Dominator trains now on site at Kings Dominion

I was just there last night, and there were more pieces there than I expected. A whole bunch of track pieces and supports are sitting in the gravel parking lot out front.

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I can hardly wait till vertical construction starts on this thing,although that won't be for a while of course.

Was leaving work in Solon today and finally got a picture of Dominator beginning its trip to Kings Dominion. The past few days, I have seen a lot of Thunderhawk headed out too.
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It's not the size of the loop that matters, it's the creation of the domination.

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^And what's that supposed to mean exactly?
Not like it matters too much, but Kings Dominion slightly altered the Dominator press release in regards to the "loop claim."

It now reads "largest loop" (diameter) instead of "tallest loop."

Well the new color scheme for the trains at least will be yellow,purple,orange....not sure what the track/structure colors are gonna be though.

kRaXLeRidAh said:

It now reads "largest loop" (diameter) instead of "tallest loop."

I would bet (for you math geeks, etc.) that the Tennessee Tornado has a larger diameter (over the top). I think ever loop in existence had many diameters, radii, any way you wanna look at it. That Tornado loop is one big momma!

I like the two main Virginia parks a lot. Busch Gardens needs a GCI wooden and Kings Dominion needs a big steel coaster. I would have preferred a 250+ ft hyper with five camel-backs, two helix, and a long underground tunnel with mist, but I don't get what I want either. Dominator will make a nice addition to the park. I hope to be up there again in the early summer of 2009.

Busch Gardens Europe Is The Best !

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