Dorney park files for a zoning request.

I'll have to disagree with that comment. I don't have too much love for Hydra yet (maybe it will grow on me) but I think Dorney has some good coasters. Steel Force is a decent hyper, Talon is a great invert, Laser is a classic Anton and Thunderhawk is still very good at certain times. But everything else you said? I agree. An Impulse would be a boring addition to the park- not something that would really make an impact when the competition is Hershey and Great Adventure.

Jason Hammond said:
Come on guys, everyone knows that they are using the 2 existing height variences to put in Cell Phone Towers to generate extra revenue. ;)

Hey, who's to say the couldn't put cellular transponders on top of SV's towers? :) (Actually, I'd wonder if the ride and the cellular equipment would interfere with each other...)

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Not sure if they would interfere with each other, but I'd bet ANYTHING that someone, somewhere along the way looked into that. But like I said, I'm thinking it's a no-go because I never see any roller coaster lifts or drop towers with cell antennas attached to them.
Rob, calm down! :) While I would like to see SV come to Dorney, a sweet GCI woodie would be even better. However, and others would probably agree, the evidence that we have so far points to SV coming to Dorney.

I don't know exactly where the wood rumor came from, but I don't really know of much/any evidence that points to that and not SV.

As long as the new coaster is more enjoyable than Hydra, which is somewhat of a letdown. Matt, you're not missing much. To me, this is one of my least favorite B&M coasters--right there with most of their standup coasters.

Dorney's coaster selection isn't bad, but it is kinda on the mediocre side. Steel Force(less) is kinda weak, and Hydra is a disappointment. Talon is good, but not my fav. I do, however, like Thunderhawk--some powerful air in the front car. Too bad the brake kills some of the ending. Laser is a powerful little ride, but it's ugly.

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Rob Ascough said:
I'll have to disagree with that comment. I don't have too much love for Hydra yet (maybe it will grow on me) but I think Dorney has some good coasters.'re telling me Dorney has "some good" coasters?

Your enthusiasm is astounding! ;)

But, really, seriously though, I don't think Talon, Steel Force, Laser, and Thunderhawk are bad at all, they're just bad for their respective genres. For every ok coaster at Dorney there's another very comparable coaster at another nearby park I just like a bunch more. A good woodie would set this park on fire like no other in the CF chain.

At the risk of sounding like ajrides and his "Shapiro conversation", I will say that people I've spoken with seem to indicate that wood, and not relocated steel, is going to be the park's direction in the near future. Unless things changed very recently, that is. But still, I'm just going on what little I do know.

See, I don't find Dorney's coaster collection weak, even in light of the area's other coasters, but to each his/her own. I'm not saying Dorney has fantastic coasters but I can think of many parks in worse shape. But I digress... a good wood coaster would definitely work wonders for Dorney, just like Renegade is absolutely going to work wonders for Valleyfair. No question about that.

See the thing is, it does seem like things changed very recently, or at least in the past couple months.

The decision to remove Steel Venom NOW seemed to be in a rushed fashion. I mean, how else can you explain the fact that they took the effort to remove X-Flight from Geauga's page, but not SV?

There's something about the whole process that just feels rushed to me.

And when another Cedar Fair park builds a woodie, the one that would have gone to DP, in 2008 I won't be surprised. At all.

Mike *** Edited 3/1/2007 7:12:20 PM UTC by MHammer82***
The thing is, nothing has really changed. All that we know now is that Steel Venom is not going to be a part of Geauga Lake anymore. Nothing has been said regarding its future destination. I just think some people are getting ahead of themselves just a bit.
People seem to making educated guesses. I don't see what the big deal is???

It's more than educated guessed. People are acting as this is a done deal and I don't understand it because there is nothing to indicate that yet. No track sightings, no ground work, no marker flags...

Remember last year when people were so convinced that Flight of Fear at PKD was going to Carowinds? Look how that turned out.

You seem to fighting an uphill battle though. People are going to continue assuming that SV is in fact heading for Dorney.

I'm always fighting an uphill battle. Funny how one gets used to doing that ;)

As long as people are going to assume, I'm going to remind them that they're assuming... that's all.

Okay, which park WOULD benefit from SV, if it's not headed for Dorney and it's being taken out of GL. It probably won't be any of the Paramount parks or CP. What does that leave? VF, MiA, WoF, GG, and Knotts.

Let's break down each one:

Gilroy: A family park, not a good fit.

VF: They already have a coaster of this type

MiA: might be an okay fit. They don't have an impluse

WoF: They already have a new coaster from last year.

Knots: Maybe.

So, the finalist are MiA & Knotts.

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But why wouldn't it be one of the former Paramount parks? X-Flight went a couple hundred miles to Kings Island!

Carowinds doesn't have a launched coaster, and if it's true that FoF was SUPPOSED to go there, they might be looking for a launched coaster to fill that void. I wouldn't be surprised if Knott's got it because it's small, although they already have a launched ride.

It does make sense for Dorney to get the ride but I stand by what I said about the park likely having other plans for the near future.

Okay, so i'm wrong about the Paramount parks.

It could be CW for all we know! They do'nt have a launched coaster.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

CoasterDiscern said:
Two more coasters for Cedar Point after maverick, and we have a peninsula of twisted metal. "Twenty coasters". Wow!

17 + 2 = 19.

Or did they not teach you that in kindergarten? ;)

Can I remind a select few (or just one) of you that Steel Venom won't be going up at any park for the 2007 season? That's why there is no sign of construction preparation yet. According to an article by the Crain's Cleveland, Steel Venom will be stored for the season at its future location. I take it from that Steel Venom will be a 2008 addition.

I have absolutely not doubt in my mind Dorney Park is the recipient of the ride. There are multiple instances of evidence (what doubters would dismiss as coincedental) that show that this particular ride is slated for Dorney Park. One indicator is the feed for an independant power line that was recently brought into the park. Second, is the request to rezone TWO small parcels of land relatively close to each other to an area in the park with a tight, linear path. It makes perfect sense for them to secure zoning a year in advance in the event problems arise and management has to resubmit the request.

Sure, nothing is confirmed yet and down to the core, these are all assumptions, but we're humans. Most of us have the capability to put two and two together when it's incredibly obvious.

Looks like some of us here aren't able to do that. There's a difference between, "I think Dorney Park would be better off with a wood coaster than an Impulse coaster so I don't think they're getting Steel Venom" and "These Dorney Park re-zoning plans, new power grid feed -- with Geauga Lake's removal of Steel Venom seem to fit."

Rob Ascough, your stance in this particular topic seems to be so solid and unmoved, should I expect you to not turn up in this thread when pieces of Steel Venom arrive in the lots of that Allentown, PA park?

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Hopman, Which "CW" are you referring to? If it's Canada's Wonderland, they have Italian Job, which technically is a launch.
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kRaXLeRidAh said:
Rob Ascough, your stance in this particular topic seems to be so solid and unmoved, should I expect you to not turn up in this thread when pieces of Steel Venom arrive in the lots of that Allentown, PA park?

I think you're misreading his stance. *** Edited 3/1/2007 11:50:51 PM UTC by matt.***

^ Please, enlighten me as to how that is.

I don't think I misread it at all. His stance at the very core is simply that he doesn't believe Steel Venom is going into Dorney Park. I'll assume you've been following his posts, you should be able to recognize that.

Closed topic.

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