CW new coaster for 08.

"Behemoth"---------I LOVE the name and those trains with that seating arrangement is butter!!!!!!!!
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Yes, Yes , oh my god, mercy, this is the collest ever yes. I am so pumped I already fell off my chair twice. This coaster looks freaken amazing.

I had to edit my post, just to say, "TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET"!

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Looks good and I can't wait to ride it. I however am not the biggest fan of the name and i can swear if Six Flags owned CW the name would be Goliath. The Font, Colours of the coaster and just everything about it screams GOLIATH. Also, I love the new DÉJÀ VU style trains B&M has going on.. I think they are amazing and now you won't be restricted views from the riders infront of you.It's not the biggest B&M ever so Wonderland still has lots of room beside this for future additions so to whoever said CW was landlocked is retarted. *** Edited 8/27/2007 11:30:19 AM UTC by Ѕіx Flαgѕ Đαrієή Ĺαkє***

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Yea that new car looks very differnt. I like the first 2 drops but doesnt the layout seem somewhat simple. B&M's coasters are very simple this year. CW is very lucky to be getting a new B&M mega hyper like this. Congradulations CW fans and enjoy your new coaster, and now I just need to sneak into canada.

I think they should of just kept the 4 abrest trians and let CW have better capacity

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Timbers crew 08

I like it, however I'm not a big fan of the layout. It seems (in the words of Coasterkid200) too simple. But who knows/cares? It's a great coaster by Walter & Claude.

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Well... after watching the video...

It looks sweet, it looks extremely fun... despite it having no truly unique features, it looks like it'll have its pops of air-time.

This also probably sets the record for the longest B&M trains in the world (so far) since the car's length is nearly 2x that the standard B&M because of the staggard seating. THAT, I do like because now those in the middle won't feel so 'cheated'.

The layout does look a little "been there-done that", but for me... I've never been on a B&M hyper, and it'll definately bring in uber-record crowds next year, topping what they already break in terms of their yearly seasonal attendance records.

(BTW Coasterkid... it doesn't matter what trains B&M chose... it fits 32 either way. If they went traditional, they aren't going to make it 64 guests... it'd be the smaller/standard B&M-hyper trains. Either way, they still have 3-trains & the PPM is the highest Wonderland has ever seen by farrrrr). *** Edited 8/27/2007 11:49:17 AM UTC by DawgByte II***

No one else mentioned it, so I will... 85º drop!!!

Also, anyone notice that the 3 hills after the turnaround each have a trim brake?

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I noticed that in the animation... not cool, but based on B&M's past history of their coasters, they don't use their trims all that much (sans Mantis) where it'll really affect the outcome, as even the mid-course brakes are kept to a minimum.

$26 Million dollars is sure alot of money!
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Ha ha, even after being bought by Cedar Fair...Kings Island continues to get denied from getting a new B&M.
So, this thing has the same lift height as Nitro and a steeper drop, yet a slower speed. Does anyone else find that interesting?

I'm a little bummed about all the trim brakes already in the design, but I guess even the ones on Nitro aren't all that bad. I hear what they did to Silver Star sorta destroys the ride though. But, we shall see. I'm pretty sure we're planning a trip to the Great White North in 2008.

I'm glad to see other people noticed the obvious Goliath-like logo and colors. It just kills me the coaster/amusement industry can't be a little more creative. You're working on places that are supposed to be fun and different and everyone comes up with the same stuff. It's just mind boggling to me.

Regardless, this looks like it will be a sweet coaster. I'm excited to try it out. :)

How complicated of a layout could one expect from a hyper???

The formula works.

Hill, hill turn, hill, hill, hill, turn

You can mix them up all you want and it's still going to be a great ride.

^^^ They just got a used Vekoma ;)

Did any one else notice that after the mcbr their is a heilx down then 2 bunny hops then the final brake run. They sure did make the ride short after the MCBR didnt they!

So, this thing has the same lift height as Nitro and a steeper drop, yet a slower speed. Does anyone else find that interesting?

It has more cars then the average B&M *** Edited 8/27/2007 1:03:25 PM UTC by Coasterkid200***

Timbers crew 08

Six Flags said no more Goliath's. Cedar Fair decided to build a Behemoth and theme it to a SF Goliath coaster and add the trains from Deja Vu since alot of people don't get that experience either and won't be getting no more Goliaths. Thuss stealing all of Six Flags customers and they are happy that the SFDL didn't buy a Goliath and instead a Superman so now nobody will notice. Paint is the same, Logo is the same, everything is the same and Im surprised it isn't called Six Flags Canada's Wonderland introducing Goliath for 2008. But really.. Behemoth with Six Flags logo font and colors? They really could have picked a better name cuz technically KK would be the Behemoth of coasters however this one is at Wonderland but that makes it clear CW will never get anything as big ever again as everything else would be Behomth Jrs.

Anyways on a more positive note:

Behomth will be taller faster & longer than:
•Goliath - SFOG
•Goliath - LA Ronde
•Hollywood Dream: The Ride - USJ
•Raging Bull - SFGAM
•Apollo's Chariot - BGE

It is also taller and longer then Nitro at SFGADV but not as long. And is almost on par with Silver Star which still holds most of the records. However Behomth will hold quite a few of them if Iam Correct by all the B&M Mega's. *** Edited 8/27/2007 1:21:14 PM UTC by Ѕіx Flαgѕ Đαrієή Ĺαkє***

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I am not a fan of that seating arrangement at all. It looks exactly like Vekoma's seating on their GIBs [Deja Vu] and it's confusing and lends itself to more empty seats per dispatch than had all four seats been in a single row.

People are accustomed - heck, conditioned! - to ride in pairs. But in this seating arrangement one pair is forced to split. Feed a single car of four seats via one queue row and one "pair" of each four has to split up. Feed a single car of four via two queue rows [like on Deja Vu] and you get people confused as to where they sit and having to walk around each other to get to their seats.

Sure it may look cool but it's a bad idea IMHO.

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On top of that, I don't see how it's going to give you a better view if you're in one of the middle seats. Seems ridiculous to me.

AV Matt
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I agree about the seating arrangement. The Deja Vu trains are a pain in the a$$ to load, especially for the general public. Since this is a Cedar Fair park now, I'm hoping they have the station laid out better to assist people in getting to their seats. But, I'm thinking the four abreast would have been a better layout. It seems sorta gimmicky to do what they did.
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mwatts said:
$26 Million dollars is sure alot of money!

I'm guessing that's $26 million Canadian.

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^ yes which is rougly 26.026 Million American?

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