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Hello all,

Dorney Park has signs up for season passes for next year, and on them they have the name and logo for Voodoo - which is Geauga Lake's former Steel Venom.

I can't do pics in this forum, but they are on:

The logo is somewhat of a departure form normal Cedar Fair stuff, I think.

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I agree, it seems out of the norm for CF. Pretty Sweet logo though.

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That's great.

Cool logo, a little darker in theme - me likes. :)

Definately out of the Norm for CF, I agree....

Me Likes :)

Wow. I like it a lot. I haven't bought a park t-shirt in a while, but this might change my mind:)
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It made me pee my pants a little.
That is a very nice logo.Does anyone know exactly where in the park its going?

At the bottom of the park where Skyscraper used to be.
Supposed to be near the area where Skyscraper was.
I really like the name and logo as well. I wonder what the new colors for the ride will be? (Assuming it gets repainted, but I can't imagine they'll leave it blue and red.)

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Based on the logo, I'll guess red, purple, black and yellow.

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Awesome logo, might have to grab a shirt for this one as well. I'm glad Dorney was included in Geauga Lake's will.

It is somewhat "darker" for Cedar Fair I guess them normal stuff, but not a huge departure when you look at stuff like the Hydra logo:

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Nice logo & name...I already saw the pic on TPR in the thread there.

It would be fitting to give the ride colors that somewhat match the logo & anything will be better than the standard yellow & teal used for WT.

Wow! I wonder if in a few months the ride will be re-named, "snapping turtle," or "mountain goat" or something like that.

J7G3 said:
Wow! I wonder if in a few months the ride will be re-named, "snapping turtle," or "mountain goat" or something like that.

Haha....I could see CF getting negative comments from idiots complaining about the dark theme. And they pull the name later on and re-name it something generic, like Wicked Twister or something.

Personally, I think they should have called it Banshee.

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And to think how much has changed since 1996. You'd think the ride name and logo would be pitched and something like "Grasshopper" or "Cricket" would be the name after the whole Mantis/Banshee episode at Cedar Point.

Each to their own I guess...

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It sort of looks like Hydra's too me, not like completly Hydra but just seems to resemble it a little, also it says suspened impulse coaster on one of the signs instead of the regular inverted Impulse, even though it doesnt matter just wanted to mention it.

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The theme is giving me goosebumps! a good way. :)

But I thought this was going to Carowinds....?

^How could this have gone anywhere else? Not only did Dorney have the perfect spot but filing for that zoning on two 185' squares close together certainly just about confirmed this a while ago.

I hope the name and logo aren't changed in any way, it would seem very stupid. Sure its a tad "darker" then some stuff, but it's an impulse coaster/thrill ride. It's not like its really offensive in any way.

I hate people who get all uptight about stuff like this, they belong to the same freak crowd as those who protest movies like harry potter or da vinci code, only showing their extreme insecurities about themselves because they are so afraid they will be "influenced" by "darkness" or whatever.

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