smoother. I also heard that PTC has improved the seat design with some springs to help smooth out the shocks of any bumps in the track.

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