Demon Drop To Knott's?

I agree. I enjoyed Freefall more than Supreme Scream and was looking forward to having a ride I used to enjoy return. But I do understand the negative views since KBF already has a drop ride and anyone in the local area would know they were getting a ride which SFMM already had.

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I forget, where did Geauga Lake's Mr. Hyde end up going?? (or did they scrap it?)

It ended up being cannibalized for pieces parts for DD. A nasty end for a Nasty Fall.

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Thinking back I realize I got the chance to ride quite a few 1st gen Freefalls, and i remember always thinking that Demon Drop was the best of 'em. IMO, it seems to have the smoothest stop and the least clunky transitions.

Isn't it Freefall no. 2 ? (With the one now removed from SFOT being the first ever?) It certainly caused a sensation when it debuted.

I'll be glad if it gets to hang around CP a while longer - after all these years it seems to belong there. My jaw dropped when i heard the ill-concieved idea of moving it to Knott's. The only thing that might make it a good idea is if it were to be heavily themed and built into one of those fake mountains they have. Maybe even make an extended version, Tower of Terror style, that falls "off the cliff" at the end, for a different experience than was offered at SFMM.

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Faling "off a cliff" is a good idea, RCMAC. As obvious as that sounds, it's still a little too creative for most theme parks to do...or maybe too expensive.

Interesting turn of events. Looks like Demon Drop's new home has been changed to Dorney Park.

Which still makes just as much sense (or lack of) as putting it in Knott's. Dorney Park is already home to the Dominator S&S tower.

I find it funny that this is the second time in a decade that Knott's has publicly announced an attraction in which said attraction ended up not even being built. The first time was when they announced a SkyFun1 SkyCoaster to replace Haunted Shack. It was never built due to SkyFun1's regional exclusivity clause with Magic Mountain, resulting in VertiGo going into its planned spot. Now this!

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I have mixed feelings about this. I always wanted to ride a 1st gen Intamin freefall but on the other hand I hope this doesn't stop Dorney from getting other rides in the near future. There were all the rumors of getting a GCI in 2008 and then we got Steel Venom instead, maybe if there was a chance of a new ride in 2011 or 2012, that could change now.

I guess I should be happy that Dorney is getting something new next year rather than nothing at all.

Demon Drop is indeed going to Dorney now. Interesting, although not really any more or less than the news that Knott's was originally getting it.

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It works for me. I may still get a chance to ride it now.

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Who/ where did they say it was going to dorney?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Screamscape is reporting the ride has started to arrive at Dorney.

If I had known, I would have driven by the park today since I was less than 5 minutes away and looked from the main road to see if there was anything visible.

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If this is true, then woo hoo! I will be visiting my home park even more next year. I love, love, love this ride!

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I'm just curious as to why they would install this at Dorney instead of MiA, espcially if MiA was the back-up to Knott's. It seems it would be a good 'fit' for MiA.

Also I still really want a GCI at Dorney, one can dream...

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^Me too. It's not like MiA has Dominator sitting there at three times the height of Demon Drop...weird. I guess Dorney got "the goods" with Steel Possess-enom, so now they're getting the lesser ride package? MiA would make way more sense to me.

P.S. WoF could use this too, right - as in, there's no major shot/drop ride standing there making DD look insignificant?

^ Dorney's Dominator tower is only 69-feet taller than Demon Drop...hardly 3 times's taller, but not by an extreme difference like with the Knott's S&S tower.

Worlds of Fun has the Detonator S&S tower...but it's a pair of Space Shots --- no Turbo Drop ride. If anything Worlds of Fun may have been a better candidate for Demon Drop than Dorney.

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But Worlds of Fun is for sale. ;)

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"Buy WoF, get one slightly used 1st-gen drop for free"?... ;)'s not....well, atleast not anymore.

Dorney really has been given the shaft lately.

First we loose our major wooden coaster (abit not a great one), and then we loose our great Schwartzkopf looper.

Two years in a row we have nothing but an empty space that is ready for a GCI coaster, but no.. no, we couldn't get that.

Instead we get a wonderful ride from the genius "ride rotation policy" .. like that hasn't been tried in another major chain before.

And they wonder why attendance is down...

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I can get down on CF as much as the next fella, but are you suggesting that if attendance at MiA (for example) is down, it's because they just got a used SLC? If so, I don't accept that logic. And Superman/Steel Venom is a fine fit at Dorney, or practically any park for that matter.

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