Holiday World announces The Voyage

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Holiday World will open The Voyage in 2006, a new wood coaster from The Gravity Group. The ride will be 6,442 feet long, three drops of 100 feet or more, two 90-degree banked turns, a top speed of 67 mph, three trains, 8 tunnel moments and a triple down element.

Read the press release from Holiday World.

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LOL, Playa
To quote the late John Denver, "FAR OUT."

And with Hades, Gravity Group has already shown that they can build big woodies that don't hurt.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "I WAS RIGHT, NAYAA NAYAA!" In the beginning of that really long thread I said the clues said it was either a woodie or an interactive dark ride. Well, I guess technically I was wrong since I did not say both, but I was all over those clues. :)
I thought Paula built it up so much that it would be impossible to live up to expectations.

I can admit when I'm wrong.

Well, First All I have to say is. THANK YOU HOLIDAY WORLD for the bestest BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER~ We will be sure to return the favor with visits and more important. TELLING FRIENDS!

NO DOUBT HW&SS will top 1 Millon visitors next year if not this year :)

Now for a little gloating.

Well, I was wrong in only two things on my last guess on the HW thread, The name and the drop angle. Oh and the three trains

Everything else I deducted or guessed was right but Im still amazed and surprised at how it's being done. The interactive Dark ride, The coasters length, The longest tunnels, The river in SS were all right on :) Oh and Thanksgiving, That Holiday was a given to me the moment they mentioned new Holiday. And they can even add to it with a Mayflower ect in the future. Im not sure if The tilt is being removed/replaced or relocated in the Fourth of July. It's perfectly named as is for that section. But mention of another ride could be it.

At least one of the tunnels is longer than Hades and two on the outbound are Tremors Like, It apears that tunnel shares the return tunnel but Im wondering if the return (Which is longer) is separated to allow maximum darkness.

Well, Im not gloating, IM just happy as a lark, Both for US and for HW&SS. I told ya, When they plan, They do it right and in the best ways thats both best for them and for the public.

Way to go and thanks again Will, Pat, Paula and everyone else involved in planning for this greatest announcement of the Decade in the world of amusements.

Chuck, who can't resist a NEENER or two NENNER :)

^^agreed. I could not be more satisfied with the design. I am totally serious on that. This is not just being polite or saying the right thing to be nice to HW. There is NOTHING I would change with this design.

One more thing. I don't want to hear that saying about parks not building coasters for enthusiasts anymore. They listened to what we have been saying and gave us exactly what we want. If this ride performs as it should, it will be an EASY number one ride.*** This post was edited by RavenTTD 7/13/2005 1:13:48 PM ***

Yeah those 90* turns are amazing, but I have to admit I am a little disappointed. I was ready to see a "small park" take the length record. This is an amazing coaster, and from the video seems like it will be very smooth and enjoyable. If you look at the layout it is not set up like a traditional large coaster it is very low to the ground, and it flows with the terrain instead of needing to look big it just is. I think I will love this coaster but I just would have liked something more seeing as we have to settle with the steel structure. No helixes, and I don't know if I like the idea of all 3 drops being right at the beginning. What else is coming in, I mean except for knowing we could be in the dark, we are still in the dark on a lot. I want to know answers to Paulas hints. What did the 20 feet in SS mean, or was that walkways? What did T.O.W. mean? How about a map showing us where this goes, good idea to update the maps? What did all the flags mean? Not even close to nearly all!
Answers Paula, we want answers!
Man, I doesn't get any better than this. Im am totally stoked!!!! I honestly dont think I have been this excited about any roller coaster! Holiday World has done it again.
I'd rather have a great ride, beginning to end than an extra rambling thousand feet. Anyday.
Anyone notice the long stretch of straight track in the middle of the ride? I thought mid-course brake, but there were none on the track in the on-ride or off-ride. Is this there in order to place a mid-course brake run in case three train operation doesn't run smoothly?

Well, now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I need to get to Holiday World!

I got a Holiday World question.

My family went to Holiday World when I was a child. It had to be AFTER 1984 because that is when the website timeline says that the park changed and all three themed areas were open when we went there. However, it could not have been too long after '84. Yet I VIVIDLY remember the Raven building and a coaster, although I was too young/scared to ride such things back then (BOY HAS THAT CHANGED).

Yet the Holiday World website says that the Raven openend in 1995. Heck I was a couple years into college at that point.

So is

1.) THe website wrong?

2.) Was there ANOTHER ride/coaster called the Raven that used the current Raven station house?

3.) Have I completely lost my mind?

Well #3 is right regardless, but im just checking on the others.

Raven was built in the mid 90s for sure.
I'm getting out there. I don't care if I have to call in sick for work next summer. I'm getting out there. And btw, that action river had better be a good one. Those things are a blast. Also, are they still going to keep the Wave, which is the original wave pool? Or are they removing it to get the river. Personally, I think that both of them should be kept.
To MagicMan- no, you have not lost your mind, not completely. Before they built the Raven, they had a fun adult rollercoaster called the "Firecracker," which was in the 4th of July section. It's now called the "Avalanche" and is a traveling coaster in Ohio.
Another thing. How about the return of SRM with the new coaster open?
How bout calling it a WOODEN Coaster Pilgrimage WCP for short or CP LOL.

I think the SRM name although it was perfect. Should be retired for obvious reasons

This is happy news and this will take the woodie destination for certain with HW, Beech Bend, IB and even SFKK has a good one.

Chuck, taking first stabs at event names, ERT or not. Im on a Pilgramage to get the HW word out again and visit often myself.

As I said in the other thread:

SRM 2006 "The Voyage Continues"

Some people just don't get it.
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I just accessed the replay of the news conference (finally). WOW!


...... I'm not sure what i was expecting. But whatever it was this is one hell of alot better. Now i just have to find a way to fly the atlantic, get to holiday world and ride this thing. all on a student budget :(......

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