Dorney park files for a zoning request.

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Rob can correct me if I'm wrong but the general gist is not counting your chickens before they hatch.

I remember when KK parts where arriving on site at SFGAdv and there was still a lot of folks who were swearing it was a wild mouse they were building.

I remember when parts were arrive at SFOG for their flyer and plenty of people were sure it was an impulse.

I'll make it a point of my own so I don't have to speak on behalf of Rob - as a community we don't have a perfect record of guessing what such and such park is getting. Getting ahead of ourselves even in situations like this usually leads people to disappointment.

I mean sorry but this:

Rob Ascough said:
As long as people are going to assume, I'm going to remind them that they're assuming... that's all.

doesn't really equal

kRaXLeRidAh said:
His stance at the very core is simply that he doesn't believe Steel Venom is going into Dorney Park.
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^ No not really.

Saying a ride is going somewhere and then it goes elsewhere makes for a kick in the ars. I'm not one for finger pointing, but creating argumentative conversatons for disput reasons is lets see..................

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
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kRaXLeRidAh said:
^ Um. Okay.

He floundered after page 1, lol. Anyway, let's move on to discerning what coasterdiscern is talking about, I think I need a translator.

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^lol, I'll be one. ;)

Hes trying to argue for reasons that are stupid. Oviously where the ride is going is unknown, and making argument over it is dumb.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.

Rob Ascough said:
Just saying there are other things to consider since I really don't believe Steel Venom is going to Dorney.


Sure, assumptions are assumptions and "getting ahead of ourselves" may be the right decription for this particular topic, but just think about. There are more reasons to believe Steel Venom is going into Dorney Park than not. Don't take any of this as me wanting Steel Venom to go there. It has nothing to do with what I think should go there. It's all coming down to the events that's occuring within the chain at the two respective parks that leads me to believe what I believe.

And I find it hardly true anybody would be disappointed to find that Steel Venom wasn't going into Dorney Park...what, with the talk about this wooden roller coaster that was "supposed" to have been the next new ride -- or the comments about it being a "used coaster" that they don't need.

I'm just taking the information that's out there, and formulating a conclusion in which I see fits. If Steel Venom ends up going to Carowinds or Great America, I'm definitely not going to be disappointed on behalf of Dorney Park. If it ends up going where I think it does, then great. Putting two and two together really did work.

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I'd say it's more than likely SV is going to Dorney. I bet Rob would, too.

So save for me speaking for Rob, everyone posting here now seems to be in agreement. *** Edited 3/2/2007 1:50:35 AM UTC by matt.***

Wow. Some of you really need to get some hobbies, girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever.

Some of you feel that there is enough evidence to support the idea that SV is going to Dorney Park. I'm saying I disagree. When did I ever indicate that my stance was "unmovable", or however you phrased it? You're taking my disagreement way too personally.

^^^ Arguing for reasons that are stupid? What do you know about me, and my reasons? How do you know I even have reasons? I'm taking part in a debate, it's as simple as that. Calm down. You've been on this site for about four months. Don't pretend to know something about me and my reasons for doing anything, and if you ARE going to pretend, speak like you have a good grasp on the English language with proper sentence structure. Not many of us speak in tongues.

Matt gets it... I'm stating what I believe to be the truth, in light of what everyone else seems to believe the truth. Either you get that or you don't.

If I'm wrong? Trust me, I won't disappear. I'll still show up so you can point your fingers at me, making sure everyone knows I'm the fool for going against the wave of common thinking around here. Never fear- you'll get your chance to prove you're right and I'm wrong, if that's what it takes to put a smile on your face.

Wow. I guess if Dorney doesn't want it, we (wof) could always take it. ;)
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^^ Rob, take a chill pill dude. It will be O.K.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
Constructive way to respond to my comments, not to mention good job defending yourself.

I like your signature. Speaking from experience?

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End of Message :)

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Ok, that's enough of that...

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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