Disruptive Technology - PS3, the Wii, and Coasters

Thursday, November 23, 2006 7:24 PM
GregLeg, Jeff and others interested in PD Zero…Rare just put out new classic maps for free in the multiplayer mode from Goldeneye and the original PD.

Just another reason why the Xbox Live service is so great with continual updates and patches.

Thursday, November 23, 2006 8:46 PM
I like free stuff ;) It's a shame (but entirely expected) that downloadable content comes with a price now that online gaming has become so popular.
Thursday, November 23, 2006 10:44 PM
Does anyone else have (or even remember) the Virtual Boy? One of the few Nintendo systems to flop b/c they rushed it and didn't continue development to make it in color.
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Friday, November 24, 2006 9:11 AM
I had one for a while, I regret selling it/trading it in. I had wario world and a few other games. I liked it actually although after a while it gave me a headache. Would have been awesome in color though.
Friday, November 24, 2006 11:13 PM
My brother still has his, with every game that was made for it (which was like around 10-15 titles). The thing with the headache, was that you actually had to adjust the lenses for your individual eyesight.. otherwise, the slight misalignment would give you headaches. Other than not being in color, that I think was the major downfall -- people weren't used to that (especially for systems that were shared by more than 1 user.. like whenever I played it, I'd have to reset it, and then when my brother played it, he'd have to realign it EVERY TIME or we'd get a headache)
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Saturday, November 25, 2006 9:29 AM
Virtual Boy, what a POS. But I still have it. :)

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 12:21 AM

Just a little video comparing Wii and the PS3 ;) Its very... Informational? Also, the "wii" reminds me SO MUCH of Midge on "That 70's Show" lol, especially when she says "im just peppy!" lol. *** Edited 11/26/2006 5:24:31 AM UTC by P18***

Sunday, November 26, 2006 1:57 AM
I think no one is taking the PS3 seriously?

The Wii is fun for the first few months but the PS3 is what will be fun in the long run.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 7:36 AM
How can you say that only 7 days after the launch? On either system, for that matter.

Let's look at this:

Nintendo is banking on innovation, the family market, and fun (good analogy to Holiday World, Knoebels, and even Cedar Fair to a smaller extent)

Sony is banking on name recognition, big spenders, pushing the limits, and little else (good analogy to Six Flags).

So unless you're a fanboy, stockholder, or both, I think it's safe to say that *IF* the PS3 makes it, it'll take a while. There's so much negative publicity and sentiment out there it's not even funny.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 9:16 AM
I have to personally congradulate Nintendo for doing something I thought I would never see.

My stepfather thinks that video games and roller coasters are hugh wastes of time. The only reason he went to an amusement park for family vacation was because of 5 kids complaining. But he wouldn't ride anything.

I took the Wii to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house so the kids could play Wii sports. At 6 in the evening, he came and watched the kids play. By 6:45 the kids had been booted out of the room and the adults were in charge. He was playing golf with my stepbrother and me, boxing with stepbrother, mixed tennis, and mixed bowling between 7 adults.

My mother was in total shock. He was told by the doctor that he needed to get out and exercise but never does. Yet this little box made him get up and do more activity than he has in the last six months. Now my mother wants me to get one for them!

This little box brought my family a little closer together, got my stepdad to do some form of exercise, and change his mind about video games. Seems to me like a winning formula to me.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 9:39 AM
CPLady's avatar "This little box brought my family a little closer together"

And isn't that just like the comparison of TTD to Maverick made initially?

TTD is the coaster for those who like the extreme, i.e. the PS3...expensive, awesome graphics, etc. Whereas Maverick is going to appeal to a much wider base...families as a whole.

My son purchased a Wii and I told him to bring it with us to my brother's place for Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife don't play video games, nor does my husband. But everyone was waiting for a turn playing the sports games on the Wii.

People who wouldn't normally ride TTD will ride Maverick. And people who wouldn't normally play console games will play games on the Wii.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 11:32 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar I thought Virtual Boy was cute. My ex still has his.

The hype and craziness of these game systems (and some coasters) still amaze me. I still remember the Cabbage Patch doll craze, where people would get into fistfights over them. The same thing has happened here, even in a sleepy town like Charleston. Some stores actually had police escorts so nobody would get robbed or mugged. Who would of thought that buying a game system like the Wii or PS3 would involve risking your life?

I can't wait to get a Wii and a PS3, but I am waiting till the Spring when there are more games available...probably around the time Maverick opens. :)


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Sunday, November 26, 2006 1:45 PM

Hamster Boy said:
I think no one is taking the PS3 seriously?

You're right. It's an overpriced joke that only fanboys and marketing lemmings want right now. For the initial launch of 200,000 systems in the US and 80,000 in Japan, that was enough, but Nintendo is proving that there are other untapped markets, and they could be huge.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006 6:10 PM
Jeff's avatar Not meeting your seasonal shipping target is not good for a launch. Microsoft is still suffering a little from last season because they didn't get the initial bang they wanted. Lucky for them they had no new competition, and plenty of time to refine the live service and start the developer "farm system" with XNA.

And the analysts are saying right now that if you want a Wii, you'll probably be able to score one by Christmas, but no chance with the PS3. And that's fine, because PS3 is like an upgrade that offers nothing new except power, and even that is power developers don't know how to use.

My prediction: Sony goes from #1 to #3 within six months on a same-time sales count.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 4:38 AM
I think there are numerous thanksgiving tales of the family gathering around the Wii.. and that's only a couple days after the launch. Imagine after those boxes are opened December 25th.

My family also had a bonding experience with the Wii over Thanksgiving.. We were at my sister's, and the ENTIRE family was waiting in line to play the various different sports games. (including my aunt who hasn't touched a video game controller since the original Atari 2600 was popular or my sister who has constantly criticized my brother for pre-ordering/getting the Wii wanted her turn) Generally when my brother brings over a video game system like the Game Cube a few of us will play a game like Mario Party while the rest watch.. this was the first time where everyone wanted a turn. I was shocked, amazed, and felt all warm and holiday-gushy inside at how much fun everyone had.. playing when it was our turn or cheering everyone else on when it wasn't.

I think the same will be true of the new family attractions like Maverick.. not quite as ominous as the 420-foot tower basking in the sunlight not too far away, and just about everyone will want a turn.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 5:26 AM
I was really excited about the Wii, but now after hearing these stories, it makes me more excited and gain more repsect for Nintendo. This truly is a revolutionary machine, its technology bringing people and families of all types and ages together for pure fun and entertainment, and even a little movement/exercise thrown in there as well. Its incredible and the inclusion of Wii Sports was perfect. Nintendo succeeded exactly in what it was trying to do. My mom and dad want to play Wii golf, my aunt wants to play Wii bowling, my sister wants to play Wii tennis and they all want to get together for bowling sometime!! These are people that would NEVER think to even touch a PS3 let alone knwo how to use one. If these stories (and this website http://nexgenwars.com/ ) are forshadows, then Wii looks to be a damn strong competitor this "race"... Kudos Nintendo...
Sunday, December 3, 2006 9:17 AM
I arrived at Target at around 6 AM to find a line of people already waiting, so I asked hows it going and everyones like, just park and run lol, so i parked and literally ran across the parking lot, passing some people on the way to the line. I would definitly thank those people later, as when time came for tickets to be handed out, there were 28 Wiis, and I was lucky #28 in line! WOO! A few people I met in line were talking afterwards and they were saying how everyone was coaching me to run and all, lol, it was cool, everyone kinda cheered when I got the wii box in my hands since I was the lucky kid who ran lol. Anyway I got home around 8 or so and have been playing since.. or have I?

Let me say this, Nintendo, you are my HERO! Why?? My mom and dad dont touch these things, they dont even touch the old Nintendo, let alone know how to turn on a PS2 or N64 and such. I played for about 30 mins having a BLAST!!! This is seriously the most fun I have had with a video game in a while! At the later end of this 30 mins, mom and dad wonder down and congratulate me on my purchase, and start watching. "Bowling hm? that looks cool... Golf? wow, I can do that, can i try?" Yeah.. my mom is now re-organizing the entire living room around this thing, and theyre down there and can't get enough!! They will be playing this thing later when the whole time Im at work!! "oh yeah saw something about a fishing game too.."

...Wait, I buy systems and usually unpack them at home, show them they say that looks cool, I ship it upstairs to my room and thats that. My new Wii? I dont think it will ever leave the living room!!! I don't think im allowed to, as its become the focal point. Kudos, kudos, kudos Nintendo, the Wii is nothing short of amazing in my book. For all the naysayers, if you havent seen enough proof already, heres even more. Thanks for creating such a great machine that I'm sure will create a ton of new family memories!!

Monday, December 4, 2006 12:04 AM
Lord Gonchar's avatar Cool. :)

Seems to be a story that I'm hearing a lot. Nintendo is on to something here.

Monday, December 4, 2006 1:20 AM
Here is an good site that tracks units, the numbers seem pretty on with what I've read.


Granted, the lack of ps3 sold has part to with bad production numbers. However, the fact Ninendo has produced over 1 million Wii's and sold them all already at a 3 to 1 advantage over ps3 speaks greatly about how well it will do.

Monday, December 4, 2006 2:22 AM
/\ I've been watching that, and they broke the 1 mill mark pretty fast with the Wii. Most poeple think Sony is holding off on PS3 to "create hype", when in fact at least from some poeple I know who were wanting one, its turning them down and making them frustrated. One ordered a Wii instead already. Also that site has the ratings of people voting on who will win. I don't really think there is any bias on that site and it doesn't go by sales numbers or else XBOX360 would be winning, so the 54.9% (more then half) there voting for Wii isn't from Nintendo Fanboys.

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