Chris Sawyer posts high-res RCT 2 screen shots

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Chris Sawyer, the developer of RollerCoaster Tycoon and the forthcoming sequel, has posted some higher resolution images and a few new ones on his site. The visible features include: load/unload stations, block brakes, banked turning drops, the scenario editor, doznes of theme objects, spinning mice, Impulses, etc. See how many new things you can spot!

Show me the photos!

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Enough to make a grown man drool!

Looks like tons of improvements just from the screenshots. I really like the way it looks like you can add "signs" with the ride name - it adds a lot to the look and they seem to be semi-customizable. See shot #4 (Mango Muncher & Dizzy Mouse) and shot #9 (Verticulator) - the signs look great!

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Intamin has a cable lift:) (pic 2)

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... and magnetic brakes, if anyone cares.
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Looks like the peeps are all still the same guy over & over with different colored clothes....


I still don't see how this couldn't have been implimented into another expansion pack when there is basically NOTHING different... it's just more of the same.

....Summer is only a short 91 days long. How much of that time are you going to use at the amusement parks??

hate to say it but it looks like an expansion. :(

Top 5
1.Apollo's Chariot
2.Flight of Fear (PKD)
3.Rock'n Roller Coaster
5.Grizzley (PKD)

even though some may disagree...the graphics look alot better to me. proves there will be Block Brakes in RCT2!!!

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Just an expansion? Blocking, dual stations, new track pieces, scenario editor... OK. What would you add? Would you revise the engine just for the sake of doing so?

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I noticed lots of things. I saw in the bobsled picture, it has a window close-up of a train and it says "Stopped BY Block Brakes". Thats something I really wanted to see. Also, I noticed a better picture of the floorless swinging trains, found in the impulse pic. Also, just in case any were wondering, the queue lines do have steps in them too.

Do I see wider paths? And do I see a coaster that is being "placed" with a station already in place (shot #4)?

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look in pic one, back of the viper train, means, MUCH more detail in trains.


You folks who think this is "just an expansion" aren't required to buy it. That'll just make it easier for those of us who ARE looking forward to it to get our hands on it.

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I think RCT2 is going to be another big hit. Sure, its very similar to the original but why change something that works? The new additions to this game make it much more then an expansion pack. Plus the game is still months away from completion. Who knows what Chris will decide to add to it!

What i noticed in the pictures:

Picture 8...can we change the music heard now by that particular ride? maybe we'll be able to import an audio track from a cd or an mp3 and have a small clip play when were over that particular ride!

In one picture i noticed the ATM. could we see the little guys getting robbed?!? there is a first aid stand now to lol

Also the park map has been improved by being more detailed and now has a legend

Then there were just a few other little things here and there such as the new signs, and structures. in all looks good and i cant wait for it to come out. what a birthday present

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I hope they English words are converted into American... I.E. picture 9 "Favourite" ;)

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I agree with you Jeff. There are so many new features that there is no way that this could be an expansion pack. I agree with the people that said that there is a nice improvement in the graphics too. I will definately buy that on release day. ;)
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And this is coming out in the Fall of this year? Perfect.... like I needed another excuse to sit on my butt inside all winter ;)

Men are like parking spaces... the good ones are all taken and the rest are handicapped or too far away.

Anyone notice the trains on the suspened coaster in pic5. They look really cool. Plus you can now have 2 Stations!! Lets not forget the give the peeps in the food court a had for keeping from getting lost. pic4
Oh and check out the ride signs! Those are hot as hell.

I'm emailing Chris about demo's and Beta Testers.

This is gonna rock! I can't believe that we're going to be forced to wait until October! Lets all make a list of names of people who are being ungrateful about the new game so that when it is released, then they will have nowhere to turn if they say that they love the new game ;-)

Anyway the screens look amazing, it also looks like 2 colours of vomit, an ATM Machine, and loads of other features. I just can't wait, but i guess i have to!


Very Nice! Sure like the looks of X! Would anyone know if theres going to be any type of nightlife in the game along with special lighting like on chain lifts on coasters ext and what will be the highest hight to build a coaster?

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