Cedar Point says Top Thrill Dragster is done, sort of

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Cedar Point today announced on Twitter that Top Thrill Dragster is being retired, but they're hard at work creating a "reimagined" ride experience.

The ride has been closed since August 2021, when a metal plate detached from the ride and struck a guest in the head, according to a state investigation.

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So it’s now official Dragster is getting reimagined, wonder if that means a Intamin quick switch track and backwards spike is about to happen (Ala Pantheon) also does this mean new trains? (Moved from wrong thread)

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Enclosure + LSM Launch = Disaster Transport 2: Electric Boogaloo

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There's no way that CP is making a deal with the devil (Intamin) to rework the ride, is there?

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Drop tower?

Or they could RMC it. Steel Vengeance is quite popular after the transition.


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Maybe they'll name it what it was meant to be called: High Heel Dragqueen. Ru Paul is the mascot.

The confidence in the armchair speculation on social media is the highlight of my day so far.


Drop tower?

I was wondering that too, but would that necessitate them marking out the utilities all the way back to the station? Or would that be required for demolition should that be the case?

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Thinking back to my RCT days where I'd throw in 20 loops in a row. ;)

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So whatever happened to the woman that got injured by the ride? Any media follow up stories?

oh and im guessing reimagined means something like Patheon with multiple launches.

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I hope they keep the current style of trains (restraints). I'm sure they will come up with something good.

Add LSMs, have the train stall before the top (because LSMs aren't able to launch the trains over according to enthusiasts), roll back, call it the world's tallest shuttle coaster.

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Seems doubtful as the trains caused the injury. Do have to say the new u bar restraints on Veliciocoaster and pantheon are very nice.

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I think it will get LSMs and lengthen the return to include a speed hill and banked turn. They already have a drop tower very nearby.

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That didn’t stop them before did it? My pipe dream is that they use the tower for a drop tower, then reuse the station to support a new multi-launch family coaster that replaces Corkscrew, Power Tower, etc.

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replaces Corkscrew

Shut your mouth.

First ever reverse-RMC steel to wood hybrid conversion!

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Top Thrill Dragon Wagon

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If they are going to fix problems, this would be my guess at the priority list:

  1. Risk of objects leaving the vehicles in motion at a high velocity.
    Mitigation: Remove humans from the areas of highest speed. New trains with fewer points of potential failure.
  2. High maintenance costs due to specialized parts needing constant repair and replacement.
    Mitigation: Change the method of achieving propulsion to eliminate as many moving parts
  3. High down time and low capacity due to overly complex control system.
    Mitigation: New controls program.
  4. Poor public reputation
    Mitigation: Rebrand the ride and start a new chapter

Absent from this list of concerns is an aging physical track structure. Unlike Hulk or Vortex with hundreds of thousands of cycles, all signs point to the ride track being in solid shape. I don't see any reason why they can't address all of the above items and still use the tophat for another 15-20 years of ride life.

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