CoasterMania! 2009

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Hey CBz'ers,

We've just launched our 2009 CoasterMania! website with all this year's details. This year, it's two days: June 5 & 6.

One thing you'll notice is that ERT has not yet been scheduled. Times, yes. Rides, no. YOU have the opportunity to pick your favorites by completing a survey about the event.

Plus, we'll also have Magnum XL-200 designer Ron Toomer on hand for a special presentation.

Tickets available soon. See you there!

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I want to win Ron Toomer's infamous coathanger!

/Joan Crawford - "no wire hangers".... ;)

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The Film Festival Competition is a great idea. Hopefully there will be some really good ones. I would imagine they will all be hilarious to watch.

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Two nights this year, Friday evening, Saturday morning/ evening? Awesome.

WOW this looks great! This will be my first time. Is the price the same for Platuinum Pass holders?

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Holy cow, Ron Toomer!? Count. Me. In.

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I believe the price is zero if you already have a pass. That has been the case in the past.

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Does this mean when I signed up for Coatermania 09 a couple of months ago was for naught?

Does anyone have the PDF that they previously had made available? I got rid of mine accidentally.


Maybe I'm the first one to notice this, but how is ERT on Saturday at 10:30pm going to work when the park closes at 11pm that night? There could be some less than happy customers about being rejected to get in line for a perfectly fine operating ride/coaster during normal operating hours. I won't care too much since I'm going to CM but it's something I just thought about.

^Probably a typo.

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I always do Coastermania, but I am hoping it's still free for CF Platinum passholders?

The $6 unlimited refills is a steal! Considering how much soda I consume at parks I am definitely taking advantage of that!


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^^ & ^^^ - Perhaps they're already preparing for a cutback in operating hours, and just jumped the gun by having it in the flyer before announcing their schedule. Seems like many parks are cutting costs through a wide variety of mechanisms, so I wouldn't be overly surprised to see a reduction in operating hours.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I seem to remember the Saturdays after CoasterMania being extremely busy. I'm not sure I like the idea of moving the event to a Saturday.

Just a heads up. I had a phone call with one of the marketing people at CP today. They have informed me that they are in the process of coming up with some sort of "accomodations package" for the CM weekend. If I heard correctly, it may involve Hotel Breakers & Breakers Express. There was mention of a deal that hopefully included lodging and tickets.

But if you are like me and you don't mind a 5 mile drive. The Microtel in Huron (Rt 2 & Rye Beach Rd) currently has rooms with a queen bed going for $54 per night with a AAA disount.

If there is a package for the park resorts and it is good....I will be there!

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I love staying on resort for Coastermania. They have had resort deals in the past where Coastermania attendees get a discount on Breakers. If I remember it was an OK discount.

Really? I've been to every CoasterMania! except last year and I don't remember any discounts at the Breakers for attendees. Years ago there used to be a coupon in the getaway guide for a discount, but some years that expired just before CM, other years we used discounts or free room nights given to shareholders, but I don't remember any discount specifically for CM attendees.

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Well, the one I went to they had a discount. I remember it well because the girl at the front desk kept referring to coaster enthusiasts as coaster enthusiasm.

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In past years they've offered a deal at Breakers Express for the night before and after. Nothing too much, but a deal nontheless.

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That could be, but when 8.3 said Breakers, I thought he was referring to the Hotel Breakers. Breakers Express != Hotel Breakers.

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It was Hotel Breakers in 2005. I could very well be mistaken, wouldn't be the first time. Did a quick search for the 2005 PDF but didn't find it.

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